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  1. No problem mate I have feeling in my fingers again now lol, at least that little job is sorted ????
  2. I too have recently aquired a stilo 1.4, 6 sp, on an 04 plate but in a pale blue, seems quite alright at the mo
  3. One of my old mans towing vehicles although he never towed the van as far as i towed my 70's and then 80's sprite alpines behind my meastro 1.3's before upgrading to a montego the 1st thing my dad always used to do when brought a new car was fit a towbar no mater what the car, and I still do the same
  4. Yes that cream and blue was a LE93 special they came in cream/blue, cream/red or cream/green, the x plate realto was a great car I sold it when I brought the beige estate (pictured) the 1 in the trailer ended up being broken for spares for another I had
  5. this one was the brava looked abit different after an altercation with a bmw with no brake lights
  6. I still use the Lifan, to be honest from what i have used it it as been very reliable it passed its first MOT last month with no trouble, I have made a few trips from kirkby in ashfield notts to tamworth staffs just over 45miles each way down the A38 no worries, the only problem I have and it was like it when i brought it the rev counter doesnt work but that never bothered me
  7. I have always fancied me an allegro but of the estate veriety
  8. yes was a 820i, great car for the price of £000 that i paid although i did have to do big ends and piston rings and head gasket to get it on the road, I sold it around 2003 and replaced with a 218sld, will have to find pics of that, then replaced that with a bright yellow omega estate(no pics) which was a great car but had to replace it once i was offered an 825d fastback which once id fitted a new clutch was an absolutely amazing car but when i told my boss where to put his job and funds got tight and tax was due i done a straight swap for 420 gsi tourer with 6 months tax, another fantastic motor, i remember coming back from cornwall fully loaded on the A30 with a big merc behind flashing his lights so i pulled over let him past then sat up his arse at 70ish(130+) flashing my lights lol
  9. Was 1 of many maestros I had, I had a thing for different colour schemes lol, I spent years looking for the right brg maestro and once found I painted it lime green lol
  10. Yes as it happens that's the most recent pic, taken this evening pick my son up from his leavers prom from that school
  11. I was just going through some files and thought I would post in no particular order a few of my past and present rides, OMG I cant believe I have owned that many vehicles with this only being a few. Hope you enjoy
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