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  1. Yeah it's weird, cash only no PP or bank transfer, I bet its been quite lucrative over the years.
  2. Yup buy the stalk on ebay and active with vcds it's really simple to do
  3. Or just ignore the summons, it's not sent recorded or signed for so you never received it!
  4. I've had a few Mk1 Golf Clipper Mk1 MX5 Pug 306 Pug 307 Pug 308 Megane Mk1 And the Saab 9-3 above I'm currently technically without one (the wife has her 308 still) but next year I'll be buying a modern ish Merc or BMW cab (probably).
  5. I've an S80 in the for sale section 😏
  6. FFS I tried and tried that 😕 Front tyre looks low!
  7. Vid please, and yes I'm fucking overjoyed 🤔
  8. I'm glad you said that, the black one doesn't have comfort locking, I'd have kicked myself if it did work!
  9. It was a TV show, entertainment, no more no less.
  10. 21mpg V70 2.4 Petrol Auto doing 1.5 miles in town every day. Don't really care too much 47mpg Z900RS doing 200 miles a weekend Don't really care much either.
  11. Ha! the gritters have been out every day here, was -2 last night, the roads are white with salt.
  12. Are you a particularly high risk or live in a car crime hotspot? my insurance hasn't really changed much over the last 20 years and is still sub £350 for an old banger or a new Focus, current Volvo shed has just renewed at £220 FC.
  13. Looks great that does, I fancy a 9-5 wagon when I bored of the V70.
  14. Looks great, congrats for also creeping under the '55 on £600/yr tax bracket for these, was looking at Dame Edna versions of these recently. Now get that ECU sent off to noobtune, and for £150 you can ruin a set of tyres in 5k miles and piss every boy racer off as they'll never pass you!
  15. The UK has had depressed used car prices for a very long time, its now reflecting the same as the rest of Europe, the prices in the post above are what you would expect to pay in Spain/Portugal/Italy etc normally for used cars, 12k for a ten year old Mondeo is perfectly normal.
  16. Its pretty nice and I'm happy enough, I've had to do a few jobs such as replace the wiper motor, fix a few electrical niggles (airbag light, dodgy bulb connections) and service it but other than that its running well, it could do with a suspension refresh as it's a bit baggy but it has done 180k, a full set of arms/TRE's and ball joints is only £150 so I'll do it once it's proved itself. It's like getting into an old armchair, it's just so comfortable and smooth, I'm just wafting around listening to the excellent dolby sound system, I had a look at the average mpg the other day and won't look again 😅 but as I'm doing so few miles it hardly matters. Its nice to have a practical car again, I managed to take a king size bed to the tip last weekend, no chance of that happening in the Saab, I'll probably run it till it breaks although I'll be getting the FiL's S80 soon which will leave me with a dilemma.
  17. Gave the old bus a valet and polish today still shines up nicely for a 20 year old car, I'm actually quite happy to have a silver car for a change as they require a lot less polishing than a black or 'colour'
  18. Errrrr.....Kia's aren't Japanese
  19. You will probably need to clear the codes before the light goes off, any decent scantool should do it as long as it can read airbag modules, a delphi will I'm sure.
  20. Can you not use the new one as a reference or is it completely different?
  21. Its normal, you aren't used to the speeds being exposed on a bike, you get used to it and realise its not really that fast after all.
  22. You do but bear in mind a lot of them are 25-30 years old and completely fucked by now, hoses perish, carb rubbers fall to bits, exhausts are rotted through, panels are cracked and falling apart, wiring is brittle and prone to failure. My money would be on a 10yr old SV650 or similar, sod buying knackered old heaps, they end up costing more than a much newer one usually.
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