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  1. What a lovely idea Reb, and the "fake" screws are genious.
  2. mrbenn


    Nice car! Not sure I've seen an S plate estate before, that's a very early example! I really rate these mk1 Focuseses. As long as they've had some sort of care and maintenance over the years then they still drive very well and are a decent steer, as you've found. A knackered one will quickly show it's colours. I haven't done it but you can add an aux lead to the CD head unit, have a look at this vid - might be cheaper/easier than replacing the HU: Speedo fail - is it just the speedo or all the dials? If just the speedo then it may be the sensor on the top of the gearbox. If all dials are affected then its likely damp, as your mate says. Enjoy!
  3. My 2p worth, if you're on the fence then I'd get it fixed. I'm sure the garage will appreciate the business at this difficult time.
  4. Cheers, and you with yours! Any update on your boot leak?
  5. Must be something in the air, I did mine today too. Rust already showing on the oil filter after only 6 months on the car - I assume caused by road salt. Also changed the oil pressure switch as the dash light was working intermittently at best. Less than £5 for a genuine Ford item, correct operation has been restored.
  6. That's horrible news, so sad. Condolences to his family
  7. The fuck? An EML isn't a failure on a diesel of this age is it? July 2008 onwards cars IIRC.
  8. Fails on the “near” criteria but MOT until end of April and a test history that suggests another pass is likely may make it more attractive. Hope your mate’s luck changes for the better soon!
  9. Wow, those longroofs really are a handsome beast.
  10. Two of your finest randoms, please.
  11. I must say I'm quite taken with the work you've carried out on this car so far. Taking a good example towards being a brilliant example. What you've achieved on the interior lighting and trim is amazing. This is the difference between and "enthusiast" and an "owner". Top stuff, 15/10.
  12. Epic. Can't wait to see more on this. Remind me, are you keeping the 4x4 when you've assembled the tic tac brothers?
  13. I love it. Absolutely love it! When you have both Alessi's back home will you be selling tickets so we can come and see them?
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