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  1. Can't pay - we'll take it away. Simples
  2. Overtaker mirror bolted to the quarterlight frame? Definitely don't drill the wings for mirrors. The one saving grace on my old Viva is that it never had mirrors or aerials fitted, so still fairly rust free - well on the wings anyway!
  3. Good value and GR8 fun, but sadly 300+ miles away. GLWS
  4. Does that mean STILL for sale, or back on the market? I did do a little stalking on Rightmove the last time it was on.
  5. That Roma caravan would have been sold as a "dry" van (ie no toilet or sink) so no nightime problems of geting to the loo.
  6. Belfast Gipsy

    Zafira rust

    Kim still writes for Car Mechanics and had an write up about this Zafira in a recent issue. CM still run an "our Cars" column which is quite interesting as a few of the contributors run our kind of chod
  7. Bestest cars of eva - more updates please
  8. Great work - I never tire of reading of on going cheap projects like this - keep them coming
  9. I still use one of those mops (mine;s called Californian car duster) - they're GR8 for wiping over dusty cars left in storage. They have some oil & paraffin type solution soaked into the head
  10. Mr Bickle at his best - welcome back - love the FSO
  11. ^^ Clever & brilliant - I'm still laughing
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