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  1. I wouldn't, I've been a recovery driver, the hours are antisocial and shit, you get home sit down to have your dinner and you get a call to the other side of the country, this happens at least every other day, plus the way you get paid is dependent on how much the company want to fuck you over, its a difficult job and driving is only a small part of it, its also fucking dangerous at times, nothing like hearing something on the rumble strips whilst trying to load a vehicle with a family with children and animals on the hard shoulder, there is no way I'd be changing in your position.
  2. That car looks way beyond a beginners first job, I do think the juice isn't worth the squeeze on this one, others may disagree but I can see several hundred quid being wasted on tools and materials and the car will end up scrapped leaving nothing but a bitter taste in the mouth.
  3. I've been mooching around in an old ('03) Volvo S80 and that has a very comfortable ride, it handles like a boat though so could well induce seasickness if driven enthusiastically.
  4. Jazoli

    Winter tyres

    I used to fit summers and winters but now just fit all seasons such as Michelin Cross Climates or Vredstein's, they make a huge difference when the weather changes and give me piece of mind through the winter months that the wife has got the best chance of getting home if it snows, 'summer' tyres are generally shit below 8 degrees anyway which a large proportion of our winter is below this.
  5. My future or next car will be a Lexus IS300H or GS300 depending on how much cash I can find down the back of the sofa, I want a large automatic car with reliability, and these seem to be the only sensible option I don't really care about driving dynamics or 'sportiness' or fuel economy or tax costs, I just want something smooth, quiet and cosseting to waft me around at weekends on my way to race meetings.# Re: the Ampera above My daughters other half has one and its a really smart and useful car, I've been a passenger loads and driven it a fair bit and they are very impressive, there's not a lot of space in the rear and they are only a 4 seater so not the most practical thing if you have a family, he just uses it for his 20 mile commute to work and I think he's spent £50 in petrol in the last 2 years/10k miles and has zero other costs as he parks it at sainsburys next to his work during his lunch break and charges for free, I don't think you can get cheaper motoring.
  6. No I've plenty of engine bits and a clutch and gearbox, I'll just hang onto the shims, they are 6 quid each to buy and one day I may need them I guess but I only have them because I rebuilt a friends bike for him, all my stuff comes with a warranty these days.
  7. A 198 is the biggest I have unfortunately 😕
  8. It will probably be ok but not ideal, what size shims do you need as I've just scrapped a thundercat head and have 16 spare ones which I'll probably never use.
  9. Time to get the paint sorted for free then!
  10. Why on earth would anyone still have t+t on their phone? Just go and see the car and do a test of your own.
  11. They won't buy an old shitter, I tried with the daughters car and they politely declined.
  12. Stick your reg in here https://www.scrapcarnetwork.org/ I got £210 for my daughters 207 last month they'll collect and cash in the bank in 24 hours, used them a few times now with no issues.
  13. You are correct, LED's retrofitted to the headlamps will be an instant MOT fail.
  14. Nice, we have a similar condition 1996 one that my youngest is learning in, it was owned by an old bloke from new till he popped his clogs last year, its an auto too, they are really nice to bimble around in
  15. Of course they don't as they would rapidly find their cars falling to bits around them, they need 4 different heaps to spread the miles across them so they hopefully have at least one working vehicle at any time
  16. Jazoli

    E10 Fuel

    No issues, I've done a couple of tankfuls on the bike and half a tank in the car (which is modified) and I can't discern any change in power or difference in driveability.
  17. My daughters Clio is a million times better to drive than my creaky old Saab 9-3 cab apart from outright performance, it has every convenience you could want, I only drive 20 miles a day so I'm not bothered about the lack of adaptive cruise or android auto but if I were doing double that or more I'd want something new with all the trinkets. There are quite a few out there who would jump at the chance of getting out of their old shitbox and into a new car if they were offered one for free, despite saying how brilliant their current cars are. I disagree, modern cars are easy to fix, there is a huge knowledge base out there and modern diagnostics make things much easier, spare parts for some older cars are getting hard to come by. You wouldn't, you are charged for every dent and scratch that is outside the 'guidelines' and this is one of the reasons I will never lease another car, motability is very different, lease companies are ruthless.
  18. Aye it is, I guess a brief look underneath wasn't done when purchasing, ouch.
  19. I've had that a couple of times, I've said I have no issues with installments, its £995 down and £1 a month for a 1k car.
  20. There were 2 types of 800, a Vtec and a non-vtec, neither is difficult to service but access is tight and its easier to drop the engine to do the clearances (that's if you can get the exhaust nuts off) It wouldn't put me off, they are unbelievably reliable.
  21. It looks fab, they have aged really well, despite all the known problems with them I quite fancy one when my pcp ends and I buy (not rent) another bike.
  22. That is piss poor and standard form from BMW, a modern car should be able to tackle a foot of water, its a joke really.
  23. An R6, that has been tracked? I'd be very careful, they have chocolate gearboxes and can feel very tired very quickly, looks nice enough but it will fail noise testing with the stubby can the PC is mapped for, which means it'll probably be running lean on the standard can, they are great to ride though and I have done many a lap on one.
  24. Thing is whether the £400 is from a knobhead or a shitter (who could also be a knobhead) it's £400 in the hand, the car is gone and there's no more dealing with knobheads, you've said yourself you are going to scrap it if no-one buys it so it's more than scrap value. For me anyone who offers 75% of the asking gets the car if its sub 500, life is too short to be fucking around.
  25. And that is why I have resisted buying an older 1150, it looks a pig of a job.
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