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  1. Just loop it round twice 👍
  2. Looks great, Dan. That colour is going to look amazing when it's all done and the sun hits it!
  3. I've had serious wants for an S60 for ages now. Looks great!
  4. This was parked up the road today. Looked bloody spot on, and check out the wheel trims! Apologies for the inevitable incorrect orientation of pics - eta: or not!
  5. Fucking hell. Outside looks quite smart, inside looks like its had a terrier liberally applied to it.
  6. Made to last! Might not set the world on fire but very good at what they do i.e. being a car.
  7. What a save. Interior colour and fabric reminds me of my parents 1987 K10 Micra.
  8. The spirit of Autoshite is strong in here. Very well saved! Looking forward to seeing how you get on.
  9. Thermostat working ok?
  10. This sounds like more of a sustained campaign albeit with a gap in the middle. As others have suggested, do keep a diary of this and any future issues. In the event of any more communication I'd be straight back on to the Police and ask for it to be logged. Fair play to Vodafone. They were helpful to a friend of mine in a similar situation some years ago. Do you use a smart phone? On the iPhone you can set a feature called "Do not disturb" but then specify a caller whitelist, so everyone except numbers on that list cannot get through. I assume Android has a similar function available.
  11. Now £70 posted, going on ebay later - SOLD.
  12. Should have given it a good clean out 👍
  13. What were the revs doing at 70mph in third? The reading probably wasn't out of the ball park but not really something you can test long distance under those circumstances!
  14. When we were at school, certainly "back in the day", it seemed that a certain amount of bullying was tolerated and almost expected. As an adult, this is not acceptable, even as a one-off. Speak to the Police. You can even ask that they log it in case of future problems, but that you don't want to pursue it at this time. They should log the incident and give you a crime reference number. Then ring Vodafone. If you have a crime reference number then will likely take it more seriously. I wonder if they could even see the number that rang you and block it even though the number was hidden by the caller. Alternatively, if your number does need changing, one would hope that the process would be expedited in view of there being a potential crime involved.
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