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  1. How on earth did you find that for £300?, I had one of these briefly, gonna have to get another before prices go up.
  2. That Skoda looks very familiar, did you used to commute to Barnsley in it?, am sure I used to see it quite often, possibly a 'T' reg?
  3. 1 306 cabrio? Or 605 2 looks like corrado 3 late crx
  4. How would the mot station know it knocks out blue smoke when it accelerates, it's a stationary emissions test.
  5. Briefly this year, when also looking for a lost car, the mot history site it did display the mot station it was tested at, but gone now unless you have the log book number.
  6. Oh yeah I recognise it now, was down my way Wakefield/Barnsley. Great purchase.
  7. What's the deal with the Benz, can't remember seeing that before.
  8. How on earth did that go rusty with it being an 07? Did they forget to dip it.
  9. Stone chip is porous in the same way primer is, so I would suggest going over it with paint or underseal before the sill covers go back on.
  10. Usually the rattly boot is the boot catch, when we had ours we had to replace the catch twice, as it couldn't be adjusted to stop the rattle, I think they got modified later on. Even though the 206 got a bad rep and the GTi version especially there not a bad car, quite enjoyed the one we had, was also a v reg, but in firedance orange.
  11. If it's anything like what my Clio did, insert key turn on ignition and press button on key fob a couple of times. Remove key then try to start it. Immobiliser went out of sync. Worth a try for nowt.
  12. They look like great fun, waiting for someone to do one with a newer style kangoo as there getting cheap and hybrid it with a 197 or a 225 Mégane.
  13. If you increase the amount of fuel injected through an injector, the duration it takes to inject the fuel is longer, or the amount of time the injector is open, this is ok to a certain extent but at the extremes you get high egt's and black smoke.
  14. Another way of achieving this or similar is the 'hammer mod' used quite heavily on be circles. Slacken the bolts on the upper part of the injection pump and 'hammer' or in reality tap the upper part of the pump a tiny amount to up the IQ or injection quantity. Higher IQ = more power, but if you over do it, it'll run like shit, or make the pump leak.
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