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  1. Not as big a job as you think once all the big pieces are off. You may be better using a local motor factors though, will cut any delays right down
  2. Autoshite private plate too!
  3. Let us see the results of peristalsis and elimination from the human body. Garlic spud plop ahoy. So,what engine? Miles? Leather?
  4. Please be the 79 one. Please be the 79 one. Please be the 79 one.
  5. Paid on toast. Good luck Bucket dude!!
  6. Quite correct. I once sold a Punto with about 60 quid profit in it. Week or so later,power steering went. Money had been spent,so cost me 170 quid to fix. Thats life. Taught me not to think of a car as "gone" for a couple of weeks. Saying that,back in the day,there wasnt much to go wrong. I stopped buying and selling when management lights started lighting up whenever they felt like. Bring back the early 90's, the worst things wrong with cars were rusty arches etc. Car game=mugs game now .
  7. The dealer manned up. I like it. Kudos to him. I have only sold what I have had confidence in,but that is dodgy as you havent a crystal ball. Giving a full refund is sign of a man standing on. Good for him.
  8. Yes!! This is absolutley the correct thing to do.
  9. Without being a dick,no one could put a price on me having a cap rather than my own tooth in my mouth. I would be annoyed about the car,but having my nashers worked on and sorted,never to be the same again, would be the biggest issue for me. Even though I am an ugly cunt.
  10. Hmmm. Its a bit slow,and has no cat? Its running too weak there Bren. Needs a big alen key in the air flow meter by the sounds of it
  11. the judge


    The only way to buy them. Crack on sir
  12. Bucketeer,I just thought it would be funny to buy/stitch you up with a car! Sorry!
  13. Coorrrrr pork pie with black pudding mmmmm
  14. Descibing the laugh as similar to rusty lees' would have done. I think thats all he was getting at.
  15. ^^^^ Go figure!! You know what you have to do now..
  16. So sorry for being off the ball,had family stuff on. I commited to 2 tickets,so have paid.
  17. My birthday too if i win!! Failing that,its my "fish n chips" day,or dairy milk. Or owt free really...
  18. Mot jobs will always take priority dude. Job n finish. Hard to charge a retest fee if its not the customers fault
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