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  1. If you increase the amount of fuel injected through an injector, the duration it takes to inject the fuel is longer, or the amount of time the injector is open, this is ok to a certain extent but at the extremes you get high egt's and black smoke.
  2. Another way of achieving this or similar is the 'hammer mod' used quite heavily on be circles. Slacken the bolts on the upper part of the injection pump and 'hammer' or in reality tap the upper part of the pump a tiny amount to up the IQ or injection quantity. Higher IQ = more power, but if you over do it, it'll run like shit, or make the pump leak.
  3. Can't explain it then, unless mine is a dodgy download as I clear the engine management light off before every mot. As you were.
  4. I downloaded mine maybe two or three years back, but my uncles Altea wasn't on that drop down list when I needed it lately. But didn't download a recent version. Maybe it gets updated every so often.
  5. Well I have downloaded the free one from ross-tech and it talks to my MK3 08 caddy so must be canbus compatible. I can't see the cable being that sophisticated, I think the alfaboys use the vag cable to connect to Alfa's. In fact thinking about it, I am using the same ancient eBay Chinese knock off cable that I used to use to read the codes off my MK2 caddy and that deffo wasn't canbus.
  6. You can still get the free software from ross-tech I believe, or you could last time I checked, and your lead may still work that should guide you where to start looking. I am also wanting the full version of vcds but like but don't want to spend a fortune on a new one but don't want to get ripped off on a fake on eBay. Well done with fixing that, the engine is a weird one, only comes in a caddy or a 4x4 octy, but it's a 8v 2.0 TDI, whereas all others are 16v. Also there are two octy 4x4's only the scout had the dpf.
  7. Shouldn't there be some kind of nut on the end of that shaft that holds the compressor wheel or whatever it's called.
  8. Are you sure that relay wasn't out of a zafira? Just wondering with the dashboard catching fire.
  9. If your adding the amount of coolant you say your adding, then surely if it was the oil cooler then the oil level would be increasing.
  10. It's probably doing so well because it's an 06 plate which must be one of the last ones made, I didn't even know they made them that late and I own an identical one myself, also it appears to be a full fat version, i.e has both cup packs.
  11. Could be a Werther's original stuck in the handbrake mechanism.
  12. Yes they did but alot got converted to right hand wipers by the owners. Just been reading up on this ledbury and apple 2000 stuff, didn't know they got built in Bulgaria briefly, fascinating.
  13. Don't you need to drop the tank to do the rear brake pipes on these. Am sure when I had mine done years ago I remember the mechanic moaning about it.
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