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  1. An ex had one of these, the doors were ultra cool long before every shitty barried heap of shit had them retro fitted, the rest of the car was crap though, and slow being a weedy 1.5, I enjoyed driving around in it, just for the opening of the doors but I was young and impressionable back then.
  2. That is great, lots of want from me
  3. A couple from my local fb group again Bargainous 7 seat unreliable money pit And a very very cheap C5 dizzler Old fester
  4. Yep its stupid, the newest Astra has the best/most visible indicators on any modern car and is a great bit of sensible design, so not all vauxhalls are shite.
  5. Its because of c, maybe with a bit of b, but you knew that already.
  6. Cheap Felicia for £275, proper shite, ignore the £400 he has said he will take £275 https://www.facebook.com/groups/223611180986961/
  7. Not ebay tat as such but I dunno where else to put this appeared on the wife's fb feed, may come in useful for some on here
  8. Seems pricey to me, I've just been quoted £230 for my a4 TDI all inclusive.
  9. I had a garage 12 miles away and kept my bikes and a car in it, I found it a pain in the arse to be honest, I had to travel across a busy town and it could take a good half hour to get there, if I had to go 30 miles every time I wanted to do anything it would drive me nuts.
  10. Interesting cheap Fiat shite on RR 2.0 20V 5 cyl £350 http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/169581/marea-weekend-estate-20valve-swansea#.U-kInuNdV-E
  11. Bits of bicycle inner tube cut up into little squares to pack out the knackered cush rubbers is an established bodge/fix
  12. Have you checked/unchecked the box that says available to the UK or UK only? If not it may be terminal
  13. You are typing eBay.co.uk into your browser and not eBay.com?
  14. +1 from me, utter wank, almost as bad as the 'individual' vag twats with silly drl's, bonnet bras and stretched tyres
  15. Did this on a rusty Ka shitter I had, I thought it was a great fix!
  16. Guy from my daughters work is selling this 1.6 giffermatic disastra for £200 quid,
  17. Yep they piss me off too, but not as much as the employment agencies they use, they really piss me off, you find the the perfect job that fits all your skill set, have years of the right experience in the job and they don't submit your application, wankers the lot of them.
  18. That's my neighbours old car, it used to live in Kendal
  19. Cumbria, Barrow in Furness I think, stupidly the seller hasn't put the area code on the advert,I could pm them if you really want me to
  20. Prime old V6 Rover tat, 800 squid, looks very clean
  21. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C522460 £750
  22. Glwts' shame its 300 miles away as I'm in desperate need of a nice new car
  23. I use these regularly too, the owner is a sound bloke.
  24. 940 Tubrot http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/168240/volvo-940-turbo-manual-wolverhampton#.U8i4_JRdV-E
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