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  1. I've done quite a bit of reading on the subject but it doesn't seem to stick anymore, just getting (got) old I suppose. It was 'my' subject for the year.. along with that other great 'cheery' one - The Haulocaust! I am still utterly amazed at how such a thing could happen.
  2. Later ones had normal clocs... sadly. Loved the waffy cylinder things
  3. Just been having an interesting chat with a mate about the events at Chernobyl. Turns out he has the series on Blue ray... so mammoth session of Chernobyl watching on Friday
  4. Oh yes, another effin' grump... I was behind a Vauxhall, an Astra or something, newish but not a 'big' car. I felt really intimidated by how bloody big it was! From behind I could see nothing ahead and being an ex biker, I always look well ahead, usually straight through the car in fronts windscreen/rear screen but I was far to low. Modern ordinary shit is ust so big and tall.
  5. No 1 son (the human kind) has had loads of them, used to drive them down here to do calibration tests! But, I had, not a car, but a mo'bike! A Yamaha 350LC about three months before release to the UK market. They gave a few out to 'Proddie' racers for us to test and compare with the RD400s we all used before. It was a 'V' reg and had a set of really hacked up bodywork to make it look a bit like a monoshocked 400 - just looked like it had a few bad accidents! It was yellow with speedblocks (Kenny Roberts colours - never released on the production bikes). To be fair, it was actually really well made apart from the bits used to disguise it and was a pretty much as they eventually came from the shop. But we were reporting early on that the exhausts were cracking and Yam UK just said we were animals... which was fair comment, but they WERE cracking and all the early bikes got recalled for a fix. Later bikes got a pair of engine steady bars under the engine to stop them moving so much which is what cracked the pipes. But they were slow. Compared to the 'bog standard' 400s we were racing (Ha!) but a few hours on the lathe (not me) and a bit of judicious file work and they flew and were easily faster then the 400s and Montjuic 500s were we battling with. Also gave us a chance to sort out rearsets and ground clearance issues so when they were allowed to race, they were ready to rumble... and really did. Good bikes 350LCs
  6. Your Merc a CLK? If so, they have a drain under the scuttle trim that blocks up then all the water floods into the air box for the heater and pollen filter, kills the fan and leaks gallons of water into the footwells.
  7. To bloody true, still not found the extension and torx I dropped in the undertray a few weeks ago!
  8. Put fuel in the car - first time this year - and I'd noticed as I pulled in, the headline figure £1.24.9 per litre. So I'm busily pouring gallons of expensive propellant into the tank when I glanced at the gauge - £1.38.9! I was puting super unleaded in the bastard! 14 pence a litre more. Anyway, being the cool dude I am I just did a Gallic shrug (lit a Gitanes...) and carried on. I put £30 in and the gauge didn't even make it past a third full! It's this I blame for my childish burst of acceleration a little later as I wanted to see how much difference it made to the performance (none).
  9. Oh yeah, when I went to the park, it was a tad busy - it always is whenever the sun makes an appearance, loads of gimmers sat in their cars with their flasks and cheese and pickle sarnies wrapped in greaseproof paper, why not get out of the car you twats and get some fresh air? Oh yes, it's cold... anyway, a guy in a blue Suzuki Swift is reversing out which is tres handy I thinks, so I left yards and yards of room behind him and waited patiently. He then drove it into the car parked alongside him! Cue one old codger getting out of the silver Honda and a bloke so old he must have known Methusala getting out of the Suzuki and much ranting and raving. Forunately, someone else left so I parked, let the dogs out and was busily picking up the first of Chesters many poops when the old, OLD boy drove past all the windows up and he was still having a mammoth rant/argument with the other bloke even though the other bloke was still stood by his car inspecting the damage... there was no one else in the car either. I think he was arguing with the voices in his head. I'd say it was amusing but that is to understate the point, it was hilarious! The combined ages of these two old guys must have been 190 years young and I genuinely thought they were going to have a punch up! As he drove past, I noticed he had a half chewed portion of cheese and pickle sarny sliding down his cardi...
  10. Ooh Ducati.... never had a Duke but fell off one once! It belonged to the bike shop I worked at and I had taken it home, fell off on a roundabout on the way to work the next morning. The sprocket oil seal had come out and coated the back end/tyre in oil which I discovered as I was sliding along the road on my arse!
  11. News? Hmmm. Been to Halfords, bought a dehumidifier bag to try and dry out the interior and a bottle of concentrated screenwash. Fealt stupid using my trade card, but hey, 50pence is better in my pocket than their till. Only 50 p because both items were already on offer and heavily reduced. Then drove to the park with mutts, beautiful day so roof off (I did dry it this time before putting it in the boot!) and so much effin' traffic all queing and being rater slow. There's a set of lights on the sea front which is two lanes straight on but everyone queues in the outside so 20 cars outside and one 125cc bike in the nearside. Guess which lane I went in? The I did a stupid: massive accelaration from the lights. blew the BMW on my outside and then overtook the 125 that was in front of me. There are childish fuckers and then there is me... But, it does go very well, it does sound really good when you boot it and even though advancing years and wrinkles should mean I know better, I really don't!
  12. That wouldn't work wit me: I am a total slob in the house but the car is well cleaned and maintained to perfection. Opinions on 'perfection' do vary
  13. My car is getting condensatiion as well, no leaks anywhere (just the idiot owner getting the boot carpet soaked putting a wet roof in it) so I have just bought a dehumidifier bag from Halfords - £6 and it's HUGE. It doesn't take a lot of moisture in a car to get condensation at this time of year - damp carpets from wet feet is often enough and then warm air in the car meets cold air outside and your' in business. I've ordered two more from eBay as well for the same price,I will report on efficiency (or lack of) asap. I can catagorically state that apart from a bunch of Chinese immigrants crowding around the car, two sachets of rice does nothing to stop condensation. I;m not racist either, honest!
  14. I have just made an effort to eat properly (not something I do often, or indeed, ever) and cooked a cheese and onion omelette all chopped and whisked by my own fair hand. All I can say is: the dogs enjoyed it! It was bloody awful, even by my standards, Now I remember why I don't cook 'proper' meals very often. Get out of packet, microwave/George Foreman grill (often both) three minutes tops and Robert is your Aunts lovechild.
  15. Just watched some utter throbber reverse his BMW into the front of my car. He seemed curiously disinterested at my rejoinder that he was a 'fucking useless cunt' and drove off! Bloody base spec 3 series (maybe a 5, not sure) with the tiniest exhaust pipe I've seen on a car in years. Perhaps his attitude was something to do with exhaust pipe envy (my car has TWO HUGE throbbers! ). Anyway, not done any damage as far as I can see in the pouring rain and the number plate is still in one piece so maybe it's alright.
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