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  1. 25 minutes ago, sierraman said:

    AUTODOC must be the absolute last of the last resorts. It takes a month of Sunday’s to arrive from somewhere like Latvia so posting it back must be a laugh a minute. 

    Agreed, I really don't understand why people use them apart from penny pinching, use a local factors, get quality parts, be able to return them in the unlikely event its wrong, its a no branier for a few quid saving.

  2. 20 minutes ago, grogee said:

    Thread meander: somewhere I learned that when a McLaren F1 needs new tyres, it requires a racetrack and professional racing driver to get them fitted or something. What a load of nonsense. But also, I wonder if they do Landsails in that size?

    That's not true at all, it's usually because it's a centrelock wheel and the tyres are specific to the car, so it usually goes back to Mclaren, also if you can afford one it doesn't really matter 😉 

  3. 1 hour ago, egg said:

    I don't want to be all nuns and kittens, but how often does Hoovie drive cars to the Wizard 20-30 miles whatever it is with massive fluid leaks? Not exactly considerate of other road users!


    I guess he doesn't care, he also can't drive for shit,  his car control is crap and he should really get a mount for his camera sometimes, doing 'skids' one handed at times is going to end up in an big off eventually, he is occasionally entertaining but it's the same old rinse and repeat every episode now.

  4. Fairly quiet year for me

    Sold this


    Roffled this volvo of my sadly departed FIL's


    Sold this old civic


    Sold this kwak


    Also bought and sold a Volvo V70 which was knackered, deleted the pics from my phone so I would no longer feel the financial pain

    Bought this Merc


    bought this RT, then sold it a few weeks later as I didn't like it


    bought one of these for my daughter, it was too big for her 


    So sold it and bought this (which now has the correct mudguard)


    then i bought this for daughter no2 as the repayments on her new clio were too much for her and wbac offered her a way out due to silly prices currently 


    so maybe not as quiet as i thought it was, I'll maybe replace the Merc and the wife's car next year when prices hopefully become a bit more sensible. 


  5. 5 minutes ago, Dobloseven said:

    Probably a Halfords Advanced 3 tonne low profile trolley jack. It is a lovely thing, beautifully made, but so bloody big and heavy. It'd be great in a workshop environment, but when you've got to drag it out to use on the drive, no so much. Son has bought a house with a decent sized garage to work in and it's living there at the moment, after he borrowed it to do some jobs on his partners car. 

    Me too, it's great and makes jacking a car up so easily compared to the cheap shitty 1.5t jacks I've used for the last 30 years, it is a big heavy bugger though, I don't consider it a waste of money.

    I've got lots of expensive tools I've only used once or twice, they were cheaper than paying a garage to fix my car/bike and they are always there if I do need them again, I do have about 7 paddock stands and no motorbike though!

  6. 26 minutes ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

    Thanks for the input all! Given that I need to do a huge stretch of motorway, weather protection and luggage capacity really appeals to me. 

    I know of this 2004 K1200GT with 70,000 miles for £1600 or so, but for some reason these don’t appeal as much as a boxer. Plus this era of K seems to get very mixed reviews. 


    They are crap but can't be ignored at that price as a comfy commuter, I know a couple of blokes who've had them and disliked them, also potentially money pits.

    I found the oe fairing noisy on full extension on the RT, a small added deflector on top made it silent, on reflection mine replaced a 2020 Z900RS so it was bound to feel every bit of its 20 years of age, it was also pretty vibey and I don't think I'd buy another whatever the reason, they are very cheap now though, watch out for a worn clutch and ideally buy a bike that has had it replaced, its a huge (but not too difficult) job to replace unlike a Pan for example which would take 30 minutes tops, also the servo for the brakes will most likely fail, leaving you with no brakes as they literally offer zero retardation when it goes, and that could be at motorway speeds just when you need them with little warning.

  7. 8 hours ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

    I quite fancy trying a big beemer for my 75 mile commute- something like the R1150RT. Did @Jazolihave one? @Barry Cade

    I had an r1150rt albeit briefly, they are a brilliant commuter, but a bit boring really. 

    I found the throttle really heavy and the brakes iffy (more when you try to push it around with the engine off as there is no servo assistance), the electric screen was handy and the oe electric grips were really hot and it was comfy, it handled well but it was all a bit agricultural to be honest and if I was to buy another similar bike it'd be a Pan Euro 13 or FJR13.

  8. 22 minutes ago, TheXUDfiles said:

    You're not wrong. They do everything you could reasonably expect from a car, and don't really do anything badly. They're nice to drive and easy on the eye (I think). The 90s were about Ford's pinnacle, I reckon. 

    Early 90's ford's were rubbish, it was only the introduction of the focus and the mondeo that saved them from total mediocrity, for me peak car was the E39 5 series BMW in 6 cylinder petrol flavour, I had a 528 and a 540 and they are the best cars I've ever owned/driven, if I could buy 3 year old one again today I would without hesitation.

  9. 53 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:

    I've got a real issue with water ingress in the brown 93 convertible at the moment.  Normally with these it's the passenger footwell that gets wet but this time its the drivers. It's starting to form a puddle it's that bad. Absolutely sopping.

    I've sealed up everything I can see under the plastic scuttle panel and all 3 drains are super clean. This worked for a few months but now it's worse than ever. It's not coolant and the door seals are fine. I even checked the floor wasnt rusty, its perfectly fine. I'm not sure where to go from here.


    Have you checked the AC drain? I definitely remember it dripping under the car when I had it, its between the bulkhead and the back of the engine and is a faff to get to.


  10. 10 minutes ago, GagaStan said:

    No buy sadly.
    “Cambelt is fine, we did it 10 years ago m9”

    so that would need doing, plus a suspicious feeling clutch, creaks and clonks from the front end, two shot tyres, inop drivers leccy window… just didn’t add  up. Plan is that it was for mr Gagastans new hour-each-way commute. But it is not to be.

    shame, because it’s so pretty and was so lovely to drive!


    How much was it up for? I had one exactly the same but lhd, it was awesome.

  11. 1 hour ago, Back_For_More said:

    Documenting new App I'm SPOC for after taking over most of the integration management. Late in day saw no costing or impact analysis done etc.... In certain critical 3rd parties. Then found a shit load of bugs.... 

    Code Freeze Sunday - dozey arseholes have a patch/fix build OK in SIT. Is it in Prod as of 5pm Friday - of course fucking not! 

    Apart from fellow shiter comms for picking up my purchase this phone well be well and truely off in 15mins once though the door. 

    Fucked if I'm bailing them out on my weekend 

    Might as well be in Russian!

  12. 36 minutes ago, warch said:

    Bloody ebay sellers. Ordered a new bottom arm last week for my car's MoT next week. Noted the expected delivery date and the fact that it was marked for dispatch for November 3rd. Had a lot on so only just noticed that the thing hasn't arrived. Used the ebay 'where the fuck is my item request' and got a reply that it is delayed until next Tuesday (the day before my MoT). So presumably the seller hasn't got it in hand, can't get one until later this week, but has still marked it as dispatched to prevent ebay penalising them. 

    It is all about honesty really, I don't mind if its a genuine mistake or if there are extenuating circumstances but it's all the bullshit people seem perfectly comfortable with that I find so aggravating. If they had just come clean I could have gone elsewhere and ordered one in plenty of time.   

    Do you not have a local motor factors? They are usually no more expensive than ebay sellers for decent stuff, it makes no sense ordering something online when you actually need it for a specific date when you can probably pick one up locally same day.

  13. 1 minute ago, Lacquer Peel said:

    TMS sell NAPA branded wiper blades that are very cheap and alright. Bosch wiper blades are crap these days. 


    Disagree, Bosch Aero twins are the best blades I've ever used, I put them on every car that I have, usually 23 quid a set from amazon.

  14. An Audi UR quattro in white, my mate had owned it for a couple of years and neglected to even get the oil changed, when the engine started knocking he took it of the road, sourced a spare engine then promptly ignored it as he bought a Mk4 Supra.

    Fast forward a couple of months and he offered me the lot for £1500 (he had more money than sense), I declined, as I was going on holiday the next week and needed the money I'd saved for the holiday.

    If I only knew, it was such an awesome car but my 18-30 holiday was far more important to me that week!

    I saw it driving around a few months later and have regretted it ever since, 153 HHY where are you now?!

    On the flip side I did buy a nice Mk3 Supra Turbo off him for £400 as it failed the MOT with an abs fault, it was just a sensor :D

  15. Just buy a car when you are in Spain, re registration and taxes and will soon wipe out any perceived savings you'll make, be prepared for a rude awakening with prices though 😂

    It is usually cheaper to buy a LHD car here and take it with you, however its not all as straightforward as you think as you will have to re-import/register it and it isn't straightforward unless you speaka da lingo, that LHD scenic you have linked will be €5k in Spain or Portugal 

  16. 9 hours ago, maxxo said:

    but what i will say this is a seriously fast car, it's surprised me a few times when i've looked at the speedometer

    It's good to see you are enjoying your car but it really isn't 'seriously fast', maybe compared to the vans you drive daily but compared to any other car it isn't, still as long as you like it.

    Putting your foot down and using full throttle and all the revs won't break an autobox, warm the engine up then give it a proper thrashing.

  17. 1 hour ago, Split_Pin said:

    "Welcome to old convertible ownership in the winter" I said to my wife this morning.


    The drivers footwell is absolutely soaking wet after all the heavy rain. Thankfully its not coolant though!

    I had a very similar problem with the Audi convertible when I first got it  and taking off the scuttle panel and sealing up everything in sight worked well.

    Is that the brown one? The scuttle drain blocked and killed the heater blower and flooded the passenger footwell when I first got it but it never let a drop in anywhere else.

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