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  1. Just a thought but should this topic be a sticky on top of page 1 for the next few weeks.
  2. The best way to view this show is to help on a club stand and get in on setup day (Thursday). Its great to walk round empty halls looking at the cars as the stands are being built. I have on a couple of occasions just walked in wearing a hi-viz vest and looking like im supposed to be there on a Thursday without being questioned.
  3. According to the advert for new Fords I heard on the radio most of us need to scrap our cars because if the Aircon doesnt work and you cant connect your phone to play music it needs to be scrapped. Good news is they will give you £2000 towards a huge debt for the rest of your life.
  4. Currently in Exeter running errand eta 9:30
  5. Sounds great, can I bring anything bacon, eggs etc obvs not square sausage
  6. Are all you Friday night campers planning on going for breakfast on Sat morning, if so what time as I think ive got over an hours drive even though I class this as a local event. I dont mind leaving early as it gets me out of something I dont want to be here for.
  7. In preparation for the weekend I jet washed the bird poo off the Princess today.
  8. I will be bringing a boot full of shite to dispose of in Dippys shitefest car boot extravaganza, if your interested in anything I will be the weird bloke in the Sandglow Princess. A list and photos of all my shite in the for sale section..
  9. Im up for it although I live fairly local ive not been here yet as if the missis is with me then so is the dog and hes not allowed in.
  10. 27. Dippy in the Princess, not staying overnight though.
  11. After getting the Princess running again with a fresh mot I took it on a 150 mile round trip to Dawlish to meet some friends at a small but very nice car show.
  12. What a differance a day makes, after being totally fed up with cars yesterday Burlen sent me some new bits for my carbs and Princess is running nicely again. Also found a UK supplier for a Chrysler inlet manifold and could get it tomorrow, with luck I will have everything running by weekend.
  13. Everythings fukin fucked, princess is running awful and dumping fuel from the carb, these SU HIF carbs are nothing but trouble so ordered new design floats that will hopefully solve the problem. Replaced all the 3 year old flexible pipes and hopefully all will be well when it goes back together. Also got a Chrysler 383 engine with warped inlet manifold so thought I would upgrade from cast to ally but no Edelbrock stock in UK so will now have to try the states but with my supplier telling me he had them on backorder for months im not holding out much hope so thats another car in bits.
  14. Pulled the Princess out of an 8 month hibernation to get it back on the road, it started off its own battery first time and brakes etc were all good. Gave it a quick check for mot and found the brake lights didnt work, 2 hrs later because some sadist fitted the brake light switch where my fat fingers didnt want to go the problem was fixed. I wasnt annoyed at this though because I found my favorite pair of sunglasses under the seat whilst fixing it which have been missing for over a year. Passed itsmot today so once i fit a new rad fan switch its time for some proper wafting again. I will mod the new rad switch to power the fans via a relay as this is not the first time this switch has failed.
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