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  1. You will lose any NCD that is less than a complete year - ie if you are changing half way through your policy year, the previous six months NCD will be lost and when you restart with Direct Line you will go back to however many full years you had at the start of this policy year. No other ill effects - its often worth sacrificing a part-year NCD when decent savings are to be had.
  2. A doctors? In France? On a sunny Friday afternoon? not fucking likely, they are all motoring to the coast for a weekend on their yachts. I trundled down to a proper pharmacy....the pharmacist profession is a respected medical type here, especially in places like here in bumfuck nowhere, miles from civilisation, who can deal with minor-ish medical stuff and advise well if serious stuff is needed, at least. "oooh, thats a big one". I hadent even taken my trousers off at this point, but realised he was talking about the photo of my bloody snotbaby. Almost certainly just a gooey clot from a sl
  3. Hey guys, wanna see something fucking horrific? I will mask it because there are some sensitive types on here... Driving along and this six inch blood-slug came out my nostril. it was the consistency of very overcooked pasta with a slimy coating of blood on the outside. Fucking weirdest sensation...it felt like it was attached directly to the back of my eyeball. So...uh....is this good or bad?
  4. Not even joking, my nose started bleeding a couple of minutes after writing that ^^ I havent had a nose-bleed for decades. Talk about portents..... well if this is the end - see you in another life, brothers. Its been great/shit** talking to you. [**delete as appropriate]
  5. Its 2am and I am sitting here waiting for the sweet release of death - Seriously....God.....You and I both know I dont believe in you, but on the offchance I am wrong, just hurry the fuck up and kill me. I am one of those annyoing twats who never gets ill....the odd sniffle, sometimes a dose of the runs if food doesnt agree, but when I do get ill, holy fuck do I cop it bad. Sore throat that is agony when swallowing....its like deep-throating a handful of hacksaw blades. This has spread to sore neck and stuffy head, and while this is just about bearable during the day its hellish at night..
  6. good car worth keeping? fix it properly shitter to run for a while and then get rid? k-seal away.
  7. Surely there should still be some in scrapyards? Newer ones are available cheap enough.... https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Direction-Assist-e-Capteur-De-Pression-D-huile-Pour-Mondeo-Mk4-S-max-Galaxy-FORD-MONDEO/32858261776.html but the wiring loom plug is different, so you could always just change the loom plug? iirc all they do is raise the idle speed a little on full lock, so not massively important....if you have a non working spare you could plug the inlet hole up with chemical metal and screw it in as a planking plug until you get a replacement.
  8. Sadly this is why folk (me included) buy and use cheap Chinese shit that lasts a few years. Yes a Warn is the bollocks, but who has a grand and a half for one? Your best bet is going to be ebaying it or try some of the its gripped, its sorted, its locked offroad forums.
  9. Its fucked - need a new one. [bodge] figure out if the switch is normally-open or normally-closed when in use and either leave unplugged or bridge the loom plug with a little bit of wire as appropriate[/bodge]
  10. Switch one off and restart a few times in short succession when hot and you will find they flood very easily when hot too. The RAC procedure for dealing with these is to remove the fuel pump relay or fuse and crank it till clear and if it still wont go they summon a second patrol (because they dont trust a customer to not fuck it up) and do a tow-start. I think it was one of the breakdown guys on here I saw had a fly-lead with a switch in it that they used to bypass the fuse and feather the fuel pump off and on while trying to get them to re-start.
  11. Its all fun and games until the learner stalls it and it wont restart because hot start issue, or they stall it twice in a row and flood the bastard. Pulling the fuel pump relay and cranking till it clears the rotors isnt the ideal thing to be done at a busy junction - especially if its a tricky one that needs a tow-start afterwards.
  12. This is the first step of a super-common scam over here. You call up and some woman gives the speil about it being the husband/sons pride and joy but he died and she cant bear etc etc doesnt want the money, just wants it to go to a good home. It then devolves into the usual "Its actually in Belguim.....shipping agent blah blah please send your details etc etc" scam Always trucks, excavators, tractors and stuff like that.
  13. Its taken me about two years to persuade the couriers to put stuff over the gate otherwise I would never get most of the stuff I order. Its entirely my own fault for not seeing it...its not exactly a small box. Well, it wasnt before I flattened it, anyway.
  14. Are we talking about the cable coming down to the bottom of your pic? The lever on the gearbox needs to move straight up and down from the viewpoint of the photo but the cable is pulling and pushing at quite an angle...I know its got a ball-joint to compensate but is it in the right place? I have no idea whats further up, but it looks to me like the whole cable needs shifted an inch or two to the left at the top of the pic so the cable is straighter and working on the axis of the gearbox lever.
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