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  1. You, sir, are the horses cock.
  2. Phwooooarrrr used to look after 2 of these when I was a mechanic. 1.6? Poo on fuel though, but really nice to drive. Retro rewind!!!
  3. Bravo! Top quality piss taking
  4. Ford Probe and Cougar1????????????????
  5. Is there any slower ones available mister?
  6. Sounds like Mr Shitpeas has some purchases up his Shitsleeves. See what I did there?
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/373896109849159/ Modern.
  8. Nice motor!!! A neighbour has one, and never has any issues. Be interested what these are like
  9. Oh, and sold an xr3 in super terrible condition in 2008 for 43 or something, and they came from Aberdeen to Liverpool with a trailer!!!!! They knew how bad the car was, so I made bacon buggies and tea for them when they arrived. Proper eBay heroics
  10. Sold a CBR 600 for 1500 quid. Guy turned up and left a 150 deposit. Messaged me through eBay that he wasn't "allowed" to have it by his missus, and to keep the money. Never knew whether he didn't understand eBays legal policies, or whether his missus scared him that much
  11. Yes. Forgot to mention that!! 3 owners I think
  12. In Widnes Cheshire by the way.... Will attempt poo quality pics shortly
  13. Hi all. Selling a 1999 600 Bandit. Thought I would try it out here first. 33000kms, motd til April 2018. Little bit scruffy, needs a bit of wire wool on the chrome etc. Some paint flaked off bits of the frame. But..... 2x newish tyres, starts first crack and rides well. Renthal bars. New oil and filter, and air filter. Fuel tap rebuilt. Good and reliable. In all, a winter bike/ doer upper. Asking 600 quid firm. Does that's seem fair?
  14. Listen for if fuel pump in tank makes a noise when it won't start. My Touran had similar hot start problem
  15. For the shitter with lots of kids or the shitter who wants a "surf bus" Can't do links .... 142306635703
  16. Fantastic stuff! Can't wait to see inside the Shermanator
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