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  1. My old Jago / Suzuki on the now sadly scrapped RAF Stenigot dishes
  2. Have a good trip back! Enjoy all the beaver from the beaver brown beauty 😁
  3. Some top work going on there! Who are you using if you don't mind me asking? My T4 is getting to wanting some weldy love....
  4. Mike D

    Fun in the bath.

    Sounds totally fucking fucked mate, big time.
  5. Mike D

    Fun in the bath.

    Can't you just send the carb you've got to a local engineering company and get them to re-bush it? Even if they have to make another spindle, it's bread and butter work for them, surely it's not insurmountable?
  6. Trusty camper is still plodding on, mileage has slowed a bit recently as i've been using the golf for work. Had to change the clocks for the newer style as the old ones failed but managed to get them mileage matched 😁 Score as of yesterday:
  7. This is my daily at present, 30 odd miles of backroads a day
  8. Very sorry to hear this, condolences to you and the rest of Giles' family
  9. They are! Ronal R10 Turbo BPS's
  10. My hunt for a Mk2 Golf ended on Monday To say i'm happy with it is an understatement, it's in fantastic condition, I know the suspension and wheels won't appeal to a lot on here, but I think it suits them. It seems to be great on fuel, and I've not stopped grinning every time I drive it - it's an absolute weapon with the 1.8 20v Turbo conversion. Power steering model too so it's actually nice to drive around town. Verdict - Well chuffed
  11. There's a high mileage thread kicking around somewhere Regardless, my daily T4 Camper just passed 386K at the start of this week
  12. Nice to see you back SL I'm sure that Picnic also had Celica GT4 running gear? or did they do another one?
  13. As said above, theminiforum is very good, plenty of knowledgeable helpful folk on there. Yep, they rust. Lots. My '94 i'm doing at the moment was a very nice example, once one bleb appears though, there's others lurking. I had to do LOADS of metalwork to it and it looked a cracker. I'm still finding bits now - I thought i'd whip the front shock top mounts off to clean and paint them - there was nothing left behind! Check the seams around the bulkhead and inner wing brace panels for any signs of grot. They used to be cheap - now they are not. Parts are readily available, most repro stuff needs a lot of work, genuine is mega pricey. £478 for the rear subframe. Genuine inner wing i've just bought to chop up to repair mine was £180 Minispares are probably the best supplier - they seem to put a lot of effort into reproducing stuff so it's decent quality. I reckon with modern underseals and rust preventers, and a bit of care it should be possible to slow the inevitable creep of rust - i'm building mine as a daily so im hoping, anyway
  14. I missed this before - what an absolute honey 😎
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