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  1. No loss then and thanks for the link Dollywobbler.
  2. Does doing the subscription like this mean you get the socket set too?
  3. When is she putting Golf bits on it?
  4. Yeah it's pretty much this. The finance company really don't care who owns the car now they, as normal, just want their money. The person that signed the agreement will get in the shit and the current owner can buy the car from the finance for X amount. It's a bit shit to 'get charged twice' but really it comes down to 'you can't buy stolen property even if you didn't know as it's always stolen' type thing. Hire companies ring for the same thing when a hire car, normally long term, hasn't been returned. They know the cars not actually stolen, they just want their money but there's no other way of doing it. You are technically permanently depriving someone of their property, which is theft.
  5. Sorry but I haven't read all the thread. The letter is genuine. I've spoken to insurance companies about this kind of thing before and it's normally that the car has been sold with outstanding finance. As such it was never the owners* car to sell. Nothing to worry about other than someone somewhere wants some money or the car.
  6. This^^ while you're at it I need an XR2 one
  7. It would be nice as the twat never comes on when the engine gets hot but when it's just about to overheat. Which is why in one Fiesta I've got a manual fan switch fitted.
  8. I know it's a bit stupid but can it be registered in another country then reregistered here or does it not work like that?
  9. Insert sarcastic comments based on breaking it up here. What's making you give up on it or is it that it might never be able to be registered? Couldn't it be finished as some sort of college course?
  10. ^^Yeah I always shout at people in the street and stuff, are you my neighbour? Anyway my apologies for not slapping everyones back, having a different opinion and not putting it in nice words. But, as always, everyone can do exactly what they want and say what they want, we all see things differently and have different opinions, would be a bit shit to all be the same.
  11. I've heard they're changing the name of the ULEZ just in case.
  12. (insert gif of a slow clap) Well what a mutual wank fest so because at least me says they don't like/get it we're hand wringing twats but don't forgot this is a broad church... Lowering, engine swap and the old classic 'modern traffic' in my opinion utter crap. You disagree, good it's nice to not all be the same, I hate peas too, does that make me as much of a twat? In the end it's a car. It's a shame that an rhd one, of which there aren't many, is now going to be different but I s still just a car.
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