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    colino reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1350 hours of work - On the road!   
    Here's some pictures taken over the past 26 years.
    1994 or close to it.  Taken by Steve my boss at a show.  Car came off the road not long after this was taken.  Stickers relate to a charity run it did to Euro Disney or Disneyland Paris with some other cars.

    2005 arriving with Dave the previous owner.  Had sat in a garden from the mid 90s to 05.  Non runner at this point due to failed water pump.

    Engine removed around 2006 or 2007, not sure.  Unable to weld Dave begins collecting panels and parts for the restoration.

    2015.  Dave takes the car apart some more and starts to discover how bad the rust is.
    Unable to finance or take on the metalwork Dave sells the car to me in 2016.  

    Early stages of fabrication shortly after I realised I wasn't getting this done over a weekend.  

    2 years later.  One of the most enjoyable jobs after completing most of the metalwork.

    Early stages of paintwork.  I found this perhaps the hardest and most challenging part of the restoration.

    The most memorable moment for me hundreds of hours later was building and fitting the engine.  Being able to see the car sit properly on the suspension for the first time was very welcome on a cold Thursday night.

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    colino reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1350 hours of work - On the road!   
    Blimey! Already onto the next page in 2 days!  Glad you guys like the car and have enjoyed the thread so far.  It's been a crazy amount of work but I'm well pleased with it.  The car is only part of it, all the skills learnt and stuff I've been able to do while building it.  Good fun, an experience I'll never forget.
    This thread might be quiet for a few weeks while I finish the polishing and wait on the weather to improve.  Don't fancy going out right now in all those salt ridden puddles!
    In the meantime I'll try to answer some questions...
    What's it worth?  Super nice ones can fetch upwards of £25k What you spent?  I'm not sure but it's probably a little over £15k certainly no more than £20k.  Despite doing almost all the work myself things like storage, sundries, blast/powder coat, rack refurbishment, parts, upholstery, tyres and machining all cost a few quid. If you were a customer?  Including vat you'd be looking at about £80k once you factor the hours into the costs above. Are you terrified of using it?  Not at all, it's meant to be driven.  I'll avoid bad weather and heavy traffic where possible but I want to drive and enjoy the car for what it is. Thought getting the car into TV/Film work?  Not really but if somebody wants to drive it through some cardboard boxes I'd chuck them the keys.  Certainly not against the idea. What battery is that?  Its a regular lead acid battery with the correct ford style terminals.  I put some stickers on it from DMB graphics for that period look. Take it to shows? Yes of course, not all the time but I'd certainly like to display the car at the odd show. Where's the car from?  Germany, imported to the UK in 1985.  Sold from a dealer in Bentlage originally if the sticker in the back window is correct.
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    colino reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1350 hours of work - On the road!   
    Completed the last few jobs for assembly.  Been saving some of these jobs for the end of the build.  
    Went around the car and applied the relevant stickers for stuff like coolant and sunroof etc.

    Also fitted the ford stickers to the sills.  These are a reproduction item as originals cost very silly money.
    Filled the glovebox up with tat!

    Cleaned the vinyl roof

    The tyres on the car were an ancient set of Viking Norways from 1985.  I needed 5 new tyres and decided to fit some period correct ones.  These michelin's would have been fitted to Granada from new in 175, 185 and 195 sizes.  Just like the old vikings these are full profile so they fill the arches nicely as before.  These pics were taken after letting the car down off axle stands.  It will sit better once it moves again.
    Fitted the new centre caps and trim rings.  Been wanting to do that for months!

    The car is now finally built.  Next job is test drives and checking everything.  I expect some teething trouble but that's all part of the fun.  Can't wait, its been 27 years since this car was last taxed.
    Before that I'm working with a professional detailer to finish and improve the polishing process.  I need a lot more practice and knowledge on this subject so its great to work with a professional and learn how to properly polish a car.

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    colino reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - 1 car down - 27/04/21   
    30mins at Ginger's Automotive Fabrications Ltd  and the inner wing is fixerated. It actually took longer to get the Herald and Dolly started and moved out of the way than it did to execute the repair...

    No seam sealer or anything, to prove it's been seam welded. After it's MOT'd I'll seal and paint it a more appropriate hue.
    Also stuck the plastic trim bumper trim back on, looks way less shit. Cabled tied on until the sealant dries, didn't fancy drilling holes in the new under grille panel...

    Tomorrow I'll acquire and fit the appropriate numberplate bulb and that'll be us.
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    colino reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    1982 Bedford YNT Plaxton Supreme V | eBay
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    colino reacted to JohnDeere in BBC Radio Shite (pic heavy)   
    I've seen a few postings of BBC Radio Shite here in the past. I started working in local radio at the ripe old age of 15 in Lincolnshire, and worked for the BBC as a journo in Hull and Leeds till 1999 when I got a proper job. I have quite a few pics of BBC Shite that I took at the time, and have collected other pics from the web since. Most of this is Cortinas and Montegos... so here goes for a brief history of BBC radio cars...
    A radio car is basically a Shite car with a pneumatic telescopic mast and a low-power UHF transmitter. You drive to the scene of an outside broadcast (OB) - e.g. village fete - or a hot breaking news story. You check that there are no high voltage killer electricity lines too close, then pump up the mast, fire up the transmitter and you're on air. The UHF needs line-of-sight back to a receiving base station (a big place like Lincolnshire has a few of them). You get your "cue" off-air from the car radio, and there's a two-way VHF radio for talking to the studio. Of course these days it's all changed with mobile phones, computers and satellite data connections too. But let's stay in the 1980s for now.
    The first local radio cars were lovely Hillman Hunter estates, liked this one from Radio Humberside, when it opened in 1971. (I spotted Paykan Hunter had used the same pic). Never seen one of these in the metal unfortunately.

    The most famous radio car must be the Cortina though... these started appearing around 1979/80 as the number of local stations expanded. City-based stations with a smaller patch got a 1.6L, the bigger county stations got a 2.0GL. Here's a few... including Radio Lincolnshire's first one EYW 373V.

    And the same car being towed out of a muddy field at the World Ploughing Championships near Horncastle in 1982 by the engineer's personal Landy SNX 619.

    The radio car I know best is the late-reg Cortina that replaced it - A219 SUL - that I first drove in 1989. I took this pic of the dash - you can see that the centre console was removed and replaced by a length of copper plumbing pipe holding in the Moseley UHF transmitter (which no doubt cost more than the Cortina, and also lasted longer being swapped from car to car as they were replaced), and a custom console below containing the radio for off-air cue, a Storno two-way radio, and buttons to switch on the power. There's also a microphone connection - it was not uncommon for presenters to cut the OB short and finish up the programme while being driven home - the giveaway was the alternator whining on the signal, plus even more hiss than usual because of course the mast had to be down.
    In the glovebox was a unit allowing an operator in the car to talk back to the presenter, who might have wandered off on the end of a 200-metre long cable. Also in here is the magic interlock override key. Even before the days of 'elf'n'safety, it was an absolute no-no to drive or move the car with the pneumatic mast extended. So an interlock system would sound and alarm and deflate the mast if you tried to start the engine. Unfortunately for longer programmes the battery would need charging mid way, so the interlock key would allow you to run the engine with the mast up. It was only supposed to be used by engineers, though I remember at least one car I drove had it permanently in the dash (must have had a c**p battery). There was still a second interlock on the handbrake though to stop you moving off with the mast up (there were legends of bent masts and electrocutions from people who had tried)

    The cars were not quite stock mechanically: they all had a second alternator driven off an auxilliary belt on the engine to charge a second "tech battery" - a leisure type deep discharge battery to power the transmitter. You can just about see this in the Montego pic further down. Here are some more pics of A219 SUL in action that I took in summer 1989...


    And next to Astra E867 EFW

    The best thing about A219 SUL is that it still survives ... as a radio car. When it was replaced in 1990, it was donated to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life where it exists to this day. Pics below were taken quite recently at the museum (don't Cortinas look small now!) The car from the A-posts back has survived pretty well - it was Ziebarted from new and still has the little sticker in the back window - but the A-posts, scuttle and valance are now rusted to near oblivion. I think this is because the front end was re-built in about 1986 after "an incident" ... presumably the repairer didn't bother with as much Ziebart.



    I did think about making the museum an offer for it (apparently they wanted rid at one point) - but the ownership is a bit complex - I think it's actually owned by the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society and on permanaent loan to the museum, but not sure. I shouldn't really say so, but I did once see this car do an indicated 110mph on a quiet, straight stretch of road...
    Here are a few other Cortina pics from Devon, Norfolk, Leicester and London that I found on the net:




    Now... unforunately I helped one of the BBC Cortinas to a slghtly earlier grave. Just before A219 SUL went out of service and into the museum it went off for a re-spray, and one of the pool of "loan" radio cars was brought in for a few weeks. KYY 456X was an ex-Radio Bristol 1.6L although it was plain white. After clipping the curve, spinning 360 degrees and whacking the curve sideways the car rolled several times landing in a farmer's field. The mast made a pretty good roll cage as there isn't a single broken window though every panel was damaged. As the car was already semi-retired by this point it was scrapped, and while the managers pretended to be annoyed they were actually pretty pleased as they were able to strip all of the technical goodies, including the valuable mast, and use them for other little projects. Pictures below show the results of my handiwork (in the background is E76 EOY, the then-new Landy V8 that they had somehow managed to persuade the BBC to let them buy):


    Apparently the BBC was rather stuffed by the demise of the Cortina as it didn't have another design for a radio car on another vehicle ready. So they stockpiled them - and lots of Cortina radio cars went on A, B and even C plates. Here's an ex-BBC C-plater that was posted on Late Registration madness here before...

    However, eventually the Cortina had to be replaced - enter the Montego. These started appearing from C-reg, and here are a few net pictures of Monties in BBC action:


    The Montego made a few design changes - shifting most of the technical gear to the boot and introducing a strange new all-in-one microphone and control unit that was nicknamed the elephant c**k and was connected to the car by a hosepipe-thick cable. Lincolnshire took delivery of Montego F188 OYM in March 1990... in the pics below it's still wearing a project code number instead of its reg plates, though DVLA shows it was actually registered in September 1988! Not often you see pics of a brand new Monty. You can see here how the technical kit was added under the bonnet (second battery and alternator), glove box (talkback controls) and under the boot floor (mast compressor).




    You can tell time has moved on, because the ashtray on the Cortina dash has been replaced by numerous health-and-safety warning notices in the Montego. I drove this car once or twice, much later in 1993. It was a 2.0L model, only time I've driven a Monty, and remember it as being a really nice car to drive. One more pic of the Lincolnshire Montego on RAF duties:

    The Lincolnshire Montego was last of the line. Perhaps not surprisingy the Monty didn't have a great reputation for reliabilty, and by G-reg, it was replaced by the Sierra - not many though. Things got a bit more varied after this. There were a few Toyota Previas (see pic below, though I've never seen one), and a couple of Landrover Discoveries (no pics unfortunately). The Discos were found to be a bit top-heavy with the extra kit and mast. When I was working at BBC Leeds, the Disco had been rolled and underwent a costly repair (the high cost of fitting out the cars - probably about £100k these days - means they don't get written off too easily). But a few weeks after it was back on the road it was rolled again. Someone in H&S decided they should be quietly retired after that...

    By 1991 the BBC did a big leasing deal with Peugeot, meaning radio cars became 405s (see below), then 406s and finally 806/7s or whatever they're called now - which is what it still used I think. These days the kit is held in a rack that sits in place of one part of the back seat - presumably to keep the weight forward and better balanced.

    Broken 406 (nothing to do with me this time!)



    And the most famous radio car of recent times - the BBC Manchester 806 burned out in the riots...

    As well as the main radio broadcast cars many BBC stations also had a sound recording van (someone on this very forum has one), many of which are years old with hardly any miles -- quite a few were Hxxx XUU transits - some may even be in use.


    And, not forgetting the run-around cars. Radio Lincolnshire started with these fantastic Acclaims, replaced by three Maestros and a B-reg Escort diesel that was grotty from day one (will try to find pics). These were replaced by E- and the G-reg Astras. From J-plate Peugeots were standard, as I freelanced around different stations I drove a whole range of 309s, 205s, 405s and a very early 306. To this day I hate Peugeot 309s, largely due to their complete inability to start hot when you've just stalled the liveried BBC car in the middle of a busy junction in a strange city where you don't know your way around and you have a deadline...




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    colino reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - 1 car down - 27/04/21   
    Crawled out of bed this morning on a giddy 5 hours of sleep and went to take the car for it's test in the freezing rain.
    Turning the key results in the starter slugishly giving half a turn and then nothing.
    Flat battery. Bollocks.
    My jump leads are in the Dolly. Fucking bollocks.
    I take the battery out and lug it upstairs to charge it. Can't find the charger. Destroy the flat looking for the fucking thing.
    Attach battery to charger and... Nothing. Charger is dead.
    Wiggling cables and cleaning connections does nothing but while moving the charger I note that turning it on it's side causes an angry buzz and the dial to jump about.
    I violently shake the charger until it seems to be working consistently and gingerly place it down to charge for an hour. 

    After this time has elapsed the battery is refitted to the car and it actually starts. I dump it at the garage and walk home.

    About an hour later:

    So close... I dash up to the garage, take the Acclaim back to the flat and swap to the Saab to go to work.

    This shall be rectified on Sunday...
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    colino reacted to cpjitservices in Oh dear its happened again! Jaguar S Type   
    New car!
    Warrior poorly so this will fill in whilst its off the road (Might be breaking anyone needs parts??) - although I think this is going to stick around as I regret selling the last one I had. 
    This one is a fine 2.7 TDV6 on 05 plate with rare Perforated Black and Grey interior.
    Needs new brake master cylinder and an MOT. Going to be a fun journey!
    Great car, great colour! Looking forward to this!
    Get the bills out of the way and enjoy it - they do drive great!
    Here it is:

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    colino reacted to Crispian_J_Hotson in Jaguar S Type X200 - bearing, brakes and bad weather... ...   
    You are supposed to. But there is a way. It risks paint damage to the door handle though, as you literally have to force it past a sharp metal return lip. Masking tape is your friend here.
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    colino got a reaction from Crispian_J_Hotson in Jaguar S Type X200 - bearing, brakes and bad weather... ...   
    Well done on the door locks.  I would have sworn I had to take out the quarter light support to do the rear ones. 
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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   
    Give it a few years in scotchland and I'm sure it'll come in handy for holding the front end together. 
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    colino reacted to rickvw72 in Daihatsu Fourtrak - More welding than the Bismarck   
    Couple of other bits done too.
    Few bits and bobs cleaned up and primed. 
    Some rust treated with the awesome hydrate 80 stuff from bilt hamber.
    also refitted the hardcore tow bar. Which weighs at least 12 tons.

    Actually refitted parts! And broke out the filler and sander. Progress in the air.
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    colino reacted to rickvw72 in Daihatsu Fourtrak - More welding than the Bismarck   
    Still going on the crispy wonder.
    part way through welding my patchwork outer arch on.
    Where there is no weld in the pic here, basically needed to be cut out. This was all done in small sections to avoid distortion.
    tacked and ground back, These tacks were filled in to create a seam weld.
    The black dust is a guide coat, I was checking the levels.
    The lower bit welded on, with a skim of p40 across the welds. This should reduce the amount of filler later.
    arch welded and skimmed with p40.
    Inside view, there’s a nice gap between inner and outer arch here, so I can get some wax in later.

    filler time. Hadn’t used filler for about three years! Took ages to set in the cold.

    then started on the other side.passenger side arch looks better than the other. It’s a very low bar, granted.
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - I can't stand the rain. Nor can my car.   
    Quick update, in lieu of access to a laptop and plus I'm frozen with the f**king cold.
    Jack's on axle stands now, I've taken the new subframe and put it underneath, looking to see if it fits. It's looking good!
    I've removed one bolt, attaching the wishbone to the subframe on the passenger side. My brand new DeWalt 950nm unga dunga got that off no bother, but has stopped dead with the driver side. It's too cold and wet to do any more tonight, so I will be at it tomorrow.
    Very happy so far though. Autodoc parts turned up Thursday (as can be seen on the Autodoc delivery thread), need to buy two bushes for the wishbones though as I'd like to change them given I'll have it all apart.
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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   
    Teeny Tiny Update

    Got the Tolly a wee bit warm on a drive on Sunday. Puked up some of it's coolant out the expansion tank. I suspect I didn't put the cap on fully. But to be safe I've replaced the thermostat, cap and dropped out the rest of the coolant (well most of it). Couple of hoses seem to be a bit squidgy so I'll replace those in good time.

    Brakes on these are know for being a bit pish, but they felt properly scary when I took it out. Normally I'll throw any old shite on, but I've splashed out on some Mintex fast road pads.

    Ho-lee-shit. What a difference it made on another wee trip to the shops today. A nice reassuring bite even when cold. Think I've convinced myself to buy some for the Mx5.

    I wanted to replace the rocker gasket so whilst doing that I stripped off the flaky paint on the rocker and wet sanded like mad. Not perfect but better.


    Now can the salt and bad weather kindly FUCK OFF so I can enjoy it. 
    @Schaefft mentioned on their thread about swapping the springs/shocks round on their LS to put the heavier springs on the front. Because maxcheepinsods got it arse about face. I'll probably do that next.  
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    colino got a reaction from SteersWithThrottle in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I know Hoovie and the mechanic go back a long way, but someone who takes a hole saw to a Lambo because he didn't check over a very expensive, second hand part out of a crashed car,  cannot diagnose a misfire because the car didn't have a diagnostic port and hates the complexity and poor quality of BMWs but loves modern Land Rovers really isn't a, "mechanic" you can take seriously. 
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    colino got a reaction from Fumbler in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I know Hoovie and the mechanic go back a long way, but someone who takes a hole saw to a Lambo because he didn't check over a very expensive, second hand part out of a crashed car,  cannot diagnose a misfire because the car didn't have a diagnostic port and hates the complexity and poor quality of BMWs but loves modern Land Rovers really isn't a, "mechanic" you can take seriously. 
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    colino got a reaction from phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Time to Sell   
    I would use standard mild steel studs and nuts.  Introducing stainless steel between mild steel and cast iron, no matter how much of your favoured anti seize compound you use, will gall up and leave you in a similar situation in the future. 
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    colino reacted to Wilko220 in Humber car collection in Hull   
    I've been a bit slow in picking up on this, but I don't think it's been mentioned here before, so will give it a share anyways.
    A rather  story about the world's biggest collection of Humbers having been removed and put up for sale. 

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    colino reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1350 hours of work - On the road!   
    I've done quite a bit more work since the last update.  Over the past year or so since I painted it I've spent a lot of time with the car and got to know every defect no matter how small.
    Something I decided to do a while back was repaint both quarter panels when I had the opportunity.  When I painted the car originally I had never done anything like it before.  As a result my filler work was basic and only focused on areas I could see or feel.
    The results of that method are missing ripples and shallow dents.  Once the paint goes all of them show up when you look down the side of the car.
    Now with more experience, the right tools, products and method I set to redoing the rear quarters.  I rubbed them down with a long block which shows up all the highs and lows.  Applied a skim of filler to the entire panel and then blocked it down.  It's much more involved than that but you get the idea.  I found lots of issues and worked hard over the course of 4 days to get them right.

    Primed the panels and blocked that back to prepare for paint.  About two days to prime, prepare and paint.  Much happier with it now.

    It won't look all that different in pictures but it really has made a massive improvement to the car.
    With that difficult and daunting task complete I flat and polished the panels to remove the orange peel.  Then put everything back together, about a days work.

    Back on track I continued adding the final few parts.  This is a factory under tray, not often seen in the UK but was an option on these cars.

    Cleaned up the jack and spare wheel hardware.

    Made and fitted the last bit of trim for the boot.  This covers a void between the quarter panel and boot floor.  It's originally filled with foam but I've left that out as it causes rust in the wheel arches.
    Finally I flat and polished the sills and ordered some new tyres.

    Very close now, perhaps another 8 hours of work and the car should be finished.

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    colino reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Has anyone had a lorry transported? Is it hi - NOW BODGE 50 HORSEBO11OX THREAD (Now with added turtles)   
    Quick update on this, not a lot is happening TBH mainly due to abysmal weather and also all my spare time is being used up renovating the bathroom in my house. Thats nearly finished though thankfully.
    One bit of actual news is that the truck is now back on its wheels, sitting on springs that give more or less the right ride height.
    I took the 'new' springs to Midland Motor springs in Notts and asked them to increase the camber from 3.5" to 5.5". They did that, charging me £150 for the job.  I then brought the springs home and waited till @cobblers was really desperate for his axle stands back, before I fitted em in the pissing rain, almost squashing my leg to f*** under the axle while i was on. To my huge relief they look much more like it, a decent few inches of clearance between the tyre and the arch, and some decent curvature remaining in the springs under static load. I've still got quite a lot of bongo car mags in the back as well although I have got rid of about half of the full stash so far.
    Then in the best news of the whole friggin story, my credit card dispute was concluded in my favour and I got the full £400 refunded onto my credit card last night! So fucking chew on that Owen Springs!!!!
    Anyway I'm gonna spend some of that on a few new door seals & other bits from Rock Auto, plus a couple of new rear axle bump stops and valve extensions & whatnot. Still have to change the screen too, I am gonna call in an offer of help from @Ian_Fearn on that if we ever get out of friggin lockdown. Cheers!

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    colino reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - 1 car down - 27/04/21   
    So, the car was thrown back together over Wednesday and Thursday morning, I got the train over on Thursday so I could drive the car to the MOT station and then take the Saab to work.
    Behold the winter wonderland and natural beauty of Central Scotland:

    Naturally things didn't go entirely to plan. The handbrake cables are slack as buggery and even at max adjust aren't great, the auto adjusting drums also weren't keen on auto adjusting, or indeed adjusting reliably at all. 
    We also noticed a nut was missing for the rear suspension arm for the passenger side was missing. It must have been removed to facilitate moving suspension component during the rust repair and naturally we couldn't find the nut. Indeed, the only thing we found that'd fit was a wheel nut, so that was deployed a temp measure.
    The world's most convoluted (5 fucking hoses to multiple pipes) fuel tank breather system was re-attached.
    Fuck it, need to go now or I'll be late for work. About a mile down the road it was fairly obvious something wasn't right, the car wouldn't pull at anything under 3,000rpm, spluttering and misfiring like a bastard. Above that, smooth as silk.
    Well, it's a Honda engine so that still left 4,000rpms to play with. Upped my gear change target from 3k to 4.5k and hit the motorway hoping a long blast would clear it's throat a bit.
    Ran well once up to speed, bombing along at 70mph. The steering feels heavy/tight as fuck after having PAS for the last few months, took a while to re-adjust.
    Coming up to my exit slip road on the M8 heading towards the Clyde Tunnel I ease of the throttle and go for the brake to give a lorry some space and the brake pedal goes straight to the floor and nothing happens.

    Yes, complete brake failure. For the second time for this fucking car.
    Thankfully the sliproad is long as fuck, has a hard shoulder and the handbrake was functional enough to stop me.

    Went underneath and couldn't find much wrong aside from a brake pipe rubbing against the rear axle strut thing. This pipe felt quite hot to the touch when I bent it back to where it should have been. My first thought was that friction from it rubbing had heated it up, but I think it's more likely the drum on that side is binding and had boiled the brake fluid. The reservoir still had plenty left in it and after a few mins of me lying underneath the car the brakes pumped back into life.
    I gingerly drove the car the 2 miles home. OG plan was to go straight to the MOT centre, which is about half a mile up the road from my flat, but I figured I'd try and sort some bits out last minute Friday morning and then drop it off.
    I then dashed out to work, came home 9 hours later to find the passenger door hadn't closed quite right and the interior light had been on forever.

    The car is currently running the Dolomite's battery which thankfully has plenty of life in it having been regularly charged.
    This morning I slept in, typical. Dashed out and hoovered out the interior 'cause it was bogging and emptied all my shit out of the thing, then put the rear seats back in.


    Then went to my local hardware store to find a more appropriate nut for the rear suspension. They didn't stock M14, joy. Drove to B&Q, their hardware section was in the usual state of disarray. I eventually found an torn open bag of M14 nuts with two left in it. Anyway I don't know what happened after that but I found one in my pocket later on, guess it was there the whole time.
    Anyway, it didn't fit. Wrong thread, looks to be slightly thicker. Fuck it. Wheel nut back on, drove to MOT place, was gonna' say "look, find something that fits this and chuck it on pls" but no need 'cause their computer had died to death and they wouldn't be doing MOTs until *insert future date here*
    Naturally. Sod it. Gives me more time to find out what the fuck is going on with the brakes and to find a more appropriate nut for the suspension arm.
    Oh, the car is now utterly filthy too and I can't really wash it 'cause the paint is still soft (we're hoping some UV exposure will sort it out). I see why these came with front and back mudflaps as standard now!

    To-do list is something like this:
    Replace suspension nut
    Change numberplate light
    Reattach front upper bumper trim
    Reattach missing wing rubbing strip
    Refit various interior plastics I cunningly left at the workshop
    Service and re-balance carbs (suspect a pilot jet has some shit in it)
    Adjust rear drums
    Tweak door hinges for better panel gaps
    Replace bumpers
    Mega clean inside and out
    Hoping to get some of the more MOT critical stuff done this afternoon...
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    colino reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - 1 car down - 27/04/21   
    Thank fuck the weather has remained ideal for finishing this thing and not a mixture of rain, snow and freezing fog....
    Oh wait.

    Now back to functioning as An Car, just needs some fuel hoses for the tank breather system and the handbrake adjusting before work tomorrow and I can drive it to the MOT station.
    There is still a bit to do, interior and trim needs a massive clean and fitting, a few panel gaps need tweaking, wheels need painting and the FUBAR bumpers replaced but the big stuff is hopefully done...

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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   
    All back together again. Acquired tex mirrors and chrome strips for the doors/ c pillars:

    Still need to fit the chrome insert in the windscreen and a door seal. Will have to adjust the mirrors as they are a bit wobbly and adjust the door hinges..and fit a radio... but I'm calling it done.
    Paint is terrible but I've convinced myself it's deliberate and I can sort it out eventually (maybe).
    Onto service time for spring....and bloody driving it! 
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    colino reacted to Blake's Den in Hyundai Santa Fe V6   
    It has been a while since I posted about the Santa-Fe so here is a quick update.

    It's been running fine and providing reliable and cheap motoring. Admittedly the mileage this year will be low due to COVID and all of that but she's doing everything that I'm asking her to do.
    If fitted some 'Event' ML698 off road tyres as they were an ebay bargain along with another set of wheels. The tyres are noisy but then do grip well in the soft stuff.

    I've also had a towbar fitted. I actually paid a man to do it as the car doesn't really owe me any money and I've supported a local business too. Its an excellent tow car with the 2.7V6 and auto 'box provided that you don't set the trip computer to MPG
    The only problem that I have had is that the digital clock on the dashboard has stopped working. I guess that they don't make cars like the used to 🤣

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