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  1. A visit where pictures are taken? Then I stand by my comment
  2. Probably so. That said, anyone who lets their tyres get like that shouldn't be driving. Absolutely basic checks re tread depth and pressures, anyone can - and should - be doing it. No excuse.
  3. What a shitter. It's cowboys like whoever did this that makes me stick rather than twist!
  4. Reckon its LSC 484. DVLA says blue Vauxhall, untaxed since Feb 2014, no MOT since April 2015.
  5. Thanks for that, Dez. Looks like chod central round there!
  6. What sort of car are you after? And where is the most miserable place in the UK, out of interest?
  7. Stop moaning about it and get a roffle started.
  8. Sounds like a shitty situation. Sorry you find yourself in it.
  9. Sounds like you get paid to go out and have a poo somewhere. If so, are they currently hiring?
  10. Fucking hell. £220? Seriously though, am following your work with interest. Your vids were even recommended to me on FB today so you've clearly gone viral! Much as I love my Mk1 Focus I'm keen to try a mk2 so will be well in for a roffle (if applicable) on this.
  11. I must say this is absolutely top work. Never expected you to come back with this!
  12. I'm sure I have an ELM327 module you can borrow if needed. Then you can sell me this car for £200. Alright, £210. And don't say I'm not generous.
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