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  1. I remember this from my younger days reading CC, absolutely LOVE it Please let us know if / when you get bored!
  2. Glad you're back, hope things are looking up for you
  3. I love a good old leggy bus Looks mint still
  4. Theyre electric push bikes, the 'engine' will more than likely be the battery pack - Vintage electric do a similar thing
  5. Cracking work there Bol - just a thought for your captive nuts - is it worth investing in some riv-nuts if access elsewhere is tight? Cheers!
  6. That doesn't look much fun Gutted for you, and bricking it about getting home now eek
  7. I bought this megane off my mate at work for a ton - he'd run it for 2 years with no problems, never washed it or anything. The first day i got it I gave it a good clean - from then on it would only run on 2 cylinders - replaced the coilpack - still no good. The ECU had gone king dick. That ended my folly into renault ownership pretty swiftly!
  8. I sprayed the rear spoiler for the Astra up on monday, using my luxurious outdoor spray booth.. And my 'earache from the mrs for making the house stink of paint' drying room Pretty happy with how it turned out! I then proceeded to slather most of the tailgate, spoiler, and myself in tiger seal to fit the bastard. I HATE gluing things on! Well happy with the result though, finishes the back end off nicely
  9. I'll take 3 of the arnold clark style ones of you've got any left please?
  10. I absolutely love the things - yes theyre slow and noisy and shit but then most old stuff is. My first car was this: which my Grandad bought new and I inherited when he passed away, I've actually still got it although it's in a very poor state, plan this month is to drag it out and get the pan sent off somewhere for a full resto Second one was this wizard roadster - I was only 17 when I got the blue bug, and although desperately wanted to modify it I had neither the skills or the money. The wizard is the car I learn to work on. It was pretty rotten but managed a few good years next is this red 85 mexi - which is in unbelievable good condition, but in bits. I'm going to nab the shell off this one to repair the blue 71 as the one on that is bollocksed And finally My heavily pineappled 99 mexi 1600i. I'd really recommend a mexican one - mine has the 68-72 style lights on which i think improves it, they drive really nicely and have a few improvements over the earlier ones I say GO FOR IT Mike
  11. I must admit the old ringpiece had a bit of a pucker going on while I disconnected / reconnected mine
  12. The new steering wheel arrived for the Astra yesterday to replace the nasty leper one that was fitted Much better Also it's the first steering wheel I've ever removed with a T50 torx bit too rather than a proper nut
  13. Nice to meet you Unclefester! have a safe trip back
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