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    boring old fart really, still pounding the roads in bloody lorries for the last 37 years.
  1. My favourite NA engines of the time were the 1.9 as fitted to Regatta, and the 2.1 as fitted to Renault 21, i had both and they were superb engines reliable and economical, the 21 was the Savanna estate and the handling was bloody amazing, felt like it was on tracks. Two favourite turboDiesels, the 3.0 mechanically pumped 4 cyl that was in my first 70 series Landcruiser, (that engine became the 3.0D4D which is in my present LC120 series) quiet and refined with massive low revved torque that the closer it got to stalling the more it simply refused to stall, would climb the side of a house on tickover, all you could hear engine wise going down the road was the turbo spooling up, an addictive noise and you could drive on that sound alone, not a trace of black smoke no matter what you did. VW's 2.4 LT van engine as fitted to Volvo 940, very agricultural and none the worse for that, half a turn clockwise on the fuelling screw brought the turbo in much lower, had a 4 speed manual with overdrive and you could drive nearly everywhere just be flicking in and out of OD, my mrs loved the thing.
  2. Try Chemiclean Birmingham (online sales mainly aimed at janitorial), they offer a blue window cleaner in 5 litre bottles, i have never had as good a window cleaner as this stuff. Lots of their stuff is top quality and good value too. www.chemiclean.co.uk
  3. No pumping up required on the last one i put some oil in, electric cab tilt mechanism, guaranteed never* to fail.
  4. IIRC the 1.8 is a Mitsubishi engine, with an underspec single timing chain that needs to be changed at around 80k miles, which isn't going to be a £50 job so chances are few will have been done.
  5. If its a bloody Iveco what's the betting you still have to tilt the cab to add engine oil. Brilliant* design.
  6. Ladies R vandals too? Never thought that would be the case, seriously. I ended up in the ladies at East Midland airport by mistake, when it was a smaller airport, just unloaded 10 rental cars and with me smock pockets bulging with keys shot off into the terminal to find the rental desk, desperate for a number two, as i go into the terminal utter joy theres the bog straight in front, dive in straight in a trap and utter relief.. Thought how nice the loo was and it smelled quite pleasant, then i spotted the dustbin beside the pan..uh oh, penny dropped, arrrgh. Sneaked out with me clip board and pen making notes about bugger all checking lights and fittings as i made me escape..nearly got away with it but a lovely lady was sitting on a bench outside and smiled knowingly at me but kept schtum, she was probably warming her hands on the heat from me face. Luckily no rozzers about, singed up at the rental desk imagining all sorts of scenarios, and made me escape sharpish.
  7. Funny thing about being a dad, your young ones will always be your young ones, you'd take a bullet for them without a moments hesitation, even when they have grown kids of their own they are still your young ones, dad doesn't mean anything by it, he's just doing what he's always done, looking after his lad and helping out. My dad's been dead nigh on 30 years now, there isn't a day goes by that i don't wish i could rest my old eyes on his kind face nor hear his words of encouragement or advice just once more, there were no shades of grey with my dad, black was black and right was right. Yes its time to move on, you'll miss him more than you know.
  8. Quite a few Bedford TM's were fitted with Detroits (course the bastarding Rolonoff 6 wheeler they rented for me had a poxy gutless KM engine, just my luck), they ticked over smooth as silk, dunno but are the American versions bigger more cyls? so lumpy in the way a big V8 is in comparison with a V6? Don't know just thinking out loud.
  9. I had one like this BEL425Y IIRC, bought it from the auctions ex company car, fully waxoyled it and i mean fully it was completely rust free at 2 years old when i bought it, perfect, cleaned the interior which had been heavily smoked in. Totally reliable, bloody good car which never put a foot wrong, stupidly (young idiot who needed a good kick up the arse) i got bored with it and sold it on, though at a decent profit, and like our other bomb proof estate the 940 Diesel bitterly regretted selling it for years...cos i went back to Sierras and the like so resumed mending the bloody things regularly instead of just servicing.
  10. I don't think its crap headlights so much as the friggin light wars. My Mrs seldom drives anywhere outside the town in the dark now, on Friday night we shot over to Northampton late evening, she couldn't bloody believe the amount of light and especially how stupidly bright some headlights and brake lights are on new cars, and don't me started on these bloody DRL's. Still reckon you get a better bit of light on the road from a 7" sealed beam than all these fancy new lights with their sharply cut of beams, bright as fuck in the beam pattern, 1" away from the beam cut off total bloody darkness. Summat else i've noticed, they've almost finished resurfacing the M1 between jcts 16 and 19 for the smart* motorway improvements, the new tarmac is the blackest i've ever seen, it seems to draw your headlights into the surface, might as well be in bloody sidelights...can't wait till thats fully open unlit in sections with no hard shoulder...WCPGW.
  11. I bought some Holts (probably Simoniz now) Mixra off the bay, first used it a lifetime ago, its an aerosol foam which you spray at your minging greasy windscreen give it a few seconds then just use your wipers....crystal clear screen. Bloody handy to keep a can in the glove box, you could give the screen a blast whilst sitting at the traffic lights.
  12. I bought a tabby kitten home from the spice warehouse where the near enough feral mother was employed on rodent control, she never grew very large but a lovely little cat. eventually got herself pregnant, had the kittens and then set about their training. she'd scale the two brick walls, one of them 6 ft, and sod off down the allotments, then she'd grab a bloody rabbit half as big again as her, drag the soddin thing kicking and screaming over those two walls, and then kill the poor sod in front of the kittens and they'd all eat it. Like a bloody African safari in me own back garden. Couple of years later she vanished, i still miss that little tabby.
  13. My 2005 Landcruiser is subject to excess charge, which is a bit of luck cos they can stick pissin london (and any other big city) where the sun doesn't shine, the only time i go near such places is when paid to in a lorry and i fuck off sharpish the very second my deed is done.
  14. Mustardmitt, i was pleased when the little 106 my daughter drove when she first passed her test finally died despite it being a good little car, she drove like the devil himself was after her, still does so i'm pleased she liked the Civics we found for her which were much more sturdy cars, she now owns a bloody 300hp Civic typeR which she bought new, no i haven't been in it and have no wish to worry mesen about her any more than i already do. I've been in hundreds of crashes, was a banger racer in me misspent youth and still have the bolloxed knees, those old cars didn't buckle as easily as crash test footage might imply, but then invariably the accidents were between similarly weighted cars not this statutory offset block which we all find carelessly abandoned on the motorway and is the accident we witness every day, hence to me NCAP and the others are good comparisons but not the be all and end all of motoring survival...if you get pole axed by a big bloody lorry at full speed its curtains whatever you are in. I'm happy my loved ones are in safe solid cars, well apart from the Aygo which hopefully they'll upgrade sometime, its probably fine for its size but compared to other vehicles out there?...this thread prompted me to look at the crash footage for SWMBO's second generation Outback, surprisingly sturdy car for its design time...as for meself i've driven hundreds of thousands of miles in fibre glass cabbed bloody old lorries with 20 tons of steel tubes behind and still here to tell the tale, if i'd had a serious bump in one then there was no chance of survival, i've known many decent lads killed in older lorries. As said when its your turn its your turn, i'll take my own risks and hedge my luck by making sure my car's windows are clean, the lights work well, the brakes are shit hot (thats my obsession) and the tyres as decent wet grip as i can reasonably get, and i won't tailgate under any circs, if i get an idiot stuck up me arse i'll let him by soon as possible until that moment i'll increase my braking distance so hopefully it won't be a sandwich if the idiot hits me up the arse. As in much of life you can make your own chances better by a bit of common sense, but if someone loses it on a bend coming towards you at 80mph or a lorry driven by half wit crosses the central reserve and you're in the way then a couple more stars isn't going to make a huge difference to what happens, as above i'd rather be dead than seriously maimed, cos i is not brave like some you see coping admirably, i wouldn't cope.
  15. Thats exactly it, if you as a customer don't take the piss and are reasonable, and a please and thankyou have been known to help, the right garage will look after you preferably garages operated by the owner, i avoid chains ie fast fit joints like the plague, main dealers too @ £stupid hourly rate plus fit not repair ethos to keep the glass palaces full of receptionists and gell haired suits.
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