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  1. Dirty fucker there is no need to post shit like that.
  2. I have to agree, they are soulless things, none of what I saw at Goodwood would make me want to go and watch them race, the formula extreme, formula E, electric rallycross etc etc were dull, yes they were fast but for me it's as much about the noise and smell and vibration of racing cars, which EV's offer non of.
  3. To update my new E270CDI which was bought to replace the thirsty V70 is averaging 40 mpg as it's used mainly round town, and will easily crack 50mpg on longer runs, seeing as there's less than 5p difference between petrol and diesel prices now I'm technically almost twice as much better off. My bike is doing 0mpg but not using any fuel as I can't be arsed to ride it this year.
  4. It's possible your caliper is sticking again I had to free it up once before And I'm still pissed about the roof thing @Dabooka The shark fin is the radio aerial, forget about upgrading the stereo apart from fitting a parrot kit or similar, it's not really possible, if you do fit a parrot kit you need to plug it into a hidden plug behind the trim panel on the transmission tunnel on the passenger side and have aux activated with tech2, on the face lift models you can simply slot a different head unit in, not so on the earlier ones. They are nice cars, I enjoyed mine.
  5. Classified ad with Best offer is the only way to sell a vehicle on eBay, if you get an offer you accept message the person and tell them you'll take it but don't pull the listing until the car/bike is away up the road, works every time for me.
  6. That's great news Eddie, a friend of mine has had a similar issue getting his so I bet its a relief for you.
  7. I don't like it! They are seriously fugly and a complete styling mess, I'm sure it's a nice car though 😂
  8. Have you considered painting the wheels silver? These a such a nice design it's a shame to see them hidden in black (which I hate)
  9. Yup, I'd have not got past looking at the pictures to be honest. I had a mk1 VRS it was brilliant.
  10. Picked this up after a fraught train journey involving 4 trains, a missed connection and a lot of stress today The drive home was thankfully uneventful, its an economical beast, 53mpg over 156 miles of mainly motorway, a bit better than the 24 I got from my V70 usually. Thanks to @sims00 for a easy pleasant deal as usual, my wife thinks we should just swap cars every 3 months. Train stress
  11. I wouldn't even bother replying to these, they are bot accounts and no one will ever see what you write, they just want you to click the links, delete and move on 🙂
  12. The more I think about it the more I'm confused, who in their right mind would want to buy my car, then I deliver it and they then make the 800 mile round trip to drop me back off, people are insane, there must be other better ones closer to him, madness!
  13. This one needs no words, they are amongst us
  14. Heat probably and a BFO hammer, what bike? You could remove the rear wheel then remove the swing arm with the shock and linkage still attached to give better access, not too difficult if it's on the Divvy in profile avatar.
  15. To me shite ownership is fine if you do low miles and you aren't averse to fixing things yourself, I run a 19 year old Volvo and the wife a 13 year old 308, combined we do less than 6k a year so the sub 30mpg doesn't sting that much. However when we both did 20-40k a year in previous jobs it was new all the way, we needed something that would do a reliable 60mpg and a modern diesel was the only choice as we had to be able to get to work and if the car went wrong you'd throw it back in the dealers and tell them to fix it.
  16. No different to a lot of England still then, went to collect something from Domino's pizza the other night and it was strange to see every single member of staff behind the counter wearing a mask, see plenty of morons driving round with masks on in their cars too.
  17. Yeah it's weird, cash only no PP or bank transfer, I bet its been quite lucrative over the years.
  18. Yup buy the stalk on ebay and active with vcds it's really simple to do
  19. Or just ignore the summons, it's not sent recorded or signed for so you never received it!
  20. I've had a few Mk1 Golf Clipper Mk1 MX5 Pug 306 Pug 307 Pug 308 Megane Mk1 And the Saab 9-3 above I'm currently technically without one (the wife has her 308 still) but next year I'll be buying a modern ish Merc or BMW cab (probably).
  21. I've an S80 in the for sale section 😏
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