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  1. If that's the case then there's a fighting chance they can keep the car. It was the case if you could prove you bought it legitimately they'd leave the vehicle with you and pursue whoever took the finance out, hopefully that's still the case.


    Also eBay stuff disappears after 3 months (iirc) but as it was bought through there and the seller's user name is know, you'd have thought eBay themselves would assist the police or possibly a solicitor with proof of the actual listing from the time.

    Yeah it's pretty much this. The finance company really don't care who owns the car now they, as normal, just want their money. The person that signed the agreement will get in the shit and the current owner can buy the car from the finance for X amount.


    It's a bit shit to 'get charged twice' but really it comes down to 'you can't buy stolen property even if you didn't know as it's always stolen' type thing.


    Hire companies ring for the same thing when a hire car, normally long term, hasn't been returned. They know the cars not actually stolen, they just want their money but there's no other way of doing it. You are technically permanently depriving someone of their property, which is theft.

  2. I love how the popular spec and above fiesta has a thermostatically controller electric fan as on the base one it just ran constantly. That would have been nice and quiet

    It would be nice as the twat never comes on when the engine gets hot but when it's just about to overheat.

    Which is why in one Fiesta I've got a manual fan switch fitted.

  3. Insert sarcastic comments based on breaking it up here.



    What's making you give up on it or is it that it might never be able to be registered? Couldn't it be finished as some sort of college course?

  4. What's it like driving such a small car with no roof in the land of bigger than ours cars?


    That said stuff is getting bigger here I mean years ago I drove a convertible Seabring and when giant trucks go past they look like trains.

  5. Can remember the first and only time I've driven a Lotus. Bright yellow Elise. Only a K series engine but the noise it makes behind your head.

    Thing that got me the most though was the rock hard gear change. Must have looked full on mid life crisis too with the roof off.


    Also the first time I drove an ambulance. I've drive big vans before but it was the way people stopped and let you out or pulled over to let you go through first.

  6. That does definitely sound like a dry seal...….. I'd be swapping the shock out at the least. Do you have any ready to fit or are you prepared t just pay for 'whatever' comes up?

    I don't have any bit but I know the guy gets stuff from Euro car parts with a good discount.


    The other week he did two bushes on the back of the ST. He said it would be expensive. It was about £130 when he'd done. His idea of expensive is a bit off.

  7. Now sounding like a very exciting night on a victorian bed



    The Frontera is on its way to get looked at properly this time. Everything looks as though should so no idea what's broken.







    Not related but to add to the excitement just found yet another leak from the bathroom too but this time into the extension...

  8. I think they'd be a divorce if I bought something like this :-)


    Anyway, if the vin plate has rotted away, there's no engine number and a potential that even if the reg is found it's been scrapped what do they do to resolve reregister it? Could it just end up as a Q?

  9. It's a very AS venue, and I think will make a great addition to the Northern Powerhouse calendar, much more so than AlabamaShrimp's attempt in Wakefield last year (where's he gone?). I'd be more than happy to have a second monthly meet here, and I'm happy to see it's pulled a couple of north-of-Manchester 'shiters out of the woodwork. Hopefully a few more will come along to future meets - I look forward to meeting you (and the Moog at long last as I don't think I ever have!).

    I'm about I just don't post much as I've got sod all to add most of the time.


    Like the review and sounds a good place. I can't remember who I was speaking with but I decided to sod off any kind of meeting this side of Yorkshire as there's loads over here but none of them could be bothered to get off their arse so I thought fuck em :-)


    I've been meaning to get to a Glossop one but only one of my cars will make it and cost a fortune in petrol. Still I might be able to make the next one at this pub.

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