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    colino got a reaction from phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Time to Say Goodbye   
    If it's a good shell, I don't recall them needing much more than ball joints and front wheel bearings over the usual service items.  Fingers crossed!
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    colino reacted to phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Time to Say Goodbye   
    Just had a very pleasant early Sunday morning blast around North Devon in this one, it really is running and driving remarkably well for a 45 year old unrestored BL product.  I've probably done about 60 miles in the last 24 hours and apart from the alternator belt coming loose again yesterday, which was pretty quick and simple to resolve, it's been behaving very well.  Apart from a couple of issues with dirty fuel early on and a recent whoopsie where I ran it out of fuel, it's been totally reliable - it's clocked up just shy of 600 miles since I got it which is hardly a lot but frankly I'd have expected more issues.  My method of ensuring perishable things like pipes and hoses were all replaced and going through the cooling system has worked out well as I think I've managed to iron out most of the issues before they had a chance to occur.
    With the suspension now topped back up the ride and handling are properly sorted; I don't have experience of the competing Citroen hydraulic system but the fully rebuilt and correctly adjusted hydragas system on this car is working really well, it eats up bumps, potholes and rough roads and can be pushed surprisingly hard along windy B roads.  It's only on budgety tyres but it has loads of grip, the handling isn't exactly sharp and the unassisted steering is quite heavy at low speeds but it's really rather pleasant to bomb along in.
    Next weekend I want to take the exhaust front pipe off and have another go at the manifold join as it's blowing, I'll reseat the stat housing with the right goop to stop a miniscule leak and might give it another oil change as it's done 500 miles on the stuff I put in last year which is the first change it's had since 1992, then I think I'm more or less done.  It'll be time soon for it to move on to someone who can sort the essential bodywork out and/or give it a more thorough restoration, although if it were me I'd keep it in its survivor state for as long as possible, it wears its history well.
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    Started on the inner arch today by welding in a new plate. I welded it, knocked it back, welded where I missed, knocked it back, blew holes, welded them, knocked them back.

    Now I have the fun job of making the arch. I decided to remove more of the outer arch.

    As the steel behind it was rotten:

    The outer arch itself isn't totally solid, so I thought I might as well. Plus it means I have more access to make the arch properly.

    I've cut a panel to fit above that, where the curve starts. I need to get a sand bag tomorrow to hammer a curve in to it. I also need a new welding glove, as it's torn. But it saved my finger from the guard less angle grinder earlier!
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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   

    The ls400 has moved onto pastures new. 

    The Mx5 passed its MOT with no major issues. 

    Toledo - I dropped the oil again and replaced with halfords 20w50 to see if seal swell snake oil helps with the rear oil leak (I know the answer already I suspect). 


    The bonnet is awful to open and drags across the OSR part of scuttle chipping paint in the process (it really is a painful noise).
    I removed the bonnet.  I couldn't get the hinge out from underneath the scuttle due to space constraints and seized screws where the hinge sits into the bulkhead. Dremel used to massage the hinge to a smaller size to fit:

    I suspect that the main issue is the hinge mechanism had totally seized putting pressure/ twisting forces on the area of the bulkhead causing it to pop (rip) from its mountings. The bulkhead doesn't seem *that* bad rust wise, so I wire brushed that area and hit it with zinc primer. The hinge was treated to heat, love taps and left to soak overnight in wd40 to free it up.

    Hinge pigeoned back together,  zinc layer and completely wrong colour blue (RAL5012) used to paint. 

    A thick bit of metal was ground down, zinc'd and used almost like big washer/mounting plate to stop it popping through it's mount again. I'll see how this repair goes, the hinge is mega loose now so this area shouldn't be under too much stress any more (It looks a complete bastard to weld, so fingers crossed)

    Scuttle filled, sanded, masked, primed and yet another wrong shade of blue (BLVC-65 Tahiti) applied as an interim measure until I get the paint colour matched (hopefully):

    Whilst waiting for the scuttle paint to dry I gave the rocker cover a spruce up with some green engine paint I had. Need to get some replacement stickers (ignore the blue overspray):

    BMC/BL's finest*:

    What's next?
    I have a pump, vacuum pump and hydrolastic fluid on order. I will get around to replacing a bit of rubber pipe under the car as it has a small drip.
    Brakes - I need to freshen up the front with new calipers and pads that hopefully have a bit more bite to them.

    Underbody tidy up - needs cleaned up, but will probably wait till peak Mx5 🌞 time before I start.

    Service and use it. May get around to that long overdue hood replacement. I'm thinking red....

    Tidy up some of my dodgy paint and hope that leak doesn't get worse.
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    colino reacted to Spiny Norman in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This looks like it might be worth a punt if you could source a couple of body panels the right colour.


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    colino reacted to cpjitservices in Oh dear its happened again! Jaguar S Type   
    Yep, they do have a habit of splitting on the bottom side. Its definately possible.... in fact it could be that because when the car is cold it leaks.... when the car is warmed up it doesnt - hence, there could be a crack in the tank and when its warm the crack is not showing.  And also when the garage pressure tested the engine was warm - as they found no leak. 
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    colino got a reaction from cpjitservices in Oh dear its happened again! Jaguar S Type   
    Did you get just a thermostat housing or the hose set?  When the housing goes, disturbing the other clips seems to set up a chain reaction.
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    colino reacted to sierraman in What do do with old hand tools   
    Adapt them. Old imperial sockets make good for pressing bearings and bushes out, old screwdrivers always useful for lining up wishbones, spanners can be ground down to fit specific jobs where you need a thin spanner etc. 
    But then I’m tight and rarely chuck anything away...
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    colino reacted to rickvw72 in Daihatsu Fourtrak - Wheelarches of steel   
    Quick update.
    Struggling with pics of late, as my phone battery is knackered, so cuts off if you use it as a camera!
    But progress is being made.
    Dirty, deceased and not very structural. This was taken after I ground the worst flaky stuff off!
    Of course, all of the panelwork under the bumper was missing. Can it technically be rotten, if it’s fell off?With the inner made up and welded on, I made up this panel above, and zapped it on.
    To celebrate more metal going in, I removed some more from the wheelarch.
    Since this pic, I’ve repaired the inner arch, primed it and made up a outer arch panel, using the inner as a former again.
    No pics as phone battery went south. 
    Do have new battery coming for phone monday though, so next week should generate more pics.
    (unless I kill the iPhone during surgery. Should be similar to welding up a rotter though? )
    Part way through this side I bought a bad ass MiG, so loving the welding at the minute!
    Cracking Murex MiG, from I beleive 1987. My new favourite toy.
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    Short day, as it decided to snow and rain and generally be shit weather. 

    I cut a bit of steel for the outer sill before the weather turned, welded it on and tidied it up.

    Fiddled with the welder as per @jonathan_dyanesuggestion, turned the wire speed down, it helped a bit. Not burning through anything but sometimes the welds just don't want to stick, like I'm putting oil in a non stick pan. Turned the gas way down and it seemed to weld better, as in it was giving the bacon sound not the zapping sound I had before. 
    I also welded in the reinforcement panel as well, so that sill is done!
    You can't see it, but the outer sill is slightly long, as I want to see if I can turn it up to form a lip. But that can wait for the good weather, whenever it is.
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    Combination of things, like it being fucking cold, snowing, and my welder playing silly buggers with the wire, meant today was incredibly frustrating.
    I've sorted the inner sill, I've a repair panels for the inner reinforcement thing, leaving me with this:

    Welded both sides so make sure it was solid.
    Depending whether it decides to snow tomorrow, I'll look to weld the reinforcement panel. Then outer sill, then the bottom of the arch by Friday.
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    colino reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1350 hours of work - On the road!   
    Finally had a nice sunny day this weekend so I've put together a video.  Still some tinkering to do and you'll notice I've not quite cured that exhaust rattle.  Done 120 miles this weekend and it's been a joy to drive. 
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    colino got a reaction from Jenson Velcro in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    I knew a trader who bought a perfect QX at the auction and proceeded to tell everybody about its quality, how it was Nissans campaign for the urban executive and how he would have to beat buyers off with a shitty stick.  He still had that boring, dull squib when he retired 3 years later. 
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    It's not a Saturday without an update I suppose.
    The new panel from yesterday is welded in place. Needs cleaning up as always, given it was another upside down welding job.
    I've really been spending today working out how best to proceed with the arch repairs. I don't want to introduce the same mud shelf that the car had which caused a lot of this rot to begin with. 
    So, as I welded that section, I went to see how much of the arch was sound at the rear.

    You might see some spot welds there, and it welds on to a box section which is fairly perfect (from what I can see with the air vent removed). Although some rot has been introduced to it. So I think here I need to try and cut the rotten bits off of this section without damaging the rear section, and have that as a nice clean section to weld to.
    The further forward I went along the arch, the more rot I saw. A good section of the steel that holds the fuel filler spout is rotten.

    Inside the RAV4  there's a cubby hole, so I decided to remove it. Doing that gives a good view in to the arch from the inside. Doing that also showed that the outer skin was also showing signs some form of rot. Well, the beginnings of it.

    I am probably wrong doing this, but given that the arch joining the outer shell was rotten, I decided I might as well cut the outside to give me a better chance of repairing it properly. Which I did.

    At this point it's worth pointing out two things. I've sank 8 bottles of Aldi-wannabe Peroni lager called Rossini, and I forgot to charge the batteries to my drill. So trying to type this is a challenge, and trying to find out what metal under the sporadic rust proofing is also difficult with no drill. The last job I did was cut what I thought was rotten from the bottom front of the arch. Essentially the part closest to the door.

    I'm having Easter Sunday off from this, and the wife mentioned that Monday might rain. Thanks Jesus, etc. 

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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   
    Mx-5 given the once over prior to MOT now booked for Thursday. Can't see any issues so it should hopefully be smooth sailing.

    I've bought a set of dollies for the garage to shove cars about as and when required. My thinking is there is enough room for locking up 3x cars over the winter. 

    Lexus back on standard suspension.  Sill patched using my finest pigeon shit.  ABS lights has stayed off too for the last week. Still need to fix the blowing exhaust (the Y pipe) but I may just leave it. 
    Gave it a clean to take some photos as I think it will be going up for sale in the next day or so as I've had my fun with it and have my eye on something else.
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    colino reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1350 hours of work - On the road!   
    I've had the car back at home for a while now.  Still a few things to tinker with, there always will be on a car like this.  Have been waiting for some better weather to get out and enjoy the car.
    First job today was the thermostat.  I had a feeling it was stuck open and it certainly was.

    After changing that and bleeding the cooling system I changed the oil and filter.  The engine was fully rebuilt so it's worth changing the oil as soon as its done a few heat cycles.  Gets all the assembly lube and stuff out of the engine.
    I had a look at the exhaust and located the source of the rattle.  I think I've sorted it but will keep an ear out.  Did a few other jobs and went for a drive.

    Covered 41 miles and had a very nice time.  Car performed very well and the new thermostat was very welcome as I could have the heater on a bit.  Generally bumbled about the country lanes and pulled over for the odd picture.  Chucked it in a few bends and had a laugh.  Handles very well, just make sure any passengers hold on! 

    With the service complete and thermostat sorted I'll get the proper camera out next time and make a video.  

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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    How it started:

    How it's going:

    There's not a lot I can do now as both the area on the car and the repair panels are both drying with the weld through stuff. Tomorrow I'll be welding upside down (again - joy) and then I can move on to the arch.
    That panel was a pain in the arse. I had the size right, but it also had a curve that I didn't appreciate until I had the panel made up. Plus the bottom of the arch gets welded on to this panel.
    I could cut all the rot out now, but I'm wary of cutting a load of steel from the car and leaving it for a day or two before I weld something back.
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    colino reacted to Cookiesouwest in AS communal Rover 75 lickers thread   
    Well Audrey is back from the garage after 3 weeks. They even washed her.
    The bill was on the large side lol The receptionist asked if I wanted to sit down before she told me the amount!
    She's had her sensors and wiring sorted, to get rid of the ABS and Airbag lights, a new rad fan, new aircon compressor, new intercooler O rings, aircon regas. 
    Garage advised of a few non urgent bits and bobs they had found. She will need a bit more of the tickle stick.
    Front wheels still shake and the interior needs a lot of work, putting it all back together. As nothing came up on MOT, the shake must be tyres, balancing or a unround alloy. So new tyres will be purchased shortly.
    Post lockdown, she is off to Rick Bhullar in Essex for a new IPK screen.
    Very smooth and comfy drive for the 15 mile drive back (except for the front wheel shake !).
    Do I like her - Yes
    Would I take on another R75 project car - No
    Will I get her back to her former glory - Aiming to do my best.
    Would I buy another good one - Yes and I'm looking.

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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    I would just now like to say that yes, I am well aware the following is ugly.
    Yes, I am well aware that it's amateurish.
    Yes, I can boogie.
    It's a total bitch of an area to weld. It's a total bitch of an area to grind. It's a total bitch of an area to make pretty. But, I have the first repair done. I've banged on it with a hammer, I have ground down some welds, and I can see by the discolouration of the steel I have applied good heat penetration.

    I am waiting for it to cool down, and I will be priming it now as I may have had a dose of metal fume fever from Saturday, and I'm not totally over it, but I did manage to snag a respirator mask today and done what you see here.
    I have improved in my welding, as the repair panels I've made have been bob on and the preparation has been far, far longer than what I did before, and I am getting that sizzling bacon sound when I do it. It spattered in places, and I've lingered too long in others, but honestly I should have just taken the rear axles off completely to get good access to this place. Which, considering everything that's gone on before, I am willing to have an ugly weld compared to having to change more components and suffer with Toyota component corrosion. 
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    colino got a reaction from R1152 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I'm sure the first complaint of passing off will see COHO cancel that newco. 
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    colino got a reaction from Dan302 in Old dealership training videos   
    The first video was a classic from the era from manufacturers.  Basically the factory produces a perfect product that everyone wants, so if you have to discount or do soft deals, we have to tell you the basics. 
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    I'm getting better at this CAD stuff.

    Degreased the panel, applied weld through primer (I know), and now dragging my sorry arse under the car to prep that as well in the same way.
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    colino got a reaction from chaseracer in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    Good sense would see you passing on the Yugo, buying the better Oltcit, using the crispy one as a spares car and then putting it out of its misery.  Shitesense says, find a bigger shed, fill and repeat. 
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    colino reacted to Dan302 in Old dealership training videos   
    I really like old dealership training videos like this from the 80s and 90s.
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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   
    Not much been happening. Work has been sucking the life-force out of me for the last few weeks so it's been hard to get motivated to roll up my sleeves and tinker. 

    Enjoying the Toledo when I can. It's getting under my skin...keeper territory approaching.

    Mx5 is going for it's mot next week. It's done less than 1000 miles since it's last MOT(July 19) so hopefully won't need much doing.

    Lexus is doing my nut. Exhaust is blowing (sounds amazing though), ABS/VSC light is on and some further prodding of the sills reveals a lack of integrity on the OSR.  Worst of all the boss can't stand it. She hates how it rides and refuses to go in it as it makes her feel sick (prefers the Toledo for our weekly shopping trip) so brave pills taken, new spring compressors used to put new springs on the front shocks.


    Will fix the sill and I'll see about the exhaust and ABS lights. Let battle commence.

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