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    Peak Car.

    Early 90's ford's were rubbish, it was only the introduction of the focus and the mondeo that saved them from total mediocrity, for me peak car was the E39 5 series BMW in 6 cylinder petrol flavour, I had a 528 and a 540 and they are the best cars I've ever owned/driven, if I could buy 3 year old one again today I would without hesitation.
  2. Don't forget the 1.8t 150FWD version, we had a cab version and it was nice just too small for the wife.
  3. Have you checked the AC drain? I definitely remember it dripping under the car when I had it, its between the bulkhead and the back of the engine and is a faff to get to.
  4. How much was it up for? I had one exactly the same but lhd, it was awesome.
  5. Might as well be in Russian!
  6. Do you not have a local motor factors? They are usually no more expensive than ebay sellers for decent stuff, it makes no sense ordering something online when you actually need it for a specific date when you can probably pick one up locally same day.
  7. Disagree, Bosch Aero twins are the best blades I've ever used, I put them on every car that I have, usually 23 quid a set from amazon.
  8. I think zips are important as they stop the jacket sliding up your body as you are sliding down the road exposing soft squishy bits.
  9. He's just a cunt who has nothing better to do, respond but stick to the facts, to bleat about his 'mental health' is just bullshit, what a fucking crybaby, we dont give a fuck pal.
  10. An Audi UR quattro in white, my mate had owned it for a couple of years and neglected to even get the oil changed, when the engine started knocking he took it of the road, sourced a spare engine then promptly ignored it as he bought a Mk4 Supra. Fast forward a couple of months and he offered me the lot for £1500 (he had more money than sense), I declined, as I was going on holiday the next week and needed the money I'd saved for the holiday. If I only knew, it was such an awesome car but my 18-30 holiday was far more important to me that week! I saw it driving around a few months later and have regretted it ever since, 153 HHY where are you now?! On the flip side I did buy a nice Mk3 Supra Turbo off him for £400 as it failed the MOT with an abs fault, it was just a sensor
  11. Just buy a car when you are in Spain, re registration and taxes and will soon wipe out any perceived savings you'll make, be prepared for a rude awakening with prices though 😂 It is usually cheaper to buy a LHD car here and take it with you, however its not all as straightforward as you think as you will have to re-import/register it and it isn't straightforward unless you speaka da lingo, that LHD scenic you have linked will be €5k in Spain or Portugal
  12. It's good to see you are enjoying your car but it really isn't 'seriously fast', maybe compared to the vans you drive daily but compared to any other car it isn't, still as long as you like it. Putting your foot down and using full throttle and all the revs won't break an autobox, warm the engine up then give it a proper thrashing.
  13. Is that the brown one? The scuttle drain blocked and killed the heater blower and flooded the passenger footwell when I first got it but it never let a drop in anywhere else.
  14. I honestly don't see what the issue is with anyone making a profit on anything, pointless getting annoyed, maybe some of you should have asked more in the first place?
  15. Yeah it's one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234566289973?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=UYYCUz9vRVi&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=CVQtOrP6SSG&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY It is a challenge to fit as you have to remove the control panel from the hidden drawer which is fiddly, but a bit of patience is worth it, pretty much plug and play, comparable double din AA+CP units from pioneer and the like are £400, and don't look as good or offer wireless functionality.
  16. Gave the old W211 a wash and wax today, it still looks good considering it's 19 years old this year. Also I recently brought it into the 21st century with a new stereo with wireless android auto and carplay, Finally got the reversing camera wired up, what a pain that was. It's proving quite reliable so far although I have got an SBC warning which means I'll have to send the pump off to be refurbished, my local specialist quoted me £1900! I can have it rebuilt for £450 so it's not the end of the world. Overall average is 40mpg and that's 90% town only, can't complain for a nigh on 2 ton big old bus. Although being a pre DPF diesel it stinks until its warm, which I'm not a fan of.
  17. It was on fireball tools YT page I think
  18. I was about to ask the same thing, surely the missing wheel nuts and the money light being on were obvious? The E320 looks nice, I wish my E270 had an extra cylinder.
  19. That's true, right until the point a twat in an uber or white van does a last minute U turn (which is par for the course in that there London) and it won't stop in time, all part of the fun though, if I saw one on a dual carriageway I'd think what a moron for taking it on there as it has all the integrity of a wet paper bag, but around town I don't see the fuss, apart from being laughed and pointed at.
  20. Nice to see it still getting some love, I've missed having a floppytop this year.
  21. You test them with a multimeter, not a scan tool.
  22. It will have nothing to do with the seat removed You need to do some basic checks, is there fuel, is there a spark and work from there, they are very simple engines and have little in the way of electronics.
  23. Vid doesn't work but when it's in the run position the Fi light should be on and the fuel pump should prime, the key should not turn past on but the ign switch is probably worn. Does the side stand switch work? Does the clutch need to be pulled in for it to start? Have you replaced the fuel in the tank with fresh?
  24. Fuck me that is awful, they are usually rotten too. You need to do everything you can to dissuade her.
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