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  1. It's probably doing so well because it's an 06 plate which must be one of the last ones made, I didn't even know they made them that late and I own an identical one myself, also it appears to be a full fat version, i.e has both cup packs.
  2. Could be a Werther's original stuck in the handbrake mechanism.
  3. Yes they did but alot got converted to right hand wipers by the owners. Just been reading up on this ledbury and apple 2000 stuff, didn't know they got built in Bulgaria briefly, fascinating.
  4. Don't you need to drop the tank to do the rear brake pipes on these. Am sure when I had mine done years ago I remember the mechanic moaning about it.
  5. I am definitely in this category, I very rarely buy any cars that 'work'. My method of buying a car is by searching for 'spares or repair'. Don't do it for the reason that I buy it cheap fix it and sell it on, I get great satisfaction from fixing something that is essentially fucked, then repairing it myself and future proofing it by swapping all the tired worn parts and also learning/researching how different cars are put together in the process. By doing it this way I can rest comfortable that it should be relatively trouble free for quite a while. Out of the last four cars I have bought, three needed a new engine. Love changing engines for some obscure reason.
  6. The books are reserved for you. Pm me to let me know when you want to collect.
  7. 9 On the road books, full of retro/shite stuff in colour. Loads of technical stuff like rebuilding carbs, messing with distributers etc. Must be picked up from Barnsley.
  8. If you think it's more leak related as opposed to hgf I can send you some dye that you add to the coolant and any leaks can be picked up easily with a UV torch, which you can borrow if I can find it. Have a picture of an A2 out of iRobot.
  9. During the last 50 miles the I changed both rear discs on the clio 182, these have the wheel bearings incorporated, and have just changed one of the front wheel bearings, so 3 out of the four changed. Guess what, the only bearing I haven't changed is now grumbling. Fuck sticks!! And to show it's appreciation of being insured a taxed I got this. Not one, not two but three lights. Welcome to Clio ownership. Forgot to mention that the temp needle won't get to halfway, and the thermostat is practically new too. Top banana
  10. Can't you use anything advertised as MK2 golf or anything 4x100 of that VW era. Same centre bore if 57.1 too. Surely you could find something decent in budget.
  11. Decided to not to renew my insurance on my heavily pineappled caddy van, so I can fix a few of it's annoying faults. So as of today this will be my only mode of transport. Only done about a hundred miles since I changed the engine. What could possibly go wrong!!! Wish me luck.
  12. No, I don't believe so, as the turbo sits directly where the steering box resides in rhd form.
  13. Get on you tube and see if you can watch the episode of wheeler dealers with the mx5, I think ed managed to change one. Will give you a rough idea whats involved.
  14. That's a standard feature, I am not taking the piss. There is a way to turn it off but can't remember how. It must have been turned off and when the battery went flat it will have reset it to come on. https://www.cliosport.net/threads/headlights-come-on-when-i-start-the-car.414487/
  15. Just wait till it gets to the 24% discount.
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