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  1. Any updates on the old girl? Done any of the jobs on her?
  2. I fear the battery i the Merc is on the way out, was slower to start/turn over than usual. Bugger and indeed, damn!
  3. Struggling a bit at the moment with the damp weather, it really makes me ache but I didn't think I was 'THAT' bad that I needed a chair brought out for me while waiting at the chemists! There were actual old people there, they didn't get offered, just me. also, I was sat with a friend while supposed to be walking the dogs (Phoebe busy in the hedge, couldn't disturb her) said friend thought it was hysterical that after 9 months I am stil avoiding the same woman! I have told her more than once I am not interested, she won't listen... I saw her car coming down the road and hid behind a bush/dog/bad attitude, forgetting completely the big silver dollop parked just by that sort of gives my presence away!
  4. I have one son, now just turned 32 (where the fuck did that time go?) and his car history is pretty impressive, more so when he had zero interest in cars until he was in his early twenties... other than the stuff on Playstation, Supras, Skylines etc. In order: Vauxhall Nova (bought by me for £50 from a friend and seriously renovated with big wheels, resprayed back end due to dodgy paint and run for a year or two) Ford Mondeo 1.8LX. Bought by me (again but this time as a present) and run until he went away to Uni. Toyota MR2. First car he bought himself with no imput from anyone. Tiny bit of a bender as the drivers side was FULL of filler but drove well and he sold it for good coin. Seat 1.8Turbo thing, Cupra R but I forget what! All the time he was saving... for Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. I was mightily impressed, cost a bomb, was modified constantly over the next few years (Carbon panels, wheels, engine work) and remained utterly reliable, never broke down, never failed an MOT and it got some serious track abuse. Was written off by a half asleep son pulling out of work carpark in front of an inoccent! Got back more than it cost or what it was worth from the insurance company! Toyota Supra Turbo. Too big, too fat, too heavy, too slow. Toyota MR2 Turbo, JDM import with some fancy Japanese bodykit and big wheels. Very low, very fast. Jaguar XJ8 that he inherited from his car loving mate. Died at 29 and left Kyle the car, his wife and Mother insisted that Kyle take it free of charge as that's what was wanted. Kyle says he will NRVRT sell it. Nissan Micra - girlfriends car. There may be others and he also has a company car now, some Jag or RR. I forgot MX5 wit a turbo and ratlook paintjob he did himself - magnolia emulsion I think
  5. I should be grumpy but... Phoebe is upside down full length on the sofa and as she is not so good today I don't have the heart to crowd her, so I am laying on the floor with a pile of cushions and a duvet. I do have a fat Chester under the same duvet with me, he is fast asleep as well but at least he loves me enough to stay with me on the dog shelf instead of abandoning me and laying on the sofa with her nibs.
  6. I'm not happy about this chap, not at all. You have a CLK 320 and I have no CLK320. This is not my ideal situation, not in the slightest! Looks like a really nice car, I am well jell
  7. Chester has taken a deep and irrational dislike to the new and clean duvet cover. He has done everything on it today short of wiped his arse! Currently under it snoring with a Jumbone between his paws. Phoebe meanwhile is laying NEXT to her specially bought giant pillow. I bought it for her to keep her old and aching bones more comfortable and she refuses to sleep on it, but loves sleeping next to it, tip of her nose and one paw are comfortable at the moment
  8. Does anyone else get days where/when they are convincd their car is falling to bits? I do and today was one of them - not as fast as usual, rattle from the roof, decided to panic a bit more so put the temp gauge up on the screen and then spent the rest of the day wondering/worrying if it had moved, was to high in the first place (about 92-93 degrees, is that okay?) oh yes and it's got a dent that I can see, but it's not there really and I can't see it if I look for it. Sort of an imaginary dent/Shrodingers dent if you will. Oh yes and I feel guilty if I press the throttle to far as that is abusing the thing and could damage it. When I pressed the brakes did I feel a wobble? I put the 'box in sport mode and I swear it slurred a gearchange.... I have been outside in the pouring rain three times trying to catch a glimpse of Shrodingers dent, it isn't there so someone must have let the bloody cat out...
  9. I parked up at the Daddyhole carpark and I was next to a red 5 series BMW - 69 reg. It looked okay to be honest. Then I noticed that some twat had put Alfa Romeo centre caps on the wheels Then I noticed that it was an Alfa Romeo Guilia Voloce and it looked really nice - much nicer than it had 10 seconds before when it was a BMW! Seriously though, cars these days all look the bloody same and this from a man whose proudest boast was that I could tell any car, what spec it was and when it was made just from a glance.
  10. For this one post only, I am renaming the thread : 'Things that make yur heart skip a beat'. Last night I took the dogs out for a wee and parked behing my Merc was my wifes Colt. It was a proper nono-second while my brain computed that I last saw my wife or her car 6 years ago and so have a proper look. It wasnt her car. I know, cool story bro and all that but it really did make me go all unnecessary for a moment or two. It's still about today so it could be my friends new car which will be a tad weird. But it has reminded me what cool little cars those late mdels Colts are, I quite fanc one to be honest, wonder what they are worth these days. I think my wife spent about twelve or thirteen thousand new?
  11. Is that the cast iron distribution block on the metering unit? If so, I had one on V8 Merc years ago that had some very odd/mysterious fuelling faults - mainly that it over-fuelled like mad and then failed it's MOT on emissions! The pin inside was well and truly stuck and I had to get a later unit which was an alloy block, then the car ran perfectly. So, I would tentatively say that it is fucked but don't take my word for it as I am a well known cock head.
  12. Tried out'AirScarf' today. Silly thing though it undoubtably is, it works well and keeps yer ears warm
  13. Sadly, for the first time ever I was posting on that thread, wrote out a lengthy reply and hit submit and it was gone. Fukstiks! Incidentally, none of my reply was even remotely in accord or agreement with the Nicola H person. I am sad that my one chance to be banned or sanctioned has gone.
  14. Is it for sale yet? Cash waiting...
  15. Re cleaning the glass of welding spatter type stains, I am ledto believe that the super fine wire wool is VERY good at cleaning the glass and getting all the little bits of metal out. Also may I say, jolly good job old chap Just read the whole thread in one hit and you are doing a fantastic job.
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