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  1. Mileage not an issue for me, good mot history, non chinese tyres, evidence of service history, working aircon and petrol powered, no smell of fags (as its fucking disgusting) not owned by a chavvy prick boy racer, absolutely no modifications or 'enhancements', not from a driveway trader trying to flip, no torn upholstery or dog hairs oh and no rust whatsoever or silicone covering all the dash and controls.

    Apart from that I'm not too fussy :D

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jerzy Woking said:


    Cheap Lexus GS300, 113,000 miles, MOT to July, €700. Looks good.

    Get a cheap flight to Alicante, and you have 90 days to drive it back to the UK via whatever route you want

    That is seriously cheap, tempted to get a flight over to my mothers and pick that up :D

  3. 14 minutes ago, Jamie said:

    Don't worry, I appreciate your thoughts and opinions, at least I know your not just saying things to be cuntish. 

    I dread to think what a vr6 dsg would do mpg wise on your short commute though! 

    It wouldn't matter to be honest, I now do a 2 mile round trip each day rather than 20, so mpg is pretty much irrelevant as it costs less than a fiver a week whether I use the 2.0t Saab or the 2.4L 5cl petrol auto S80 :D I was going to buy an electric push bike but the £1000 purchase price would cover my fuel costs for work for 4 years, plus I would get cold and wet, so I haven't.

  4. Just now, Jamie said:

    Yeah I think they are a little less boy racer than the ones fitted previously? 

    Quite rare normal auto ones in the mk1, dsg v6 ones aside. 

    Haha yeah I kept my thoughts on the other wheels to myself as I didn't want to cause offence :D

    Auto Mk1's are indeed rare, I wouldn't turn down a V6 but I'm not a fan of the DSG box.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Jamie said:

    Give the tt another wash down and wax. Cleans up well for a 20 year old car which has covered 150k 


    Looks great, I'm not 100% on the wheels but it's not my car, if I could find a nice auto coupe I'd happily have another one.

  6. I do anything that doesn't require crawling around underneath the car, although I do farm stuff out to a guy I trust if it's particularly awkward, I don't mind tackling most things but I'm getting less arsed about doing it, have plenty of tools and I'm always buying more but I am thinking of just running newish low maintenance cars from now on to be honest.

  7. On 1/27/2022 at 4:41 PM, Jazoli said:

    I have returned home to find a new Yaris hybrid on the drive so that will be tomorrow's chariot but it's usually a 190k S80 or my Saab 9-3 cab.


    Update on the Yaris Hybrid, dogshit, completely ruined by the hopeless CVT gearbox that brings nothing to the party, it just goes 'waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh' at max revs and does little to aid forward motion, driving on an 'a' road at 50mph with the cruise engaged, slight gradient 'waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh' just fuck off you hateful piece of shit, the rest of the car was pretty crap, jiggly unsettled ride, none of the buttons are backlit so changing a music track on the wheel or finding the window and mirror switches is a lottery in the dark, even the infotainment is just barely average, lots of road and tyre noise and it was really noisy on the motorway at 70mph, the only positives are the leather wheel is a nice size and high beam assist is very useful, if this is peak modern small car you can keep it, the old Civic auto behind it is far nicer to drive.

  8. 2 hours ago, PrinceRupert said:

    Little bit of additional investigation pre-MOT, might try and get the wheels off and a proper look today, but might not have time.  Brake lines are looking a bit crusty, will try and brush and grease if I have time.  Track rod end boots are split on both sides - MOT fail or just an advisory?


    The brake lines need replacing not brushing and greasing, they look knackered to me, your picture of the greased line does not inspire confidence, its thin wall pipe with 1400psi running through it and it's lost a percentage of its wall strength through corrosion.

  9. 10 hours ago, Zelandeth said:

    Lordy...the unladen weight for the Caddy is 1235kg, and that's with all the gubbins for the dropped floor, a wheelchair ramp, the associated lashing points *and* a diesel engine up front...I know the Astra is bigger than a 6N Polo, but even so that seems ludicrously heavy.

    The V12 XJ-S weighs in at 1700kg, which puts it in perspective a bit I think...

    You cannot compare modern cars to older stuff, modern vehicles have so much more crash protection built in, plus they have things like abs pumps, multiple ecu's etc etc, FYI the new 'E'  Berlingo weighs 2.4 tons.


  10. 1 hour ago, hairnet said:

    all you hardened bikers out there (and billy) :D

    would you buy the arai


    I'd buy something that fitted me properly regardless of make, the old arai/shoei trope is not so relevant anymore, I've an Arai and a Shoei lid and they both fit me well, you have to try them on before purchase.

  11. 18mpg around town and 27 at 70mph if you are being *very* gentle, mine averaged out at 22, so they are not great, beautiful car though, how much mister? do you want a saab cabrio? :D

    Edited as I've just checked the MOT history :(

  12. 1 minute ago, Shirley Knott said:

    I came here to suggest them too but you beat me to it!

    I actually won, and still own the one from that roffle that BigManSpaff (Remember him?) basically trolled to death almost de-railing the entire thread. His vitriol towards them was pretty intense.

    Long story short, s'alright. It's never going to set the world on fire but it's a torquey old thing and with the 8V 2.0 lump it's fairly simple without much to go wrong. It's currently being piloted by my wife on her daily 20 mile commute without much fuss, all the while providing electric everything, climatronic AC and achieving nearly 40mpg.

    Yep that's the cunt, he derailed my thread too, useless prick, mine was a good car and served me (and a couple of shiters well)

  13. 35 minutes ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

    i'll put my hands up to spaffing £90 on some Bates boots

    Yeah me too my recent Clarks boots were £120 and worth every penny, they are incredibly comfortable, look good and keep my feet dry in the 10 yards I walk to my car and will last at least a couple of years.

    I've always bought decent footwear as there's nothing worse than cheap shoes.

  14. 11 hours ago, Spurious said:

    Currently renting a 2020 Three pot turbo Clio in Poland. 

    It's excellent, drives well, interior is ace and it's very refined too. Looks smart too.  You can only hear the engine if you thrash it, frequently driving about in 3rd gear at 3k rpm and I'm none the wiser as I cannot hear the engine. You actually need the rev counter to change gear as it's that well noise dampened. 

    Big spread of torque. Gone are the days you'd thrash a 1l and only get more noise. 

    Mrs Spurious is very enamoured and wants one. She's agreed to pay part for it as she's very frustrated at me turning up to pick her up in Shite. 

    (Dont worry I won't get rid of it all the shite). 


    I agree with what you say about the Clio, my daughter has just recently bought one and it's very nice and great to drive.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Jamie said:

    Yeah we usually do that however on this occasion we paid for a class 4 auto due to 4 adults traveling to London but received a downgrade with no warning 🤣

    Think yourself lucky, I got a 5 year old Mokka last week as an 'upgrade' from a Fiesta sized, car, it had done 70k, was wearing mismatched ditchfinders and the stereo/nav didn't work, from Enterprise, previously everything I have had off them has been under 6 months old and 10k miles, I wasn't impressed, the age and mileage I could forgive but a Mokka :(

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