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  1. I was gonna say, I bet someone buys that and robs the engine out of it, looks like they already have, 'turbo engine has been replaced by non turbo engine'. 🤦
  2. Just thinking the same, one for the ambitious towbar thread.
  3. In chronological order. KEEPER: Clio 182, had it for a few years, and Intend to keep it another few years, been my daily on and off for a while, love this car. Took it out today to blow the cobwebs off the dephaser. Need to plead with @Dave_Qat some point to sort me a spare key. OMG ready for cambelt change. AQUIRED: Hugely shonky Citroen AX GT, looks mostly solid bar the area behind the headlight. Went to see it on hottest day of year at Mathewson's on my way back from Scarborough, and put a crafty provisional bid on it, and won. Not done anything to it since I got it in August. I could do a thread on it if there is any interest. Watch the you toob vid for lols. SOLD: Had to sell this, been in the family a few years, but surplus to requirements. Shame as it was ultra reliable, always ran and started when everything else didn't. Still local so should see it around. Live long Shitetron. AQUIRED: Boring modern. Decided to dip my toe in the EV cesspit. So decided to rent an Ovlov XC40 Recharge through NHS lease for 3 years, only took 13 months to get built 🤦What it lacks in character and range it makes up in getting a lick on.
  4. Years ago I had similar with a 1.6 MK2 golf, never overheated but really poor heater. I ended up removing every rubber hose and flushing the entire system through, there was an unbelievable amount of rusty crud that came out of the matrix and the rubber hoses. Built it back up and it was unbelievably hot after that, transformed it. Can't believe I put up with it so long.
  5. If its an eqc there is probably about three tonne there. I wonder if the owner wasn't used to over 400bhp? Some of these electric cars are probably a bit too quick for inexperienced drivers especially at this time of year.
  6. That's what put me off my caddy, which is Mk5 golf mostly, just seemed cheap and nasty, never mind needy.
  7. Please tell me your going to replace it with a genuine vag thermostat
  8. I don't think diesel cats are worth a great deal on modern stuff.
  9. What you will find with all the decent kits there are two manufacturers of bearings and a couple of manufacturers of belts. I recently bought an INA cambelt kit, as INA make the bearings and tensioners for most kits but don't make the belts, so even though it says INA on the belt it is probably made by Continental or Gates. But if you buy a Continental kit, the belt is made by Continental but the bearings and tensioner will be made by INA, but will cost considerably more, even though they are essentially the same kit. This is just an example as SKF also make bearings and tensioners too and are also a good brand. It just sounds like Gates have penny pinched on the pumps, hope they don't use Circolli.
  10. So a light comes on to tell you it needs a regen, but doesn't have a light to tell you when its doing a regen? Only asking as I've never owned a car with a dpf.
  11. A 1.4 tu engine is gonna feel pretty flat and gutless, the turbo diesels will feel quite torquey compared to the petrol but will still be relatively breathless. But I'd still stick with petrol for its simplicity, unless your doing alot of miles.
  12. Early, until fairly recently the 1.4 petrol fiorino, Nemo etc road used the PSA 8v tu engine and ma gearbox, so if it suddenly went bang it wouldn't be difficult or expensive to repair, atleast in the UK. I don't know how many tu engined cars are where you are. The 1.4 hdi would be second, again loads of cars used that engine, seems to be moderately reliable. 1.3 hdi is the fiat or vauxhall cdti, that are garbage. Avoid. Not sure if that's what you were asking, my brain shut down after half of your first post .
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