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  1. That XR2 has been there for years and the owner has been asked a million times to sell it but he won't, it'll end up being swept onto a recovery wagon when he dies, the Volvo is next door to my dads house (almost)
  2. What on earth is going on with that front grill? Do you forget what make your car is overnight? I guess the sunstrip will help you remember. Sorry don't like at all, you're old enough to know better
  3. That's unbelievable really, I did 300,000 miles in an combination of 1.9 and 2.0 vivaro's and averaged 36mpg.
  4. I'd agree or a new X-ADV 350 thing at £5.5k if you want new with a warranty, I really want something like this but my commute doesn't warrant it.
  5. You have an actual tattoo shop? I'm guessing there are no entry qualifications like a gcse or anything? As for the rest of your nonsense maybe you should take a step back a bit, you have no fucking idea and are making some pretty big assumptions there. And for the record, I have been critical about LBF's choice of vehicle in the past but I get it now, its a hobby and that's fair enough.
  6. Its making me consider that filling my motorcycle up with 2 tanks of fuel will now cost me £60 for a day out, which used to be at least once a week, I work a mile from home so mpg doesn't really matter (and my saab is only averaging 24mpg because of this), the bike may seriously have to go if this upward rise continues, I can neither justify or afford it.
  7. I'd not waste the energy, you won't win, it will happen whether you fight it or not. Can you not get the bus to work?* *Joke
  8. Test the glowplugs and see if they actually work, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were dead, or the relay controlling them was dead, it will affect starting causing symptoms like you are experiencing.
  9. No as they won't fit under your helmet properly and will hurt your ears, use earplugs and a decent Comms system like a Cardo Scala or Sena, or get some custom plugs with speakers made. I use a Cardo something or other with JBL helmet speakers and foam earplugs and it's a great setup, voice control, music streaming, nav with the phone in a quad lock case and mount, it just works.
  10. Just be careful they don't try and sting you with credit hire, be very aware of this as you could be liable for the (hugely inflated) hire car costs if the claim fails for any reason.
  11. Are they bollocks, unless you are driving at 5mph, fog lights do a great job of marking out the bellends to the rest of us.
  12. You would certainly assume so.
  13. Just waiting for someone to pop up saying they never use the cruise control as they'd rather be 'in control' when what they really mean is they can't actually drive that well and can't handle the car assisting them as it messes with their head. I never use the button to change radio station as I never ever listen to radio.
  14. I've had a few, mainly Peugeots '94 306 Dturbo, bought nearly new, fantastic car no issues '95 405 1.6 petrol, it was a banger at 400 quid '02 306 Gti-16, again great no issues '02 306 2.0 XSI LHD, great, no issues '02 306 Cab 1.6 LHD, issues with roof, cracked exhaust manifold (x2) '07 307CC 2.0HDI, clutch and dmf, 2 x com2000 units. '07 207 1.4, abs pump then HGF, rubbish '07 207 1.4, HGF '09 308CC 1.6 petrol, lots of niggling faults, its now at the point where it needs about a grand spending on it (steering rack, timing chain) plus all the consumables such as brakes and tyres need replacing, I've just done 2 x abs sensor, an aux belt and tensioner, VVT soleniod and sensors and other stuff I can't remember in the last month or so. Moral of the story, I won't be buying another 308 or 207, I like the look of the 508 but the choice is realistically only diesel so I won't be having one of them, I also like the RCZ but as its based on a 308 there's no fucking chance, the 306's I had were pretty much fantastic and were the top of their class in the day, it was a revelation coming from a 1.8TD mk5 Escort into a 306 Dturbo. I also had a ZX 1.9td as a work car which was good, and a ZX Volcane 16V, which was crap. Never owned a Renault. Oh yes I did, a Mk1 Megane cab, it was utter shit. I also drive a lot of 2016-on 308 pool cars for work, they all have electrical issues and stupid touchscreens controlling basic functions like the heating controls, of the three I have driven in the last fortnight 2 have non functioning screens, which makes them unusable, plus they have the stupid small steering wheel that either covers the dials or is in your lap, who the fuck signed that one off? On that basis I wouldn't have a modern Peugeot at all.
  15. I don't understand why you put up with this shit and don't just fuck her off and do nothing for her, by capitulating and doing things she needs you are just feeding the monster, fuck her off and live your own life, and tell your Ma to keep her gob shut, honestly, families are a fucking nightmare.
  16. I guess you've not driven any of the recent VAG stuff with the latest touch screen and touch sensitive slider controls and buttons on the wheel, its much much worse than it ever was, the mk7 golf's infotainment and controls were simplicity in itself, the mk8's is a complete clusterfuck.
  17. Buy yourself an obdeleven or get a friend with VCDS to turn them off then! Its a 2 minute job.
  18. Lane keep assist, its fucking dangerous at times tugging the wheel this way and that usually opposite to the way you want to car to move, emergency auto braking, approach a vehicle that you know will have turned off before you get there and the car slams its brakes on thinking you are going to crash, VW's seem the worst for this.
  19. I'd probably go for the Michelin's first, I'd be assuming they'd be a similar compound to the 'Road' range which are awesome, what size are your tyres?
  20. Mileage not an issue for me, good mot history, non chinese tyres, evidence of service history, working aircon and petrol powered, no smell of fags (as its fucking disgusting) not owned by a chavvy prick boy racer, absolutely no modifications or 'enhancements', not from a driveway trader trying to flip, no torn upholstery or dog hairs oh and no rust whatsoever or silicone covering all the dash and controls. Apart from that I'm not too fussy
  21. That is seriously cheap, tempted to get a flight over to my mothers and pick that up
  22. It wouldn't matter to be honest, I now do a 2 mile round trip each day rather than 20, so mpg is pretty much irrelevant as it costs less than a fiver a week whether I use the 2.0t Saab or the 2.4L 5cl petrol auto S80 I was going to buy an electric push bike but the £1000 purchase price would cover my fuel costs for work for 4 years, plus I would get cold and wet, so I haven't.
  23. Haha yeah I kept my thoughts on the other wheels to myself as I didn't want to cause offence Auto Mk1's are indeed rare, I wouldn't turn down a V6 but I'm not a fan of the DSG box.
  24. Looks great, I'm not 100% on the wheels but it's not my car, if I could find a nice auto coupe I'd happily have another one.
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