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  1. My Volvo affliction has graduated to the next level.... after much tinkering and more new parts than is sensible, dodgy central locking, randomly non opening petrol flap and questionable oil consumption I bid farewell to Blue.... next and for sale locally as I’m a lazy so and so... deal done T5 SE. I now have iffy stereo and amp gubbins to investigate but 260bhp, manual and black leather...also not ex plod !
  2. I have a problem, this is for sale near me... £1295 Very clean, leather, manual, MOT history is pretty good, maybe needs 2 tyres...
  3. I see this on the way to work quite a lot but never on the way home..
  4. Wish I’d appreciated these sooner
  5. Cheers, a had a nice surprise today, now the dash is working again.... having had 4 or 5 weeks of no gauge to see turns out I was overly careful filling up (just to be o; the safe side) and it was pretty much full of petrol
  6. Bad luck and clearly very annoying. My V70 has the odd dint and a couple of them are starting to catch my eye more than they used to but I reckon this has only happened as I’ve been too busy getting the mechanical side of things sorted until now. As others have said getting the trim off the back of the panel inside and a gentle push should see the worst of it popping back to nearer the right shape. Dentmaster (or similar) can work wonders and prepping the trim etc to give access keeps their time on the dent rather than the messing about trying to get to it. Once that’s done you can evaluate what else can be done and how much it’ll cost to do more. .... it’s quite liberating having a car with the odd knock as the unavoidable car park ding doesn’t get on your nerves as much but I get why you’re in two minds, this one is a bit more than someone just banging their door on yours.
  7. You’re probably right, I’ve bought parts for this Volvo I’ve never had to on any other car.. 5 coil packs before we went to Barcelona, an alternator last month, strangely though nothings too much! It’s away getting the dim dash panel board resolderd today after I got a new light switch only to find it only half worked and I’m waiting to get it back and washed to fit new mud flaps and wheel centres... I must be mad ????
  8. Be been lurking for a while..... 5 cars in the household was deemed too many so reluctantly I sold my blue V70 and then my Capri ????....then our ‘wee jeep’ (Terios) bombed its MOT again.. 2 cars remained and then stupidly (hindsight is a wonderful thing etc) I got an old Honda HRV for dog/tip duty...this was rubbish. Luckily I sold my blue Volvo to a friend, unfortunately he is known to drive cars to death. After 11 months living in Islay my blue Volvo came home and the Honda went to we buy any car.... they really do buy any car, I got half my money back and moved on. I was 50/50 selling the Volvo in the first place but it was a case of ‘need car now, mines died’ so it was a deal but on the provisio I got first dibs when he was moving it on. I shouldn’t have been surprised but 4 knackered tyres, no back brakes, half the lights out, track rod ends shot, dash illumination gubbed and to top it off looked liked his 2 Collie’s had lived in it after visiting the beach....on the plus he’s put a full exhaust on it and instead of me paying what he’d been offered trade in (which turned out to be zero) he stuck the keys through my door with the v5 while I was at work. (I’m now the 3rd and 5th owner). Bit by bit she’s been resurrected, financially a bad move but I’ve got a soft spot for this old Volvo.
  9. An old photo, never crashed it
  10. There's one on autotrader tonight
  11. My Mum / sister / aunt / (grandma) has one exactly like that, whichever springs to mind first
  12. A lot of interest in my green Volvo, first person who contacted me has confirmed his train arrives tomorrow at 18:50hrs, I suspect a collection thread is coming but that's up to him
  13. It seems almost certain it will, just waiting to hear back to a very quick response to my advert...sale tbc, hence first dibs is in place for now. A Volvo going to England from Scotland... Is this a first?
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