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  1. Not when I could get more than that for scrap Sent from my Lumia 900 using Tapatalk
  2. It was a Cat C Focus I was selling a few months ago. The repairer had replaced the deployed airbags with fresh air and removed the airbag bulb and was 'mums' about it.
  3. I wouldn't recommend driving it in it's condition for any great length of time let alone 7hours. I Will get cill photos after work.
  4. Ok, so she took pictures, but from a standing position so you can't see the underneath of the the cills. Admittedly I didn't ask her to but I thought it might go without saying...
  5. I'm waiting on the girl getting back from her papas just now. She's been tasked with taking the photos. If she hasn't I'm obviously not beating her hard enough.
  6. I won't be able to take a picture until tomorrow, but will do Sent from my Lumia 900 using Tapatalk
  7. Hmmmmm. Getting a carb may tempt me into fixing it. I couldn't previously get a carb without a K10 attached to it.
  8. Not on this one, but when I sold my Focus the other month it turns out it didn't have any airbags and the man that bought it was unhappy.
  9. I'll add side photos tomorrow evening.
  10. I have a problem car for sale with MOT till August and no tax. The car starts and runs, albeit very briefly, before cutting out once it reaches operating temperature. It will then cut out at idle. I'm told it's is symptomatic of many problems, mainly carburettor. The body has no rust although some degenerate has keyed one of my doors which can be seen in the picture. Got scrap value of £150 so that's all I'm really looking for as I would hate to see it squashed. Also, following an issue I had with a previous buyer and a focus I would like to point out this car isn't fitted with airbags.
  11. It does run! As long as you never take your foot of the accelerator pedal...
  12. True dat, I shall post it here later if anyone is interested? Although the carburettor is a bit yagged! I should probably advertise it with no airbags following a previously mentioned encounter with a disgruntled buyer.
  13. Cheers guys, I've decided to let him have the last word in a hope it will be the end of it. Cheers for all the amusing responses too, and now that I've finally signed up I might get round posting some actual filth on the board. Michael.
  14. Sent off the suggested response around lunchtime today. This is his reply. I fully expect further replies to include facts and statistics about how many lives airbags have saved since their introduction into cars. Whats more, he still insists he's happy with the car! Michael. Dear ukrainespacemonkey, Ok Michael thanks for the reply. Although I am surprised you did not know I certainly cant prove it now and apart from that I like and am happy with the car (plus it would be a pity to spoil what was a pleasant transaction). In all my years of buying s/h cars I would n
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