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  1. I would like to say that you do utterly shit work... sadly my deal with the priest to stop being such a sour old lying git precludes such a statement. So I'll tell the truth: Fantastic work! Not only must you keep it up, you must also post many many updates to this thread so that I and others can live vicariously through you.
  2. I am going to sunny Ivybridge to have a look at a car. It is a 'nice' car... possibly. It is an expensive car though and more than I can afford, haggling skills need a brush up Also, some twat has biffed the passenger door mirror on the SuLK and while the cover is still fine, the glass is doing a fine impression of mosaic. New mirror glass is only a tenner and looks to be a doddle to change, just brute force and ignorance, at least one of those I have in abundance. I am however, niggled!
  3. Was it a hotel in Devon? If so, that's about the correct timeframe for a reply, don't be in such a rush man...
  4. Merc was siupposed to be having new brakes yesterday (yes, this is the same new brakes it's been supposed to be having for about 4 months!) and once again, the bloke let me down. That's it, no more chances even with covid busy shit. So I'll have to fins another garage to fit some sodding discs and pads or just get rid of the bloody car. Yes, it's proper pissed me off and even though I like the SuLKy little bugger, I am seriously considering just getting shot. Please someone (everyone) tell me I'm being a childish fuckwit who needs to grow the fuck up! However, I have been looking at
  5. I still find it hard to believe these are so little money, such glorious cars.
  6. I have been merrily bidding on a few cars on the good old eBay. Daimler Super V8 times two. Put in an interesting amount with the intention of re-visiting before the end of the auctions. Of course, I forgot and one went for 3 grand and the other, 3.5. Shit an arse.
  7. Me, the tart that needs luxury and speed in abundance for any car to have a chance with me, would rock that until the grave reached out with its bony fingers! Serious amounts of lust here in sunny Devon. I don't really hate you.... yeah, I do!
  8. Big single SU is the bollox on these engines, twins just use more fuel and go out of tune/synch I have a Cooper 'S' cam somewhere floating about, I'll see if I can find it for you... don't hold your breath! Mate of mine from the days when cars were just something to use in winter to stop your bike from falling apart from ice and salt had a Moggie. It was a truly reprehensible heap and yet everyone loved it and when the spring sprang, instead of it going to Eva's yard like every other winter heap, it got put away and gently restored/repaired and used for many year. Great cars and with
  9. Just seen an original CB250 'SuperDream' ride past while I was out with the dogs. Looked just like they did in 1980 but the bloke riding it looked like he was born in 1880! Oh and his 'Power to weight' ratio on that poor little Honda must have been about 0. 1 HP per stone!! Still, good to see one out and about.
  10. I want a new car. I don't 'need' a new car, I just want one. I'm bored now with this one. But, I want a four door, V8, convertible that I can get in and out of without looking like the cripple I am, I can get the dogs in easily so not too tall for them, or for me to lift them but tall enough for me to fall into without effort. So I need a Range Rover at the front and a Micra at the back. Anyone know of a good 'cut and shut' merchant?
  11. Been looking at cars of late (who, to be honest, hasn't?) and I am dismayed and angered by the prices being asked which seem to have gone up rather over the last few months when I would have expected them to go down what with folks being skint and the world at large being in a 'bit of a pickle'. Also, the MOT check thing is an eye-opening experience, the amount of cars that look mint and yet had years of welding done to them in the effort to keep them on the road. It seems my attempt to find a nice Jaguar XKR (convertible for preference) is doomed to failure
  12. I have been 'proper poorly' for the last 5 days and have spent so much time laying about whinging and whining that my watch stopped! By way of an explanation: it's an automatic with a full 2 days of power reserve, so if taken off and placed somewhere, it will still be going in 2 days time. I claim my prize as the most static thing on Earth that can still be considered 'alive'!
  13. Indeed, worn them for ten minutes and even though they are exactly the same as the old ones, I hate them already!
  14. Rang Pete te mechanic and berated him solidly, used harsh words and everyting... 'When the fuck are you gonna fix my brakes?' Only been waiting about 3 or 4 months but he's busy and has broad shoulders so can stand the abuse metered out to him by myself and others. We all know he's a useless fucker but a damn good mechanic. Still makes you a bit grumpy.... got to ring him in a fortnight...
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