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  1. Im amazed at the amount of people that dont know you can check mot history. Its always the first thing I do when looking at a car ad.
  2. Now I dont want to talk about expensive tools here but cheap Chinese shite that you wouldnt be without in your tool box. I have a good quality ½”impact wrench but rarely use it, I also have a cheap 3/8” Battery powered ratchet that I just love and use all the time. Ok you will need to loosen tight bolts but the all the jobs undoing long bolts or those with limited access become a pleasure as with the flick of a switch that crappy electric motor will do all the work for you. What tools could you recommend to others bearing in mind it should be within the purchasing power of most shitters. Heres what Im talking about, comes with 2 batteries that seem to last well and available from many far east sellers on the bay for approx £35. bay.
  3. Shame I missed you I did have a ticket but couldnt be arsed with 200 mile plus round trip when weather looked bad. Turned out nice though so I should have got out of bed
  4. The stuff of dreams, these things look like spaceships hovering, awesome!!!
  5. Should av used black sealant for a proper repair.
  6. The latest car change has gone amazingly smoothly, needing something that can tow properly I bought a Landcruiser from a trader who was a pleasure to deal with. Not only do I have a lovely new toy I also now have the thing I always missed with older cars a cupholder with 5 cars and no cupholder I now have 8 cupholders in one car, there are even 3 in the boot! The dealer showed an interest in my 940 and after a week of driving the new car to make sure it was reliable he bought it from me for 1 ½ times what I paid for it 4 years ago. Yes Ive finally sold a car without making a huge loss this is a first for me after 35 years of driving. So now I have 4 V8’s (only 2 run) and a straight six to feed, I dont see the electric revolution coming to me anytime soon. Ive also just applied for historic tax on the Princess so my annual tax is just £270 for the Landcruiser with 4 cars now over 40 years old and tax exempt.
  7. Picked up my new toy today so now I have a V8 in my daily driver as well as my classic, hopefully the LPG will take a small amount of pain from the running costs. It drives beautifully and almost everything works although a couple of small jobs will need doing when I get time. x
  8. Replaced exhaust downpipe on the940 yesterday and expected a fight with rusty seized bolts but it went perfectly, like a write up in a Haynes manual where it sounds a doddle until real life circumstances kick in. I was even expecting the Lamba sensor to be seized in so bought a new one which wasnt needed as the old one came out easily. As it all went so well and quick I even had time to do a couple of little jobs on the Princess.
  9. Just noticed from your photoshoot n Barnstaple that you are just up the road from me. Im near Bude and have a 2200 HLS which will finally be tax free in a couple more months 😎. Didnt bother using it last year as everything was shit and didnt want to pay the road tax knowing it would soon be free, bit looking forward to getting out in it again soon. I only know of one more Princess in the area of a guy I met at a show who lived near Camborne.
  10. Thanks ASSS very happy with my present a 10mm ratchet spanner a funnel and some excellent old reading material that will keep me busy over xmas. my dog still likes smelling the bag it was wrapped in so it must have had something nice in it before.
  11. If you had more than one of each colour wire the other wires will feed the next light in the circuit.
  12. You probably got.a loose wire in the light you changedcausing the other not to work or its a terrible coincidence.
  13. Sent mine last week and received a package for Dippy today, my dog took a lot of interest in it giving it a good smell. But hasnt tried to steal it yet as we do keep catching him grabbing presents and running off, he has even opened a couple as well.
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