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  1. Have you had a load test on the battery, is the battery healthy?
  2. I did a pair of c3 springs, but they are a like a pigtail spring i.e wider at top than bottom. The compressors same as the black ones above moved all about and really struggled to hold the spring because of the shape of the spring. When I needed the top mount changing I fucked it off to the local garage, wouldn't like to do another c3/c2 again. But surprisingly a Clio 182 front spring I would remove without a compressor as they are barely under any tension at all.
  3. What's the problem with the lower arms? Or have I missed something.
  4. Don't rule places out like autodoc, if you do a bit of research and part number crunching you should be ok. Ordered a new cup driveshaft for my 182, different to standard 172 and boggo 182, as it's longer, abs ring wider etc. Wasn't expecting it to be correct, even paid extra for safe order, but it looks same length, and fits. I haven't driven it yet so it could still shit itself at any moment.
  5. Grand tourismo it was called, forgot all about them until you mentioned it. Was a limited edition in the in the 136 only. Very smart looking car.
  6. Don't they say the engine has to come out to change the starter motor? Heard it's possible in situ but a massive pita.
  7. You must have a friendly not man, if you have xenon's you have to have washers fitted. The way to fix the dribble washer jets is to fit one way valves in the piping. Available from Halfords.
  8. Mines got cruise, doesn't work but still got it.
  9. Really is a handsome car. Have you tried the dye you add to the coolant then shine a UV torch at it to look for leaks? I have some but never had opportunity to use it.
  10. Central locking is a must, the only time I had a failure to proceed was due to the immobilizer throwing a hissy fit. To resync it required the ignition on and hit the central locking a couple of times. Only cost me £80 for the recovery truck to come out and show me!! Ffs
  11. A tired dephaser even when noisy generally doesn't cause any harm, but if you do the belts it would be crazy not to do it if it's 15 year old. You will get your money back at sale time cos that's what buyers want and will pay a premium for. Oh and by the way, congratulations on the purchase.
  12. You know that's only 6 months of receipts for a Clio sport?
  13. Don't be put off by number of owners, mines on 9 or 10, and it's one of the most sorted 182's out there. I don't get why everybody says there difficult to work on, nothing really difficult to do on them, apart from having to partially drop the subframe to do the clutch, but many cars you have to do that.
  14. I know I am a bit late to the party, but this company will map out the dpf for a reasonable price. https://www.hdi-tuning.co.uk/
  15. Oil floats on water, like when a tanker spills it's load I to ocean, so maybe it collects in the highest place.
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