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  1. Yes the M12 used the rear clusters, but don't forget the M12 used the Mondeo 2.5/3.0 engine with a couple of turbos strapped on.
  2. If that's the case maybe this might be a 'temporary solution' made to your spec. I don't know if it will fit as I can only see the one side chop. https://exhaustpartsuk.com/product/stolen-catalytic-converter-replacement-temporary-exhaust-joiner/
  3. I have never run winter tyres but I remember years ago reading somewhere that you were supposed to tell your insurance if you ran winter tyres as it was classed as a modification as you had altered your car from factory spec. Or is this bullshit?
  4. Have you tried these guys https://www.classicswede.co.uk The guy that runs it breaks loads of old Volvo's, when I needed some obscure old Volvo parts he came to the rescue.
  5. Wouldn't a Clio f4r fit in one of these, the f4r is an evolution of this engine. When I converted my Clio sport to epas and deleted a/c I used Volvo 340 alternator brackets as they fit straight on.
  6. What amazes me is how much effort and skill that had gone into this bodge. Surely it would have been significantly easier and cheaper to just fix it properly in the first place. Absolutely mental.
  7. It's a good thing it's not the SRS light illuminated, otherwise it would be curtains!
  8. Surely if it fits in the hole I'm sure it could be made to work. I suppose it's better to have something that nearly works than nothing at all.
  9. I saw this outside my local b and q on a VW car transporter. Would love this on my Clio. VW LOSER
  10. I believe you can tweak the suspension height using different thickness spring pads, possibly bring the back down a little or raise the front to get it a bit more level.
  11. I love the little pea shooter exhaust, looks lost poking out of that bumper.
  12. Wouldn't it have been easier to use one of these, I have one on my Clio and my mate uses one on his spitfire, he swears by it.
  13. Can you not just buy the lenses on there own? Only reason I ask is that in the late 90's early noughties you could buy just the headlight lenses for Merc 190's from German and swedish, so I'd imagine someone would do just the lenses for the w124.
  14. How did you manage to get repair sections for the bodywork, when I looked there didn't seem to be a great deal more on offer apart from sills. Congrats on the 180k milestone, am sure most of these were bean tins before 100k.
  15. If that's the only rust you have found on an 80's honda, I'd call that a right fucking result!!
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