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  1. Have a good one, you big bunch of cunts!!
  2. This sounds like the expansion cap. I'm sure it was mentioned in an earlier post that it was bodged too.
  3. What a coincidence!!!! Only last year I sold my shitty fucked old Golf, and I got more because of the plate!! It was P927RPN. You see? EXACTLY the same as "plantar fasciitis" Small world eh?
  4. What a pile of jizz Wank that Escorts is. Dig the "Second chance" Jeremy Kyle spirituality of it all
  5. They rot, and my mate couldn't get more than 23 mpg out of his. Was quite nice tho
  6. Hi Bren. I am in Widnes too, I had one a few years ago that would cut out and sometimes not start. Twas cam sensor on top of Cambox. Came up on scanner too. I am in Widnes, and if you want,I will scan it foc for you
  7. That exhaust has whacked the jack on the mot places four poster.....
  8. These are awesome. Feel like you can drive through walls
  9. Jenuwine jizzmobile!! Leave stickers on for extra virility points
  10. Random for me! Would have more, but really need it like a hole in the head
  11. Got to love the optimism on Autoshite. Looks a bonnie motor. Zero faults inside.... Quote: 2016-12-04%2013.19.04_zps48r2ervx.jpg There are zero fault inside. Well, apart from the clock not working; that's a common fault. The radio display is buggered too; also common. All the air vents have fallen apart; again, common. The cupholder is broken; another regular failure. The driver's seat bolster is worn; this is pretty much mandatory.
  12. I'm willing to bet the other guy is coming a long way. Bet there is no arse in it, or something terminal. Weeks mot? Hmmmm
  13. Keys are 35 quidish from bmw without remote thing. Remote ones are about 90. Come coded and cut. Bought a few over the years. U need to show v5 and id
  14. What a fucking swizz!!! Only kidding!! Bonus bub ball!
  15. Hope everyone loses and I win. Nerrr nerrr
  16. If no knocking, clanging or banging, as Billy said, it should be alright
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