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  1. To be fair,doing 700 miles a week in any diesel is useful. Think of taxis. Private low milers have lots of injector/filter issues,but if you think of 300k mondeos etc they power on no problem if used. its when use is sporadic that problems start. when people moan of a bad one,tends to be low mileage with a few years under its belt. Don't think you can go far wrong with a diesel of any sort doing proper miles. just my two penneth....
  2. I always had teng when I was a technician. then less and less stockists for returns. halfords are everywhere and I believe don't muck about changing stuff. Kudos to them!! All that said,only broke a torx,but no messing
  3. Almost worth the pain. Waft factor 20
  4. the judge

    EGR bollocks

    Cleaner emmisions plus the ability to run on shite quality fuel,so the engine is always comprimised and never performing properly. Stop/start is prime example of emmision swindling. no emmisions at lights so really clean. Far too over complex. My daily is a 520d and im worried when its only doing short journeys. Ridiculous that I'm worried to use a modern as an actual form of transport!!! Bollocks!!
  5. recognise that registration. Are you Penketh way? jJust that and the alpacas in your resto thread makes me think
  6. I had a tdi Touran. I had it 5 years and I cant remember anything I could or couldn't recommend. it was a decent,useful car,but thats all I can say. Beige ville!
  7. Gentle ringing,sounds painful
  8. Unfair to crush a car because of a design flaw. Autoshitist royalty speaking. MAXIMRESPEKYO that man!!!
  9. ^^^^^ Is that an Invicar next to that sleek machine above????? In racing blue??
  10. OMGHGFONTOAST. Sounds ace!
  11. I thought it was great. Sorry,I meant wank.
  12. As Mat said,recover dvla costs.Costs for a car sitting still? this country etc I blame the parents etc etc
  13. 70's RR Silver Shadows could be fitted with Cortina front pads. The Cortina ones squealed like crazy though
  14. Superb. Got to love ebay. This kind of shite is at the back of most kitchen drawers. I must have a goldmine of crap in my old bits n bobs jars
  15. Sent wrong person a pm about cosworth wheel sorry. tim,u have pm
  16. As long as it runs on all cylinders and doesnt smoke,buy and enjoy! Quick things they are
  17. Hi. Sierra cosworth 15" lattice wheel with good,but no idea how old,toyo 888 tyre. In widnes for collection if anyone wishes to have it. Cheers!!
  18. Early 80's polo "formel e". 65 mph in second gear,68 in third. Then onto worlds tallest 4th gear with no torque. 60 and screaming or nothing. And brakes made from wood chippings. Actually it was a laugh to drive thinking about it now........and a stop start in 1983!!! Mk5 escorts really were the pits without power steering
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