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  1. The 096 AGM 760EN, is that what it says on the battery or is that what it says on vcds? Because you will have to code any new battery, but who's to say it's a replacement battery but never been coded so still has the info stored via vcds of the original battery.
  2. You can't test a battery with a multimeter, it needs to be load tested or tested with battery analyser.
  3. Is it solid underneath, the sills and floor plans can go crusty on these, beautiful looking cars though.
  4. Don't most moderns cycle the glow plugs when you open the door or unlock it, so you don't have to wait for the glow plug to go out? But I would be surprised if they function in this weather. Would a bad tank of diesel do this or water in the filter? My knowledge finished when they went from PD to CR's. Thats when I stopped buying vag shite, thank Christ. I had this on a caddy when the torsion value was out, but it's not really applicable to this.
  5. As mentioned above by @cobblersi would double check the timing. The only other thing I can hazard a guess at is the head gasket, is it the correct one for your car, is it a 2.9 gasket on a 2.8 or visa versa. Different thicknesses??
  6. Yes I thought the same, but it looks like there is not much room between caliper and disc so unlikely. Unless pads are wrong or defective.
  7. You did look at it before you bought it right Max? I can't really take piss though as I've just bought this honey, when was the last time you saw a phase 1 Citroen ax gt? Deffo a 20 footer, she ain't pretty and it stinks inside.
  8. When the masses were fitting three spokes to run of the mill scorts and fezzies, ford made them standard, check out the Fiesta RS turbo.
  9. You must have a massive pair of bollox to buy a 996 from an auction. Respect.
  10. I can't stop thinking we need a 'Communal Renaultsport thread' or 'Communal Clio sport thread' or summat similar. Looks like a great find sporty shite.
  11. Bloody hell mine never goes above 31mpg, I might pick your brains at some point on the steering angle sensor, mine only triggers the lights after about 3-4 minutes of driving straight on a motorway for example.
  12. It cost me 85 bleeding quid for a recovery truck and driver to come out and show me how to resync the immobilizer. Looks sweet, 168k is a testament to how strong these are. I'm guessing it's a full fat version?
  13. When I looked on eBay about a year ago there were quite a few listed, but i can't find one on there at the moment, unless they've all ended up in hedges.
  14. All this talk of smart cars, what about this smart forfour brabus 1.5 turbo, fundamentally a colt czt in a party frock.
  15. Twingo 133, it's basically a 172/182 suspension setup without the engine, I so wanna try one and I've got a 182.
  16. If fast Sierra's are anything to go by, there is a real chance it might have been pinched and burnt out unfortunately. I hope not though.
  17. Not selling a car but some Bini wheels So get this message FFS how can you have not read the advert, it's the first two words in capitals!!
  18. I've had juddery power steering on a caddy van, when jacked up with the engine running you could visibly see the wheels judder as you went from lock to lock. Changed the fluid to no avail. Changing the pump cured it. I know it's no vw but when I was looking for a 2nd pump there were loads that all looked identical but they all had the different operating pressure on top. Just make sure you get the same pressure.
  19. Would it need skimming though? it not like the head gasket has gone causing it to overheat, so in theory the head should still be flat.
  20. Quite a few people have managed to fit 3.0v6 engines to these. That must be bonkers. I once saw a c2 that had two v6 engines and 4wd.
  21. Second hand engines for these are mega cheap as they are shared with 206's and other PSA stuff, just depends if you can be bothered to change it, depends how attached to the car you are.
  22. Is it me, or does that battery look massively too small. It doesn't even look like its anywhere near big enough to fill the tray. Always go for the physically biggest battery that will fit in the space.
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