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  1. We bought Kyle a Halfords toolbox FULL of tools for Christmas one year. He was 'pleased' I think... Now, he loves it (the toolbox!) and uses it constantly and just adds to it as and when, which was the idea. It was a bloody expensive kit as well as it has socket sets and ratchet spanners as well as normal ones and a jolly decent set of good quality screwdrivers. Not forgetting the BIG hammer... never forget the hammer!
  2. You can use my welder but I am a fair way away? My option would be: talk nicely to chaps in the land of the free, get one of them to get a panel out of a scrapper and send it 1st class post and then cut out the relevant bit of yours. I would then use that super-duper body stick together mastic/glue stuff that bodyshops use to bond on panels. Saves all that stripping down to weld it. If you require funds for the bit to use, pm me and I'll be glad to help out.
  3. xtriple

    Old classifieds

    I had a SEAT Malaga 1.5. Cheap car bought because it was nealy new and already worthless! It wasn't a great car and the system Porsche engine was dire whatever the badge said!
  4. Don't like paying the car tax monthly, just something else for me to worry about if I did. Pay the car tax and insurance yearly then I know it's been done.
  5. Oh yeah, the road tax is due next month as well, another £300 odd. Means I have had the car a whole year. Where the fuck does the time go? seems like I only just got the sodding thing.
  6. Got an e-mail from the AA for my car insurance, inviting me to renew. Could I open the attachments? Could I fuck! Every time I tried it crashed my laptop or opened endless pages that I couldn't stop. I got a tad annoyed! In high dudgeon, I phoned them and was getting more and more irate with every recorded message, just asked him to PLEASE tell me what my renewal is! Last year was about £200 and this year £279. Not too bad I thought but have a try for a discount, got it down to £229 for the year fully com with protected no claims etc. Happy with that so renewed there and then. Not worth the hassle of the Meerkats or the fat singer. so for another year, all my eggs are in the AA's basket - car insurance and breakdown cover. what with paying out £156 to the vet the other day, spending another £40 on supplements for her legs and this, I am now skint and I still need to get the brakes done.
  7. xtriple

    Mk1 mx-5

    If it is the CAS seal, get it changed sharpish as it leaks onto a coolant pipe for the heater and rots it causing leaks. BIG leaks...
  8. So did the good lady kill you or merely maim you? If it's the former, I have cash with your name on it good lady
  9. 16 valve V8 apparently...
  10. Unbelievably, I recieved a parcel this morning. For the first time ever, a Fathers day pressie BEFORE Fathers day! I always get a pressie but usually a week late. This looks utterly fantastic and it is nearly killing e waiting until sunday to ruin it. It is a self assembly thing from a company called 'Ugears' and is comprised of nearly 400 bits...
  11. I've had a load of Scimitars (SE 5, 5a, 6 and 6a) and I'm done with them now. Best was a 5a manual o/d and that was a brilliant quick thing. I would love a Gilbern, yours looks to be a late one?
  12. Car is off in for new discs and pads on Tuesday now, was supposed to be this Wednesday but Pete forgot. He is a hopeless sod, he really is! However, he is a bloody fine mechanic who actually likes his job (rare) and always does a superb and thorough job. He just needs to learn how to charge now as he is way too cheap! He is the guy that serviced the CLK and the XJ-S last year and charged me about a hundred quid for each of them and that included MOTing them! Okay, a tiny bit more for the MOT but he really is too cheap. I requested he got Brembo brake discs and pads and I want the fluid changing etc and a good checkover while he's at it, He just suggested he's going to charge me a couple of hundred all in. Maybe £250. However, his garage really should be condemned as a health hazard! It's a proper old skool oil ingrained dirt floor place and it's full of old chod and the collected detritus of 30 years in one place. I love the place but I do remember to always wipe my feet on the way out to save the road from getting dirty
  13. Massively impressed by your 'get up and go' and when (if) I buy a car you will be the first and probably, only port of call. Good luck for your continued siccess
  14. FUKIN EPIC! You just won the internet. I am jealous... more than just jealous, in a murderous rage that anyone could have such a beautiful car and it not be me. If you come to Torquay in it, be prepared to be 'car jacked' with extreme prejudice. I very much like that, in case you hadn't gathered. I went in one when I was but a sprog (so it was new) and it was glorious.
  15. I haven't watched Topgear once since I heard that he was going to be a presenter. Cannot STaND the utter twat. When that advert he's on comes on the telly I have to pause it then fast forward thru it so I don't have to see his gurning mince or hear his hideous voice. I'm not keen on him in case you didn't understand me what with being so subtle and that...
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