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  1. Glad it's found a home and got you back OK. Which side of Leicester are you then @Dobloseven? I was going to grab this if you hadn't as I'm quite local too.
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    I've done some admin, try again bud
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    I hope you get in OK and the damage ain't too bad
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    While you're passing the time feel free to sell me those bucket seats
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  6. DaveDorson


    They'd suit the beetle I'm doing..
  7. They're all keepers until they aren't anymore. Or is that just me?
  8. If you ever decide it needs a new home, give me some warning so I can make up excuses not to add another pornographer spec car to my liability ridden fleet of nonsense cars. Thanks.
  9. Have fun doing the cam belt. They're about 100 miles long.. Love these cars mind.
  10. Lick it.. that'll tell you. Sorry, unhelpful I know.
  11. What in the name of rubber fetish fuckery is happening with them tyres. Looks like they've come off some Scene kiddies Polo with "stretch yo" rubber bands. I absolutely love it by the way, tyre nonsense aside. Those look like Merc Winter wheels which used to command quite the premium when polished up.
  12. Do love a cheap fix. I spent last weekend under the Mondeo because it's thrown an ABS warning light and the handbrake was playing silly fuckers on one calliper. Me being me, I ordered a pair of wheel bearings, and a rear calliper so I could just do the job and not need to wait for parts. I was ordering the servicing parts anyway so it made total sense to spend the extra £60 or so on bits. Of course, I managed to sort out both issues without the parts... so now they're spares that live with the car. ABS sensor was a broken sensor wire, and dirty sensor, sorted them both out and reset the codes and 30 miles later it's still good, so that's a win. I do need to flush and bleed the brakes though as the fluid is manky as fuck, Handbrake I suspected was mal-adjustment of the self adjusting and the cable going a bit slack, tester always has to lift the arm rest and give it a decent yank for the brake test come MOT time, so I got under the car and adjusted it properly, and the bastard still didn't work. Applied a load of XCP to the lever and worked the shit out of it with a spanner on the lever arm and it started to work again, so re-assembled, cleaned, and now I have a working handbrake too.
  13. Let me make sure it's not rotten as fuck in every orifice that you can't see due to plastic arch liners and clean/treat/sort it all out before I even consider asking you to come take a look. I still feel bad about the st220
  14. A pre Christmas one of the Mondeo
  15. I have a smashed lense on my phone camera and it's pissing down with rain outside. The Merc is on a mates driveway up the road and the Mondeo in a layby near the shop at the top of the road.. I can probably take some photos for anyone who would be interested in either cars but neither are prepared for sale yet.
  16. It's spring, so I think I need to make a call on what's getting culled from Dave's shit fleet this year. As you have no doubt seen, I've added to the herd a bit recently. The Range Rover was an absolutely stupid idea but it's a magnificent bastard of a thing so far and I'm enjoying it.. that's staying. The SLK 230 r170 manual I have passed its MOT recently and now I have a workshop again the advisories are being done, that'll have a fresh service, new tyres, balljoints, brake hoses and solid lines and probably get some Shultz chucked at the underside, the roof leaks around the seals so they'll get some silicone grease on the tops, the Aircon doesn't work anymore (it did, I've not investigated this) and it's got some rust and lacquer peel but will get a machine polish and cleaned up and I'll make a call on it.. it's certainly not as grotty as some I've seen and it's a manual box. It's a potential candidate for the chop for sure. The Mondeo ST estate has been a bit of a stalwart of my chod over the years and keeps passing MOTs. I doubt anyone on here would want it as it's been hit with the lowering stick, it's got asbo tints, an asbo exhaust and a fancy aftermarket stereo with nice speakers up front and an audison bitune DSP. It looks like it's regularly used to reclaim diesel from parked lorries and plant equipment, definitely has an air of low level criminal about it. Its overdue it's service so that's happening next week, it's lost a jacking point cover and the HUGE bremo brakes I added squeal at low speed (BMW 4 pots and focus RS-500 discs) so I'll take them apart and clean them and grease them. It really needs tyres, it definitely needs a good rust proof and bodywork doing. I keep promising to sort it over the summer but I never do, however when it's right, by Jove is it fun. That's also probably up for the chop. T4...it's mega rusty and I really ought to scrap it, so I've bought the arches and other panels to do that, it's too useful really. 1972 Beetle.. still, a million hours later being restored.. can't sell it. "New" (model year 2000) beetle 2.slow.. it needs sills, I have sills, I should MOT it and use it.. I probably won't.. wife wants me to keep it. It's slammed and has gold Porsche replica wheels on it, its a black car. I hate this thing and I love VWs.. go figure. Been off the road forever now but it's one I got the wife to kick her into learning to drive.. it didn't work..but because it's "her" car I'm struggling to get rid of it. I have two other projects I need to get into, but the brown and beige VW T3 caravelle and Subaru turbo powered 1303 are really "one day" projects that I use as an excuse to keep a workshop on, despite the financial bleed it has on me.
  17. Or an l322 range rover with a patchy history and many people saying it's a terrible idea. Chodspeed.
  18. Had a bit of time today as I waiting for a subframe to turn up for an XJL Jaaaagwarrr. So I did the diesel, cabin, oil and air filter on the car and gave it an oil change. To be honest it all seemed OK, the oil nice and clean and the air filter wasn't absolutely hanging, but no receipt means it's not been done as far as I'm concerned. I also took those fucking horrible DRLs off which had been wired in using scotch blocks and bell wire, and were basically retina burning shit that shouldn't be allowed near a car, and are now in the bin. And yes, Britpart filters, I'm sure someone will tell me my car will now explode but having used these a few times for friends on their stuff in the past, I'm quite happy they'll be absolutely fine. Expensive bushes not fitted, even though I have the bolts now, simple because they don't have any play in them, still at least I have them now read for if they do develop play. I took the whole unit out where the cabin filter sits because I wanted to vac out the system from the big holes. I've got spiders coming out the vents 🤣.. well I did. I don't now. Gearbox fluid not done.. the mechatronics wiring sleeve needs doing and I don't have it yet. I do have the gearbox oil and sump, but there's no point taking it apart to do it again when the parts turn up, so I just hosed it all down with brake cleaner and washed it where it was leaking to make sure that's 100% the issue. I'll probably do the box, transfer case and diff oil at the same time. I've not blocked the EGR valves off either. I was going to while I had the HVAC filter unit off but decided against it, as it's all working fine and I don't really see the point unless things start to go bad. It's not like it's lacking in performance and needs any help, and really if it gets to that I'll probably strip the inlet off and clean it all up at the same time, but my parts cleaners are still in kit form right now.
  19. So Landrover Melton Mowbray didn't get the bolts in I needed to do the bushes on the back.. I've cleaned and soaked the rear bolts in a mix of acetone and atf and left it to fester, I'll try them tomorrow when I have some more time. I also need a gearbox mechatronics cable seal, which I don't have, so I'm not changing the gearbox oil until that shows up. But the tyres.. well I've had to stick the new wheels and tyres on today because . my plan was always to change the wheels and tyres but I don't have my compressor running at the moment as such I don't have my tyre machine to stick the Pirelli tyres on I have. I do have some 22s though with new rubber so they went on. It actually drives EXACTLY the same as with 20s. More tomorrow, maybe
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