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    colino reacted to montytom in Rover 800 vitesse (well I better had)   
    I thought I'd do a thread on this as I have not done one on it before.
    The reg is not covered up for any other reason that they took the plates off to clean it. The reg Number is T588STA 
    It all started at the end of 2015.
    I was looking on facebook when a rover vitesse came up on the owners page asking for offers of what it was worth.
    I sent a message offering £700 (I think) due to no MOT and being off the road for about 4 years.
    Anyway I was refused and thought nothing of it.
    A few weeks later I had a message back saying people were offering over £2000 but never getting back.
    They said if I could come and pay the £700 it was mine.
    I agreed then worked out how to get the car home.
    They sent me some more pictures and I started to get excited.
    We then saw the car.
    It was alot better than we thought. 
    I then bought it and got my friend to transport it home.
    I put it in for an MOT and it passed so I got the garage to do the cambelt,tensioners and water pump.

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    colino reacted to Heidel_Kakao in H_K's kar(z), truck & van wot iz knot est8s. Now with 7.5 Tonne truck!!!!   
    So a week after driving my van for the first time I have gone one better and arranged to buy this Leyland Roadrunner for £800 😀
    The number plate says lorry lol. F392 LRY

    It's powered currently by a non turbo Cummins B series engine but we may have to sort him out some forced induction at some point.
    You may well be wondering why I have bought a truck and specifically a Roadrunner.... well it's because of the adverts below!
    If that isn't a good enough reason to buy a truck I don't know what is haha.
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    colino reacted to Heidel_Kakao in H_K's kar(z), truck & van wot iz knot est8s. Now with 7.5 Tonne truck!!!!   
    So when I  finally got to the FOD I realised I had lost my sunglasses and they were most likely on the side of the M40 where I had failed to proceed earlier. So I just went back to look for them and found them 😀 They are genuine Rayban Aviators with a blue tint and I have had them about a decade so didn't want to buy new ones if I could avoid it.
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    colino reacted to phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Fixed   
    I checked the two relays under the scuttle, one was definitely the starter relay as I could feel it clicking.  Both had crusty contacts which I cleaned up, but no improvement. 
    I then realised I hadn't plugged the signal wire back in to the starter solenoid after my last tinkering session.  Still nothing, but I realised it made no difference so had that wire broken?  I followed it back and it led to this plug sat out on the inner wing.
    Bingo!  It was full of green crusties ((c) South Main Auto) and after a bit of cleaning, I tried it again and the starter works perfectly.
    Hooray for a simple, free fix!
    When I first got the car I cleaned this plug up and repaired a damaged wire to fix some sort of electrical issue.  It would probably benefit from some dielectric grease or something to keep it from corroding, it's a bit exposed where it lives.
    I took it for a run and it's running really nicely.  The manifold join is quieter but still not 100%, the alternator belt is currently quiet and all in all I think I can currently say it's as good as I'm ever going to get it.  The starter seems to be enjoying its squeaky clean connections and earth points as it's definitely spinning faster, it certainly starts quickly even from cold.  I'm pretty happy with it as it is right now, I just need it to stay that way for a few more weeks!
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    colino reacted to rickvw72 in Daihatsu Fourtrak - More welding than the Bismarck   
    More welding occured on planet Fourtrak today.
    This is inside the rear inner arch, passenger side.
    Also in here is the middle body mount, and the boot floor edge. Right in the miflddle you can see one of the boot floor strentheners.
    This is the rear body mount, behind the strengthening panel that is a touch crumbly.
    wizzed out with the noisy spanner.
    Deconstructing the rotten old shite, various patches and some ultra flammable sealer took over an hour.
    Chopped out, you can see the body mount. This was repaired, primed and welded up.
    Then it was on to the arch lip, and also the boot floor edge. 
    Looking better!
    Welded it from inside. 

    Nice to not have blobs dropping in your ears! 
    Did tidy up and prime these bits too.
    Next time it’s onto the drivers side floor and under seat bit! Theoretically the tank, fuel pipes, rear suspension etc could be put on and it would be drivable.
    Unfortunately im too sadistic for that, so stay tuned! 
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    colino reacted to Matty in Collection ahoy - Cookie's adventures in shiteing   
    I'd neg him anyway. A scamming twat who knew it had no cat and was hoping you wouldn't notice till it was too late. Arsehole
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    colino reacted to Cookiesouwest in Collection ahoy - Cookie's adventures in shiteing   
    Welcome to Watchet

    The great unveil
    Mrs CSW has bought a

    A 2004 Honda CRV 2.0 ivtec Executive with 71k on clock and full service history.
    Checked it over. Not quite as described.
    Top of range CD / Satnav but needs code. 
    Surprise. No code in paperwork. Not mentioned in add.
    Rear boot close sensor inoperative. Not mentioned in add.
    Still was going to buy it.
    Started it up. Bit of an exhaust blow. Not mentioned in add.
    Still was going to buy it.
    Took for test drive, which cost me a tenner in unleaded as it was below the empty mkr.
    Got back and looked underneath to check for rust.
    No rust.
    No bloody Cat either, just a wonky bit of pipe badly welded in its place.

     So. Told him, I wont leave bad feedback, if he doesn't.
    Walked away
    Apologies for the lengthy collection thread, that has resulted in no collection.

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    colino reacted to mk2_craig in Come on down, the price of shite?   
    I'm sure the same sort of things were being said about EFI, ABS, PAS etc in the 1980s - home mechanic can't diagnose and fix.  True to an extent, but people adapt and prices eventually fall. It's just the natural evolution of things. 
    While it really, REALLY annoyed me that the car's way of telling me "it's time to replace my battery" was by having a major sulk when I dared to disconnect the negative lead, and leave me without indicators (arguably a safety issue for which BMW should really be issuing a recall) as well as various other major functions, at least a support industry has sprung up in response.  Therefore I was DELIGHTED that someone with the kit and know-how was prepared to hook the stricken component up to a computer with the requisite software, perform the necessary procedure and send it back to me for under thirty pounds.  I know it likely only took five minutes, so it'll probably cost fifteen quid next year, as more cars encounter the same issue and more people enter the market offering the repair service.
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    colino reacted to Bren in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    Agreed. A lot of people still furloughed on 80% of their wages. It ends in October - that's when things will get worse.
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    colino reacted to Spurious in Anyone having trouble shifting small cars lately?   
    But it's just another way of loading the costs in people's heads. And quite often 100-200 per month for a new warrantied car is easier to rationalise for a non car person to budget for. They're not like us where I'm happy to get under a car to replace an alternator etc. 
    We've a salary sacrifice lease scheme in work. It's £195pm (no deposit) for a new Fiat 500. That includes your insurance, maintenance and the car. All you do is put fuel in and drive away. I can see why this is a desirable option for people. 
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    colino reacted to mk2_craig in Bini Mandela: Car still described as pile of sh*te   
    Yeah, so the message I'd been waiting for turned up:

    A few more anxious days followed but eventually this reappeared:

    I R EXCITED. Straight back to the footwell:

    And plugged back in:

    Negative lead back on the RENNER-SUPPLIED battery:


    We got windows

    We got turn signals

    We got power roof.  This is going well!

    Quick test run.  We also got a symbol I've never seen before, so that's another free* fix (OK, there was a spend of over £200 to get the damn indicators etc working again)

    And it even seems as if the blower is back to proper strength.  I wonder if the state of the old battery had latterly caused this to be limited.

    Anyway, I'm tentatively declaring this FIXT.  And that brings us pretty much up to date.  So Bini Mandela gets a reprieve from an unceremonious torching for the time being. 
    Next disaster?  PRACE BETS NOW!!
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    colino reacted to JeeExEll in Harrison's Garage - Volvo 480   
    Choices choices.
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    colino got a reaction from barrett in 32nd time lucky: small gold shed   
    If both rears are wearing, probably time to replace the ball joints. Can't remember what they're called, but dial your chassis number into real oem for hours of fun. 
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    So I done gone fucked up on this arch. And I can't tell you how fecked off I am about it.

    I made a lovely repair panel. It took me ages to sort it out. Cut the paper template, matched it to the bit I cut off (which is the fuel filler hole), measured it, got the angles right etc, marked which side should be closer to me and which should be facing the car.
    Welded it all in, and it's not until I set about making the next panel do I realise I got an angle wrong.

    That triangle shouldnt be so far out. So I need to cut that off when it comes to making the outside arch.
    I've also worked out that my welding isn't too bad when it's on fresh steel and on my bench!

    My phone is also playing up. The apps updated automatically, and now several apps just won't work. It keeps saying "Google stopped working", which affects the camera some how in terms of video recording. So that's also annoying.
    I'm currently waiting for the wife to come home so I can get another bottle of gas. Surprised that I've gone through a whole bottle on just one side of the car! But, hopefully, the inner arch should be completed today!
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    colino reacted to phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Fixed   
    New plate drilled and mounted, after a lot of careful measuring and checking - no going back once the drill bit touched it.  Fortunately it went on nice and straight, in the interests of not going too mad with this whole concours thing I did reuse the original white plastic numberplate screws as they were in good condition and I didn't have any spares.

    I then broke out a new bottle of Autoglym plastic and rubber trim cleaner which I'd actually got to improve the tatty dashboard on my T4 , it worked wonders on the faded, dry Princess interior trim.  The dash top just drank it up, I probably put 4 coats on and it still wasn't great but it's a huge improvement, the door cards came up nice too although they're very sun faded on top.

    It's not left a shiny, sticky residue behind which is good, it's just freshened everything up a bit.  I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out given that it'll never be brilliant without a lot of work to fix the cracked dash, faded door cards and peeling vinyl.
    I wiped a bit over the tyres too, for that used car lot showroom appeal.  In the sun, from certain angles, it looks almost presentable.

    It's riding at a nice height now too.

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    colino reacted to doug in Where are you going for Drive it Day?   
    Had another starter motor so swopped them over. Convinced Mrs Doug all was well. So set off for Portpatrick. Got as far as Turnberry and pulled over to let the line of BMWs and Audis pass. It wouldn't start. Mrs Doug had to push me to get it to go. She no impressed. Got back home and ordered a new starter. Didnt see any other classic/interesting car out in the short time we were out.

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    colino got a reaction from barrett in 32nd time lucky: small gold shed   
    Do a quick Google for recalibrate 5 series accelerator.  Two minute job and it generally sorts out a laggy pedal. 
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    colino got a reaction from phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Fixed   
    If it's a good shell, I don't recall them needing much more than ball joints and front wheel bearings over the usual service items.  Fingers crossed!
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    colino reacted to phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - Fixed   
    Just had a very pleasant early Sunday morning blast around North Devon in this one, it really is running and driving remarkably well for a 45 year old unrestored BL product.  I've probably done about 60 miles in the last 24 hours and apart from the alternator belt coming loose again yesterday, which was pretty quick and simple to resolve, it's been behaving very well.  Apart from a couple of issues with dirty fuel early on and a recent whoopsie where I ran it out of fuel, it's been totally reliable - it's clocked up just shy of 600 miles since I got it which is hardly a lot but frankly I'd have expected more issues.  My method of ensuring perishable things like pipes and hoses were all replaced and going through the cooling system has worked out well as I think I've managed to iron out most of the issues before they had a chance to occur.
    With the suspension now topped back up the ride and handling are properly sorted; I don't have experience of the competing Citroen hydraulic system but the fully rebuilt and correctly adjusted hydragas system on this car is working really well, it eats up bumps, potholes and rough roads and can be pushed surprisingly hard along windy B roads.  It's only on budgety tyres but it has loads of grip, the handling isn't exactly sharp and the unassisted steering is quite heavy at low speeds but it's really rather pleasant to bomb along in.
    Next weekend I want to take the exhaust front pipe off and have another go at the manifold join as it's blowing, I'll reseat the stat housing with the right goop to stop a miniscule leak and might give it another oil change as it's done 500 miles on the stuff I put in last year which is the first change it's had since 1992, then I think I'm more or less done.  It'll be time soon for it to move on to someone who can sort the essential bodywork out and/or give it a more thorough restoration, although if it were me I'd keep it in its survivor state for as long as possible, it wears its history well.
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    colino reacted to St.Jude in Toyota RAV4 GX "Jack" - Day the pub opens, I'm stuck on my driveway welding an arch.   
    Started on the inner arch today by welding in a new plate. I welded it, knocked it back, welded where I missed, knocked it back, blew holes, welded them, knocked them back.

    Now I have the fun job of making the arch. I decided to remove more of the outer arch.

    As the steel behind it was rotten:

    The outer arch itself isn't totally solid, so I thought I might as well. Plus it means I have more access to make the arch properly.

    I've cut a panel to fit above that, where the curve starts. I need to get a sand bag tomorrow to hammer a curve in to it. I also need a new welding glove, as it's torn. But it saved my finger from the guard less angle grinder earlier!
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    colino reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. Endless Blue.   

    The ls400 has moved onto pastures new. 

    The Mx5 passed its MOT with no major issues. 

    Toledo - I dropped the oil again and replaced with halfords 20w50 to see if seal swell snake oil helps with the rear oil leak (I know the answer already I suspect). 


    The bonnet is awful to open and drags across the OSR part of scuttle chipping paint in the process (it really is a painful noise).
    I removed the bonnet.  I couldn't get the hinge out from underneath the scuttle due to space constraints and seized screws where the hinge sits into the bulkhead. Dremel used to massage the hinge to a smaller size to fit:

    I suspect that the main issue is the hinge mechanism had totally seized putting pressure/ twisting forces on the area of the bulkhead causing it to pop (rip) from its mountings. The bulkhead doesn't seem *that* bad rust wise, so I wire brushed that area and hit it with zinc primer. The hinge was treated to heat, love taps and left to soak overnight in wd40 to free it up.

    Hinge pigeoned back together,  zinc layer and completely wrong colour blue (RAL5012) used to paint. 

    A thick bit of metal was ground down, zinc'd and used almost like big washer/mounting plate to stop it popping through it's mount again. I'll see how this repair goes, the hinge is mega loose now so this area shouldn't be under too much stress any more (It looks a complete bastard to weld, so fingers crossed)

    Scuttle filled, sanded, masked, primed and yet another wrong shade of blue (BLVC-65 Tahiti) applied as an interim measure until I get the paint colour matched (hopefully):

    Whilst waiting for the scuttle paint to dry I gave the rocker cover a spruce up with some green engine paint I had. Need to get some replacement stickers (ignore the blue overspray):

    BMC/BL's finest*:

    What's next?
    I have a pump, vacuum pump and hydrolastic fluid on order. I will get around to replacing a bit of rubber pipe under the car as it has a small drip.
    Brakes - I need to freshen up the front with new calipers and pads that hopefully have a bit more bite to them.

    Underbody tidy up - needs cleaned up, but will probably wait till peak Mx5 🌞 time before I start.

    Service and use it. May get around to that long overdue hood replacement. I'm thinking red....

    Tidy up some of my dodgy paint and hope that leak doesn't get worse.
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    colino reacted to Spiny Norman in eBay tat volume 3.   
    This looks like it might be worth a punt if you could source a couple of body panels the right colour.


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    colino reacted to cpjitservices in Oh dear its happened again! Jaguar S Type   
    Yep, they do have a habit of splitting on the bottom side. Its definately possible.... in fact it could be that because when the car is cold it leaks.... when the car is warmed up it doesnt - hence, there could be a crack in the tank and when its warm the crack is not showing.  And also when the garage pressure tested the engine was warm - as they found no leak. 
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    colino got a reaction from cpjitservices in Oh dear its happened again! Jaguar S Type   
    Did you get just a thermostat housing or the hose set?  When the housing goes, disturbing the other clips seems to set up a chain reaction.
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    colino reacted to sierraman in What do do with old hand tools   
    Adapt them. Old imperial sockets make good for pressing bearings and bushes out, old screwdrivers always useful for lining up wishbones, spanners can be ground down to fit specific jobs where you need a thin spanner etc. 
    But then I’m tight and rarely chuck anything away...
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