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  1. Bloody hell fire, that looks amazing! Outstanding work there! Sorry to hear of the original charlatan. Karma is a wonderful thing and it'll do for him at some point.
  2. Not sure if these have the low tension wire on the size of the distributor cap like the earlier A series engines, but if it does then have you changed it? Our Morris Minor used to cut out when the engine had been running for a while, not a hint of interest in starting. Fine when allowed to cool down then played up when it heated up again. Changed this wire and its never done it since.
  3. That's awful Vince, so sorry to hear.
  4. And mine. Closed for 8 weeks as they couldn't get parts.
  5. I was at Manchester Airport in 2003 for Concorde coming in on it's last flight. Was an amazing atmosphere but rather sad.. I'd been a fan of Concorde for years and used to watch it leaving Yeadon with my Grandparents. Got some pictures but was still early days for digital cameras.
  6. Interesting one (IMO...) Parent's car - MOT due 14th June. Was extended to 14th December. Dad took it for an MOT on 11th June so was within the original test period, not actually reached the extended period yet but expiry showed 14th December online so extension was in place. New expiry date shows 10th June so he's actually "lost" 4 days of test.
  7. Brother's car - MOT was due 11th May. Was extended to 11th November just before the expiry. He had it tested on 15th June (during the extension period), test expiry date shows 14th June 2021.
  8. Pleased you got it after the uncertainty over the plate! What a beauty, looks very well specced. Looking forward to seeing the updates
  9. Had to quote this pic - just love it. Absolutely bloody brilliant work - really amazing stuff! I was chuffed to bits on your behalf when I read it was working
  10. Hope you don't mind me tinkering with the pic @SiC
  11. Here we go. I was actually going to do a joke edit where I scribbled across the camera in a contrasting colour but doing it properly was actually quicker and easier
  12. That is crying out for a large car port/covered area to be added to the front of the garage.
  13. What a brilliant save! Very much looking forward to following progress.
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