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  1. Keep cranking!!! Little bit of ether too.

    When I were a lad and a mechanic, we had a customer who went away for 3 weeks every year, and when he came back, first start was always a fecking flood. (Which that sounds like, and obviously lazy sealing on valves etc).  That'll go with some ether methinks...

    Thoroughly enjoying the tale thus far!!! Thanks!!! 

  2. Hi all.

    Does anyone want a part dismantled, but all there, Honda Pan European 1100? 

    Its ex Police, with loosely fitted back wheel and swing arm. 

    Probably best for spares and bits, but if you want a single part, you have to take it all. 

    The swingarm has some small holes, and the alternator had seized before anyone asks...

    Located Widnes Cheshire


    It's free too!!!! Need garage back

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