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  1. Nice, I love the brown 'busa's, mine got nicked the day after I bought it, only did 150 miles on it
  2. Jeremy Vine is a grade a cunt, no question My gripe for today is twats at traffic lights, why is it such a surprise that they have turned green and you have to set off, wankers, its pretty fucking obvious if they are red when you stop they might change anytime soon requiring you to get a move on and not make impatient fuckers like me wait for 5 minutes whilst they cycle again, twats [emoji35]
  3. If you list it on auto trader it'll flag it as cat c in the description, I don't usually put it in the ad (I've had a few cat c/d vehicles) but tell folk when they enquire, then at least you can describe the damage and not scare them off straight away, problem is 90‰ of folk are not interested in accident damaged cars, no matter how well its been repaired.
  4. Definitely the best car for a grand is my A4 that I'm selling as its far too cheap to run, far too reliable and far too nice, to be replaced by a thirsty old ropey jag anytime soon [emoji6]
  5. Good luck with Yodel, it'll probably get jumped up and down on then thrown over your neighbours fence.
  6. Saw one at a site that said you had to wear gloves and eye protection whilst using it, and they had a box nailed to the wall with marigolds and goggles in, its a joke, part of my job involves fitting water boilers/geysers into office kitchens and the like, we have to now make sure there are at least 2 huge stickers on them pointing out that the water is hot, no fucking shit....
  7. This is now sold, well sort of, I can't make up my mind but I have a firm offer if I decide to sell it, being northern and tight 150 miles for less than a tenner is telling me to keep it.
  8. They are ok if not terminally rusty, I bought a 55 plate one for my daughter and its a cracking little thing, it has pas, air con, leather seats and a decent stereo, there is no rust appearing yet and its only needed a pair of front wishbones at 40 quid, £1500 is top money for one these days, most new drivers want something newer with shitty drl's and Bluetooth.
  9. Yup, its currently costing me 6 pence/mile whilst paying 80p/litre for veg, you can't get much cheaper than that
  10. Aye it happened to me on the day we were going to trade our car (Focus) in, the wife insisted we stop at McDonalds on the way, whilst sat in the car waiting for her some stupid cow in a brand new Touran thing parks next door and she and her kids both open their doors into the side of if, dinging both front and back doors, I asked what the fuck she was doing and why she has no respect for other peoples property, she just gave me a load of abuse so I returned the favour with my front and back doors, her car looked decidedly worse than mine afterwards, it really pisses me off so I just give it back twice as bad now. Another one last week, I recently bought a new (old) A4, it was unmarked, the old bloke who owned it had never picked up a single ding or scratch on any panel, in 15 years! after parking it carefully a couple of times on essential trips to the supermarket I have returned to find 2 fresh dings on the drivers door, in a week, wankers........
  11. Apologies for the crap pic but its just a snapshot from my van dashcam Spotted on the M6 near jct35, a Datsun Laurel 2.4 towing another Datsun, it was track day prepped and had big brembo brakes, made my morning, my step dad had a Laurel, when everyone else had rusty old shite, I learnt to drive in one and did my first powerslide in one, it was the dogs bollocks as far as I was concerned, no-one else had a 6cyl on the street.
  12. I've ridden one as my dad was looking for a cruiser and I had the job of finding one, they are ok to ride, plenty of grunt, reasonable ground clearance (for a cruiser) and better than an 883 Harley, the magazines rated them when they were released but that could have just been plenty of generous backhanders to the journos.
  13. Cars would probably be a 600hp Nissan Skyline, I've also ridden a turbo Hayabusa on low boost (280hp) which made the skyline feel a bit pedestrian.
  14. Spotted in Carlisle today Check out the extra doors hiding behind the signpost, something strange has happened to me, I find stuff like this rather appealing these days, if only to piss the neighbours off in their modern white Audis
  15. I'd recommended putting some air in the tyres, it will improve the fuel economy and the handling, all for 20p! I really rated the berlingos I occasionally drove for work, they would hustle along at a fair old lick if you planned ahead and were smooth, they just seemed to shrug off the bumps.
  16. To be honest and after posting earlier I'd be daft to sell it as I'd never find anything as cheap to run, I have just spend a few quid on it, it took me ages to find anything decent locally and I'd probably end up buying a heap (which seems to be the ethos of this site) and kicking myself for getting rid, it would take a decent 4 figure offer for me to part with it, it would come with a free rabbit though
  17. Yes, well no, they are a pain in the arse, a great idea by the wife to let the daughter have them, who loses interest after a fortnight, I'm sure they'd cook pretty well.
  18. I've recently bought a B5 A4 TDI and its a solid old bus, mine is low miles and low owners and seems to be pretty well screwed together, the climate control is brilliant as is the fuel consumption (58mpg over the last 300 miles) Its dull to drive though, I'm already bored of it and thinking of changing it for something which has a little bit of flair, its a 99 with 114k miles in resale silver and sensible offers are invited
  19. What do you think? At £50 a pair they are going to be utterly shite, the missus had some put on the back of her 306, it would snap oversteer at 15mph, they were that bad, I took them back and had some nexen's put on, which were brilliant in comparison Pick one of the following, you might get lucky. Good dry grip Good wet grip Nice and quiet Last over 10k miles Have good braking distance None of the above.
  20. Why didn't you buy it? What was wrong with it, it looks straight enough, if its still advertised next payday I'm going to lowball him with an insulting offer.
  21. And another, some fast shite
  22. I posted this a while back but I thought I'd repost this, Its a good job I've had to pay daughters uni accommodation costs yesterday, otherwise I would have bought this today, I am full of irrational want for this car, I saw a red BX estate at a car boot sale today and it was fab
  23. I've posted a few times but never introduced myself properly, live oop north in Kendal, have owned lots of shite such as a Talbot Samba, a Volvo 360 glt, lots of cavaliers and escorts, plenty of Japanese shite such as charades and 626 mazda's , I have had company cars or vans for the last 20 years but have always had a shitter of some type looking untidy on the drive. My current shitter is a very nice A4 TDI which is probably too good to qualify as shite and I have a few shite old Japanese bikes in bits in the garage. Edited to add I've also owned a maestro 1.3 and it was OK, ish....
  24. That's cheap for the pro stuff, I think I paid £250 for mine in a deal a few years ago.
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