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  1. Much want. Swap for a Merc 320 CLK convertible? Mine cost me £1800 so I 'may' have over paid a bit
  2. It's all well and good everyone knowing about it, no one is doing anything about them! I didn't believe that they would lie so outrageously, so ignored (pretty much) the tales of woe from seemingly, everyone. It is really bad and has depressed me greatly
  3. Appeal? You have to request a 'mandatory reassessment' first, then, when they decline that, then you can start to appeal. It seems to be the way they operate though on the letter they sent me, they have made some serious mistakes - not noticing meds for what conditions I have. Utter shower of shit and the woman that did the assessment has lied quite outrageously. I had trouble believing that could/would happen, but apparently, that is par for the course!
  4. Just been told by ATOS that I am pretty fine, not a sick old cripple at all. Read their version of the 'interview' (more like an interrogation!) and I would have sworn it was for someone else if it didn't have my name on it!
  5. My manual 3.6 was great, the clutch was light and the gearchange brilliant. I really liked it and would have kept it forever if an ex-girlfriend hadn't taken a dislike to it/me and attacked it with a hammer! Little dents everywhere the bitch. I sold it to one of the many dodgy traders round here (and got a good deal due to poor light and careful leaning on the car ) and was a tad gutted. Though to be fair, the heater was stuck on full heat which made the hot summer we had a bit of a chore. To be honest, I prefer the 3.6 manual to the V12 but they ain't worth as much (though they should be - V12 charisma?) as they feel much more balanced, less understeery at high speeds and quicker/more responsive all the time. Back in the day, I bought a brand new 3.6 auto sport pack in metallic grey with cream/beige interior, sports seats etc and loved it. Sadly, it loved the dealers far more than me and spent about 4 months in the first year of ownership back there. Consequently, it got rejected (amidst much recriminations and bad blood) and I got a Mercedes instead.
  6. Early V12 were available with the old 4 speed manual box, not many people too them up. I had a 3.6 manual as well, great car and quick.
  7. I had a Datsun 240K GT. Skyline no less, auto and with a lovely sweet engine but slllooooowww! 260C saloon in blue over black. Loved it. Bluebird triple S with the waffy gearbox and much carbs. 260Z short wheelbase early car. 280ZX x4 red, black, red, and blue. They are brilliant cars no matter that no one else likes them. Toyota Crown 2600 and later, another one but the later 2800. Loved them both. One white, one black, cheaper licence that way Jaguar MK X 4.2 in Sherwood green. BMW 518 auto... God, it was slow! 633 CS 'Bavaria' with all sort of options not usually found on them. 635 with Getrag 'dogleg' manual gearbox and velour interior. SAAB 90. 99. 95. 9000. Mercedes 560 SE LHD from Germany, special order short wheelbase with electric front windows and manual rear, MB tex and cloth seats, real poverty spec other than that engine!!!
  8. I put the roof down today! The Sun (big orange thing in the sky) made a less than fleeting appearance and it was... warm! It was most pleasant driving around sans hood and the dogs enjoyed it.
  9. I like this! Two Jaguars is getting closer to the correct number. So, where are you and what's the car like? I have read the thread but I must be going blind/daft(er) cos I can't see naff all about engine or gearbox or miles or condition.
  10. Does your motor have an inline fuel filter fitted? The usual causes of a carb flooding is a bit of grit/shit getting under the needle and that can and is, a totally random event.
  11. Drove about ten miles today and decided I HATE other people with a passion bordering on the psychopathic. So many people driving like they own the road or they are the only ones using it. I was about 30 seconds from letting the next twat run into the Merc by the time I got home. Also took Phoebe to the park for the first time in weeks, panicked the whole time she was out. She lay in a hedge and destroyed it, pulling and tugging on great branches etc, pulled so hard she made her mouth bleed. Poor old Chester just got ignored and had to amuse himself... which he did, as usual.
  12. Run out of fuel? Seriously it does happen (to me:) )
  13. I got a Valentines card, so there! All you sad, unloved buggers can look on in jealous anguish as I bask in the warm glow of someones love. It was from 'Dogs Trust' for the dogs I sponsor!
  14. I really like those SS50 alikes, what's the going rate for one? I quite fancy a minimal set of wheels, I don't have the strength to ride a 'big' bike anymore, but something like that would be ideal for having the odd bimble. Just have to fit saddlebags for the dogs!
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