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  1. The nostalgia is what swayed me to buy it, I've got so many happy memories of tanning the old thing 'down Peaksy' (the old Grimsby to Louth railway) before they ruined it by building a road on it... Mike
  2. I bought this Beaver Brown Beauty last night - I've been hankering for an old nobber for a while and this is the spit of my first ever field bike, although it is in far nicer condition. I've ordered some XCP rust blocker to give it a good dowsing in, i'd quite like to keep its oily rag patina. It rode the 40 miles home quite happily, I had a right grin on
  3. I personally wouldn't go for that one @BorniteIdentity it sounds like although he's bolted the turbo stuff on the conversion isn't finished. There a quite a lot of differences on the fuelling side - at your budget i'd keep looking for a 2.5tdi.
  4. I've got a LWB 2.4D Caravelle that I converted into my camper. Good ones are getting a bit more pricey now but 5k should find something tidy. The standard seats in mine didn't slide, they were fixed but could be removed fairly easily. It was a 9 seater. They all folded flat, but over onto themselves rather than backwards. The long nose ones look better, and a bit more modern imo. 2.5tdi Is what i'd look out for, my 2.4 will barrel along at 70 more than happily once it's wound up, but it's a steady old trip to get there. They do go forever though, i'm on 381k and counting Rust a
  5. Try and find a Weber 28/30 DFTM off a fiesta / Escort 1400 cvh. I ran one in my old wizard 1600 on a 32/36 manifold, just ported the phenolic spacer to match. It ran unbelievable well. Vac secondaries too
  6. I'll raise @SiC with this mornings Total Recall reading on my camper
  7. I'd LOVE this, made where I live, i think the missing panels and it's 20 years storage outside might make for quite a substantial project mind
  8. Have you seen this one @egg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazda-323-barn-find-project/184307666934?hash=item2ae997cff6:g:9CMAAOSweFhezpwn
  9. I had my Beetle (still got it) and Mk2 Golf Driver
  10. This is one of my favourite threads on AS, top marks
  11. I reckon they've done a better job matching the original CT than they did with the Cub to be fair..
  12. @UltraWomble I've seen the longer seats and in a lot of the press photos they have foot rests fitted - it's the same with the cub - however all the UK ones seem to not be drilled in the swing arm - the bobbins are just blank. The bloke in the dealers said it's because they're not rated to carry the load of 2 of us fat knackers over here - the markets where they are twin seaters tend to be somewhat more svelte
  13. I assume that will go a similar way to the new cub and be available for about 2800 ish in a few months. I LOVE the look of the CT, however i popped to the dealers before THE EVENT to have a gander at the Cub, and for the money i was pretty disappointed with how flimsy it seemed. Also it's a bit disappointing, plus I think quite limiting to their sales, that none of them seem to be available with pillion carrying provisions - they're the ideal thing to chuck on the back of a motorhome etc...
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