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  1. Think yourself lucky, I got a 5 year old Mokka last week as an 'upgrade' from a Fiesta sized, car, it had done 70k, was wearing mismatched ditchfinders and the stereo/nav didn't work, from Enterprise, previously everything I have had off them has been under 6 months old and 10k miles, I wasn't impressed, the age and mileage I could forgive but a Mokka
  2. Mk4 Golf GTi's with the 2.0, I think they are ok but there's always some cunt who wants to wade in saying how shit they are, just fuck off you cunt.
  3. https://tiffanyshotel.co.uk/?utm_source=google-ads&utm_campaign=sem_brand_uk&utm_agid=91501631665&utm_term=tiffanys hotel blackpool&creative=504908257106&device=m&placement&gclid=CjwKCAiAz--OBhBIEiwAG1rIOozBftTx1yKJHjGPu8opGfD-8U21Vp05QCFipzTNziwUm3R6Tv14xRoCBRgQAvD_BwE
  4. And that's why I love old cars that have been 'modified' by previous owners...not!
  5. There are some proper planks on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234335099217?hash=item368f75d951:g:KVgAAOSwRPZhuNmu to quote "But here’s the honest part. Incredibly, I don’t like the car from the inside but when I bought it I had to get back home as I had travelled the 200+ miles by train and taxi so I was stuck plus it was that weekend of terrible weather. The car was not exactly as described in the advert and being honest if I would have been able to get back home I would have done so without buying. However, the good news for an prospective buyer is that almost all issues have now been rectified at a cost to me of £834.86 (invoices will be provided). As you can see from the Gov.uk MOT history website there are four advisories – a tyre, which is an easy fix, underbody corrosion and two slight oil leaks. Here’s the good news – if you take the car to Silk Mill Garage Ltd and leave it there for 2-days he will fully Waxoyl rustproof the car for and it will then last for many years. The cost is £60 to steam clean and blast away all surface rust and £320 for the Waxoyl which is not just sprayed on but he drills small holes everywhere, including the doors, so that the car gets a deep protection. At the same time for an additional £15 he will steam clean the engine bay, top and bottom, it will then be possible to see where the small leaks originate. The only other two small issues are the window seal and the offside bumper scrape, both being easily rectifiable. When completed you will have a beautiful car for many years to come while most others get scrapped making your car increasingly valuable. There are no error codes showing" So to paraphrase, its rusty just like every other x type, but its ok buy the car and spend £400 rustproofing it afterwards, what a bellend.
  6. Has anyone mentioned just buying a normal small hatchback and getting rid of this thing? It's not a suitable vehicle for daily use, its a curio, an anachronism, no more, you can't really use it to travel to get a job as it won't be in any way reliable, you don't have the skills to fix it, you are a new driver and trying to drive this (if it ever runs) will not do you any favours and will make you a target for all the wankers who will cut you up on purpose and try and run you off the road (which London is full of them), I also agree with Sheefag's comments above re mentioning Adam, you need to take some responsibility for this yourself, how you ever thought you'd be able to drag it out of a field and start using after a bit of free minor fettling is beyond me and this thread just continues to run on and on and on. Seriously, get rid, stop relying on others and just buy a normal old shitter and all the problems you are facing will go away.
  7. My local one (Greggy's, Gatebeck near Kendal) shut down last year as the owner died and no-one else who worked there was capable of getting a license so there's nothing nearby really now, I'm not too bothered to be honest as I don't really run old shitters these days but its a shame as the stereo on my Saab is missing the tiny balance button and I'm sure I could have got one from there. Best purchase from there was a mint floppytop for my wife's megane cabrio, someone put a knife through hers and I couldn't believe that I found one in the yard as I'd never seen a cabrio of any type in there in 30 years as it was a fairly small yard, cost me 40 quid complete.
  8. My mates 1985 Audi UR- quattro 10v, one of the very first ones in the country, was offered it for 1500 quid with a blown turbo back in 1996, it was in great condition apart from the turbo, I turned it down as I'd just bought a Supra and the Audi was slower, it was just an ageing performance car back then.
  9. Not when you compare like for like, my friends 2.0TDI Scirocco is about as quick as my 2.0 petrol turbo Saab until he has to change gear at 4.5k, then it isn't, exactly the same as when his tdi golf could keep up with my tfsi A3 for a bit, then it didn't, the only benefit to having a diesel is fuel economy and cheaper running costs until something goes wrong, I understand why a lot of people have them and there wasn't the same choice of boosted petrol engines in common cars until recently but in the real world a turbo petrol is far superior in most ways to a noisy vibratory heavy oil burning lump.
  10. Started the year with this Sold it to a nice couple from Carlisle, saw it being sold for scrap 3 months later, shame, was a nice car. Bought this in Feb which I still have, boosty floppytop fun Still have this too which my daughter is failing to learn to drive in and still have this which is ok but its not been without its faults this year. Also still have this and have done hardly any miles on it in 16 months, It'll be getting px'd for an adventure bike or tourer next year. A very quiet year for me, I reckon the Saab will be up for sale/swap soon if anyone fancies it.
  11. Assuming fuel is £6.50 gallon its (10000/40) x 6.5 = £1625 (10000/30) x 6.5 = £2166 so £550, it was a back of a fag packet calculation and a little way out, it's enough to make more of a difference than I originally thought, the price of fuel pisses me off, it was under £4.50 a gallon 18 months ago, if any other essential good had gone up as much there'd be people protesting in the streets but everyone seems to be just sucking it up, its certainly making me reconsider my vehicle choices.
  12. Does the parrot not have a cable with a 3.5mm jack for music? stick a bluetooth dongle on the end of it and jobs jobbed? The stereo in my 9-3 is utter shite, I replaced all the speakers and it still sounds worse than a 90's amstrad beatbox, and its not easily replaceable as its the earlier type, which is a shame as I've an all singing all dancing double din android auto unit sat on a shelf in the garage Liking it in red too, mine is the espresso black which is quite subdued and only really pops in sunlight, I get 26mpg out of mine purely in town driving, 30mpg should be possible on a run with yours, my subframe is in good order too as the small but persistent oil leak keeps things rust free underneath
  13. I wouldn't personally, any savings in fuel will be wiped out the first time you have to spend money on repairs or maintenance for its replacement, which invariably you will have to, the focus is a known quantity and shouldn't spring any bills or surprises. The difference between 30mpg and 40mpg doing 10k a year is around £350 (roughly)
  14. Best to list them on ebay and let them find their own value I'd say, the pool of potential buyers will be tiny.
  15. Badges are shit but I like these, give me a shout when its sorted and I'll swap you for a 9-3 cab
  16. Its funny I was watching episodes of Airwolf today, the theme tune is my phone ringtone
  17. Not to me, life is too short, congratulations
  18. I agree, I sold mine to buy a 2005 5VY R1, which was by far the best looking Japanese bike ever but I have to admit the zx9 was a better all rounder apart from the brakes.
  19. Yup, drives me mental when people just force their way in rather than merge into a gap like they should.
  20. 14th Sept for me, and its still costing me £150 a month plus insurance and tax sat in the garage, it'll probably be April before it gets used, buying outright next time methinks.
  21. Yeah I realised my fork seal had blown when I was rapidly approaching a corner pulled the brakes as usual and only had 50% stopping power, fork seal had blown and oil had pissed all over the pads, it can be very dodgy
  22. Jeez that is grim I hope it was cheap 😀
  23. Maybe, is it a Hymen Hymer? Looks fiat based by the wheels.
  24. It will be normally spaced as I'm not a knob.
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