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  1. TRW

    Small Engine Big Car

    I seem to recall that some mk3 Escorts had a 1.1 CVH. I bet that was fun when installed in a fully loaded estate or van variant.
  2. Rover 75 has the disc/drum arrangement, along with some Subaru model(s) I'm led to believe. Only a madman would want to tackle that rust on a 15 year old Toyota. As this is Autoshite though, get it welded up.
  3. TRW

    Can we save this?

    A mates mum had one the same year just in white (javelin Ltd edition) when we were teenagers. Had zero maintenance in the 10 years she owned it, but it just kept going and going. Only thing it ever needed was a battery. That's my useless information update of the day.
  4. As someone approaching 40, I lived this era.......... I'm amazed that @ page 7 nobody has mentioned Carbon Fibre effect plastic, headlight eyebrows, FSE power boost valve (advertised in all the mags). DIY £150 Anti lag kits for you NA engine. The list was endless............. I had a Mk3 1.6 Escort with the Oakley and "Misuse of this equipment can result in serious fun" stickers in the back window, that I believe I kept all these years for nostalgia. ICE was a £35 "Shan" head unit (from Tandy) run through two JVC 2' tall MIDI HiFi speakers in the boot. This was in 1998. It was replaced by a 85 Orion Ghia, that had a bit more effort but looked just as shit with it's Ford RS body kit and Cortina Ghia Alloys. That got ragged over Gower!
  5. DMC 12. Parts from everywhere.
  6. TRW


    Failed. The POS Pass. Winner! No time to do the work myself, so farmed out to a local garage that I know the owner from waybackwhen. Clutch change, then I feel roffle incoming.
  7. TRW


    Thanks for the tip, but I sourced a replacement EGR and pipe from a breaker in this neck of the woods. Pulls much better now. The EML is still on, I'm taking it to a contact of mine who is well known in the Swansea/surrounding area for car electrics tomorrow in the hope he has 5 mins free to pull the codes off it. Test is booked (on Jag) for 12 sharp on Monday. Old man TRW is picking it up from me at work and dumping his Freeloader in the Company car park. Then the 45, later in the week (that will pass fine as I have had it for years). Pictures will be provided for impending Jag fail/Rover pass action.
  8. TRW


    Thanks to the tip posted by clayts450 in his 45 V6 thread I found this - https://carnapper.co.uk/car/AU54ZTF Thought that may interest a few of you.
  9. TRW


    Its going well. EML is due to a blown intercooler pipe. Out of 4 breaker yards in Swansea, none of the gits have a 2.0 DERV X Type. Duct tape has done a temp fix and it now picks up a lot better. Still feels like a low blow XUD9 Turbo in a Xantia. But it's a lot better than before. I removed the EGR to clean it, then when refitting the bloody thing I buggered the threads on the alloy housing. I HAT Fords. Oh, It has a baby seat in it of tomorrow. And Interview went well. *Fuckface thumbup*
  10. Trailblazer panel! That was it.
  11. Autoshiters, What is the name of those red read panels that went on the back of cars such as the Manta, Capri, XR3i, SAAB Turbo etc etc. They had the model of the car in black writing. If you fitted one you had to move the numberplate down to the bumper (along with lighting) They were usually fitted along with Moss alarms, rear window louvres, the backflash sticker, Richard Grant bodykits etc etc. I can't for the life of me think what they were called? I know Ford officially sold them under the RS accessories as I remember seeing a Granada with a bodykit and one of these things as a child local to where I lived. Thanks.
  12. TRW


    Going well. The local Council estate girls love it, comment's all the time. It get's attention like a Satsuma Castanet or D701 SWL. People think I work for Radio Rentals, Provident or I am a undercover cop. Or a Rep.
  13. One bit of advice from someone who owns two of these things. Get the best that you can with what your budget allows. My Crypton Cadet & gas analyser was brilliant at its job, shame its been buggered for years and sat at the back of the garage. I really must get around to fixing it. I was given a Crypton 600 petrol/diesel analyser a few months ago and even though it's a much newer machine, its a royal pain in the ass for spares and having temper tantrums. If you're given one for free then go for it. If you are sinking money into one then pick carefully. I had a Cruisemate 440 years ago, they are good units. Just make sure that you have a good set of leads with the unit you select or you can spend ages on ebay looking for spares, replacement leads, filters etc etc. There is a guy on ebay who does spares for Crypton units, not sure about other brands. They take up a LOT of space....So make sure that you have a use for it.
  14. Handy things to have for old chod. Saves arsing about with various meters at different times, just hook one unit up and off you go. If I attempted to connect the Jag to mine it would just display u r a gimp on the oscilloscope.
  15. TRW


    I think this may become a long thread, akin to a Mr Testicles or Wobbler one. Just without anything interesting. Just a shit Fakeauar. This car is doing Swansea to Swindon tomorrow morning for a job interview. I'm putting my mortgage and life plans into a car I have only done 190 miles in without checking the oil* This will end well. OH OH OH OH! I checked the sills, Solid. Previously welded and well undersealed. As you were, so stand down. *Father COCK (TRW) snapped the dipstick off when attempting to check it. On calling all 4 breakers yards surrounding Swansea, searching Gumtree, Google and Ebay none can get one to me before my birthday in a weeks time. Swindon or not? PRACE BETS NOW!
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