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  1. Haha
    N Dentressangle got a reaction from Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    What a fucking PITA
    And I thought Land Rovers were shit 😉
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    N Dentressangle reacted to RichardK in RichardKs wanderings: Range Rover MoTd, but I'm still enjoying the X3   
    My partner thinks I'm mad doing all this stuff on the BMW but likes it, apart from it being too noisy. I don't know how to explain the difference between noisy like the 208D which is toddler smashing a tin toy on an apparently never-ending bannister while repeating NONONO and walking on pistachio shells in clogs, and noisy like the X3 3.0sd with a stainless de-DPF setup which is a TOOL gig performed on a platform pulled by a Deltic and why the latter is acceptable, even desirable.
    The only bit I don't like about the X3 exhaust/DPF removal, other than legality/breaking my own moral code of "make it right like the manufacturer intended and make it work properly, don't bodge or bypass", is that it makes the garage into something resembling an early 1990s Scottish Borders Transport bus garage full of green-at-the-gills students adding NOx and asthma to their hangovers. And that's just reversing 20ft.
    On the other hand, I'm definitely getting my money's worth from the high VED.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to RichardK in RichardKs wanderings: Range Rover MoTd, but I'm still enjoying the X3   
    This is just faffing - I'm going to do waterpump and thermostats soon but continuing the curse of "messed up parts delivery" Amazon have /damaged/ the parcel for the Febi pump that was supposed to arrive today.
    I'll probably get the intake pipes out of the way then decide "oh I'll just do the turbo vacuum pipes as well" and by the time I'm done will have refurbed everything 😂
    Running totals:
    Secondhand tail light: £24.95 posted (yeah, I missed one at £43 and was annoyed then that one popped up - arrived next day on Fedex!).
    Central locking solenoid for fuel filler: £33 but not here yet
    Both EGR and main thermostats: £76 (Behr - OEM with BMW number ground off) - was £130 from dealer but they messed up first time so I never picked them up.
    Oil filter, oil, air filter - irrelevant consumables but about £100 using proper oil.
    Rear dampers £120 Bilstein B4 plus £17 for bump stop kit
    Parts needed, in order of "ease of sorting"
    Upper air cleaner housing - a whole box is £25-35 on eBay so not worried
    Wheel arch liner NSF - £40 secondhand typically but I need one with an extra cooler vent - only one I've see  so far has damage. £700 new so that's not happening!
    Front dampers: Bilstein B4 look to be around £250 for the pair, plus any useful things like upper bearings. They aren't stiff or noisy, so might be okay.
    Front suspension R&R. It clonks a bit, and has a little wander, so like the dampers is probably all original. There are kits of all the links for around £200-250 but I don't trust the quality, and a polybush kit is eye-wateringly expensive and hard to fit without a press.
    Prop centre bearing: ££ - who knows. Part is cheap, but fitting involves getting the old bearing off, plus it's wise to replace the guibo/flex disc and those are expensive for good ones. Say £100-500 depending on what I end up doing.
    Transfer box: £700 if it needs it. I'm not convinced and suspect the right wheels and tyres, a fluid change, and recalibration may be all that is needed.
    Differentials: oil changes for sure. If I drop the centre bearing and it's not worn, the rear diff may be the source of the noise but I think @Robson3022 mentioned that the previous owner had had something done with the diff.
    Again,  unsure, as I don't see much sign of anything being done major maintenance-wise with the car bar the freaking obvious stainless noisy exhaust system. It does have a history of investigating a turbo issue that was down to vacuum hoses.
    Turbos/oil/crap: it chucks out reek when the second turbo kicks in, only momentarily, and sometimes feels off-boost despite hearing the small one spin up right away. Lots going on with these engines, but worst case seems to be a core exchange on the turbos, at around £200.
    However, it's not a new car and the breather/intake system looks like a pacific island disaster movie after an oil tanker crash. My gut feeling is that if I can find the mojo to strip and clean the intake manifold, breathers, anything related and change the cam cover gasket carefully to try and eradicate leaks, the car will be cleaner overall and more economical. The discouraging aspect is how grim and filthy the engine bay is around the engine. Typical diesel things, but I wonder if steam cleaning an engine bay is still a thing and if it's a monumentally stupid idea on a modern car. Cleaning the inlet manifold (I don't know if this has swirl flaps, but that area usually gets really coked up) would be a bigger win than chasing down the weakness in the rocker cover seal that drips oil near the EGR, but also I take a holistic view - breather systems are important on low compression, clean-running petrol cars, so on a high compression soot-filled derv burner I suspect they are really important to the original design's performance.
    While I'm repairing it, I have a dream* car to drive. There are some remarkably cheap ones for sale and I suspect I'll buy one when the Range Rover finds a new home...

    I had the current Musso Sports and always wanted to try the Korando Sports, which had its own racing season for a while. On Pirelli Scorpions this one does handle very well, though you can feel the SsangYong wobble from the light steering.
    Some BMW content. You can't smell or feel what the trim in the boot was like before but I can assure you it is now fluffier and softer than I thought possible - when I can put this all back together it'll be lovely.

    Well, mostly. I don't like to wish ill on people but I hope the inventor of late-90s to early 2000s "soft touch plastic coatings" has a corner of the afterlife waiting for them where they suffer from eternal, skin-peeling sunburn that also goes sticky and claggy to touch.

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    N Dentressangle reacted to RichardK in RichardKs wanderings: Range Rover MoTd, but I'm still enjoying the X3   
    Thankyou, that is very much appreciated! You can see I'm into the X3 for the long haul I think, hopefully won't waste too much money on stupid things but I'm trying to get all the preventative maintenance done and servicing, rather than just fix problems.
    Cannot believe that a previous owner of this thing - 286hp, 580Nm, £45K and clearly looked after and cared for in some regards, given I could undo the shock bolts left-handed while lying on the ground and the underside is so clean - had never replaced the suspension. It definitely needs the front shocks doing as well, which of course opens the gateway of "well I'll just do the springs at the same time etc" - but 17 years and 135,000 miles of high-performance car, worn out suspension for must be 7 years of that at least? Even that's being generous IMO, dampers never used to last a decade.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to RichardK in RichardKs wanderings: Range Rover MoTd, but I'm still enjoying the X3   
    May as well lift the seat and clean more...

    Worth it!
    £3.56 scavenged - the hoover got a hidden £2
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    N Dentressangle reacted to RichardK in RichardKs wanderings: Range Rover MoTd, but I'm still enjoying the X3   
    Business end:

    Mystery business:

    This box was hanging loose in the engine bay and has clearly been getting friendly with the aux belt...

    I may actually be defeated by the idea of cleaning the vacuum/breather/turbo/PCV sort of system...
    But it's a bit grubby.
    I dislike diesels.

    But at least the leaking oil and gunk will be fresh

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    N Dentressangle reacted to RichardK in RichardKs wanderings: Range Rover MoTd, but I'm still enjoying the X3   
    Silver stuff would be fine for boom, but it's shaped like a cocoon to hold all the wires and trim away from bits they could rattle on, so it wouldn't work for a quiet interior. I'm just accepting that it's crumbling and it'd do that eventually behind the trim anyway.
    If a new piece were available and sensibly priced I'd replace it!
    BMW progress:
    Autodoc sent wrong parts, but Autodoc is also the only place with affordable, in-stock Bilstein B4 dampers so I ordered the direct equivalent ones (cheaper than sport ones) and am returning the others.
    Removing the dampers, trim aside, was stupidly easy - the 18mm bottom bolt coming off without jacking the car up or anything silly, just a normal 1/2" ratchet and 18mm impact socket. Upper bolts and mounts removed with 16mm ring spanner and adjustable to hold the shock.
    Dropped the mounts in the ultrasonic cleaner and have applied waxoyl to the body mount and shock mount plate, also deploying clear waxoyl in the rear inner wings.
    Since the interior is mostly removed I'm cleaning each part, and replacing the fuel flap locking motor with a new VDO one as it doesn't seem to be working. Retrieved the screw I dropped using a borescope with magnetic end...

    Also decided that cold oil or not, I'm changing the oil and filter while it's stuck in the garage with no rear dampers.
    This is what most of the interior (other than the boot floor/carpet - @Robson3022 isn't a monster and anything you could normally see was clean) looked like:

    Same part on the other side, now cleaned:

    It's an amazingly solid and straight car - the original damper being the ORIGINAL for example, yet coming off as easily as a new car - it makes me think BMW has gone for reliability by making cars out of good bits, then gone for "selling new ones" by making replacing said bits an absolute ballache guaranteed to result in broken trim etc.
    And what the hell is wrong with British drivers that they will run a £50K (in 2006) high-performance small 4x4 on the same fucking dampers for 135,000 miles/17 years?!? Why do people hate maintaining their expensive, advanced cars so much?
    If I get brave, I might remove the headliner and fix the sunroof guides. At this rate it'll still be occupying the garage when I have some money again, so I might do the front shock absorbers as well.
    Shame it needs a chunky puller to do the centre prop bearing!
    As if that weren't already enough planned work, I ordered two Moog front control arms for the PT Cruiser to deal with the separating rubber bush. Should handle better on those and Moog has a good reputation for Chrysler bits, though it's equally likely Autodoc will send me one dozen starving crazed weasels.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to dollywobbler in Vanishing motoring YouTube channels   
    I get that. I look back with huge fondness at stuff like the Fox, Mighty Dacia etc and it's definitely a different dynamic now. I'm much happier as a person now though, and it's lovely to have a family that want to be involved with things. Plus, family life allows less time for tinkering than when I was effectively hiding from a failing marriage...
    As seen above, some like the new way, some don't. There's definitely been a change of viewers I think but I learnt long ago you can't please everyone. So I just keep doing what a like and keep hoping people watch. They seem to be thankfully, though I'm under no impression that it'll last forever.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    I think it wants to find out what being turned into a washing machine is like.
    I’ll try and get in for a better look at some point this weekend. A gasket is about £15.
    A radiator is about £100 though, so I’m hoping one of the cars here can donate a radiator as I’m not in a position to spend that right before we’re meant to be going on holiday.
    My mrs has suggested offering it up for scrap money in order to get it out the way, recoup what I’ve spent on parts and a fraction of my time, and let someone else have a crack at getting it over the last hurdle. I’m not really feeling it for this car anymore so I may give it a clean and offer it up, but after a shit night and a disappointing morning I want to sleep on it first so I have a clear head.
    I do have a small treat for myself lined up this afternoon so that’s something. Non-car collection of something essential* to the cause of shiteing is due to take place in about an hour or so.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    Not all of it, but a respectable sized puddle. Plus a bit of coolant for good measure.
    I parked up outside the test centre afterwards and witnessed the oil leak and some drips of coolant.
    It’s now at home, it still has oil and coolant in it, and it’s refusing to leak anything whilst sat idling.
    It is getting warm, so I wonder if my fan switch isn’t working, and that’s causing it to vomit a bit of coolant out.
    The oil will require more investigation. It’s either something turbo related or the rear main seal judging by the location of the drip.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    Well that didn’t last long. It dropped its oil out this time.
    I don’t think I like XM’s anymore.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    I’ve made it here with all my fluids contained inside.
    The car hasn’t leaked yet either.

    The way it’s been going I’d swear it stood for eXtreme Misery.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    I hope it’s not an omen to the MOT this morning, but my son woke up at half 12 last night and couldn’t get back to sleep until about 3am. My daughter then woke up at just after 4am and was up for about 40 minutes. For some reason one of my bollocks hurt most of the night and I felt queasy.
    For good balance, the couple of hours sleep I did get was peppered with vivid nightmares.
    I’m absolutely fucked.
    Only one slot in the toaster is working so I’m having breakfast by instalments.

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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    Thanks chaps, the car has definitely been trying me but it’s now booked in for a ticket first thing Saturday and if it fails on anything then I’ll be tearing it straight apart, getting parts in and getting it sorted for the following weekend hopefully. I really hope I don’t have to buy anything stupidly expensive or, even worse, do any fucking welding…
    As has been pointed out, without that spare engine I’d have been up shit creek a few times now.
    Once the XM is sorted and gone, I’ll have to figure out what to do with the spare motor.
    The idiot in me says that a 2.1td automatic BX is the correct* thing to create from what I’ve got laying around on my driveway. Whether I have the time and patience for that is another thing.
    According to my Big Board of Priorities (tm), I should be welding the Proton up and then selling it. I lay in bed at night thinking about things like my partners friends naked the ZAZ 968 though.
    What would you folks like to see me drag out of the field and fix this year?
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    Small update:
    I bled the brake this evening. All the Citroen liquid stayed inside afterwards.

    I’m calling that a success.
    I need to throw a couple of exhaust clamps on it from halfrauds and then it’s ready to roll for an MOT.
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - XM MOT Day: Forts and Pears   
    Today I wanted to sort out the last problems of note on the XM.
    I started with these warning lights this morning.

    Replacing the coolant that was lost when changing the pump got me to here:

    The handbrake is on, so that leaves the ABS.
    To recap, as it’s been sometime, when I last ran the diagnostic test on it I was given two codes that wouldn’t clear - the near side front sensor and the offside rear sensor. When I busted out the multimeter, the NSF was open circuit and from memory the OSR was very high impedance. I replaced the front, and that cured that code. I then procrastinated over fitting the rear and focussed on the fuel pump instead.
    The pump was sorted* yesterday, so that just leaves the offside rear sensor. Luckily the rears are the most miserable ones to sort. Legend has it that they’re bonded in with adhesive, and use a height adjuster to get the correct clearance as they have to be a gnat’s cock away from the badly designed reluctor ring.
    Best get started then.
    Amazingly, the rear shield came away without an any disasters.

    The sensor was well and truly stuck in there. With a bit of persuasion it snapped off and left the shaft in. Standard.

    Disc off then.

    That needed some proper testing with a nylon mallet to get it free.
    Next up I needed to crack loose the hub.

    Lots of teeth and lots of shiny bits.

    Well, there’s your problem:

    Release the STUFF!

    I chiselled out the remains of the collar with a screwdriver, and I was left with all this shite.

    It was fouling the new sensor and stopping it going in. I seem to recall this being mentioned on the XM forums as being a menace to clean out properly. Fortunately I’m a lazy bastard, so I realised that an 18mm drill bit and my laser guided eyeball would do it in two seconds.

    I then fucked around measuring things to figure out if I was going to have any length issues when it came to going sloppy seconds on the freshly reamed hole.

    The reluctor was in when I took that measurement initially.

    Looks good to me.
    I then spent some time fucking around looking for a suitable shim to get the clearance I needed, before realising the heat/dust shield that bolts under it is the perfect thickness. Here’s how it looked before I realised that, and I was using a washer:

    Reassembly is the reverse of removal. This is the absolute worst part in my opinion:

    That connector is up between the top of the rear beam and floor pan. It’s best to get to it from under the car, popping up in alternate places under the subframe like a demented meerkat. It’s one of those things where you can either see it or you can touch it, but not both at once. Speaking of which, if you’re doing this job then it’s worth observing this:

    Similar to the front, there’s a couple of types of sensor and if you’re lucky like me then you can use either impedance value which opens up some options. The green one is original to my car, the blue one is the replacement. The lugs are in different places, but a craft knife sorts that.

    Once it was all back together, it was time for the moment of truth.

    Result! The ABS diag ran as it should then the lamp went out. I now have no warning lights whilst the car is running.
    I’ll give it a quick run round the block, then see if I can sort the slow starting by tweaking the fuelling and throttle adjustment (I’m 99% certain they’re marginally out as it was originally firing instantly on this pump) and then I’ll get her in for a ticket.
    Im really pleased to finally be whittling down the known big jobs on this car, hopefully the MOT doesn’t throw up anything horrible.

    Also, a big shout out to the weather today. It would’ve been absolutely miserable doing this job whilst rolling around the floor in near constant rain…

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    N Dentressangle reacted to High Jetter in Amelia's Automotive Adventures - Goodbye Scarlett, Hello Rosie   
    Could be made into a hearse, for short people 
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    N Dentressangle reacted to Amelia in Amelia's Automotive Adventures - Goodbye Scarlett, Hello Rosie   
    Swapped it over, made it 8 miles before heavy traffic and a non existent fan meant I had to pull over. 
    Waited a while, bled some air out and off we went
    Even got a fuel station shot.

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    N Dentressangle reacted to Amelia in Amelia's Automotive Adventures - Goodbye Scarlett, Hello Rosie   
    Well. That was an interesting collection. 

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    N Dentressangle reacted to SiC in SiC's consolidated moderns - 2004 BMW Z4 2.2 and 2005 BMW 330i (new arrival)   
    Found one on eBay for £135. Took my best offer of £125.

    There is a local guy wanting £225, reduced from £250. I did perchance message him asking him if he'd do it for a more realistic £135 (I had nothing to loose) and I could collect. He said no, he knows what they're worth and £210 was his lowest. Despite numerous eBay sellers having them at £175. That seller at £175 (quarry) sold one last month at £145. My offer of £145 was rejected too...
    Anyway I got one at a more reasonable price. Hopefully its a good working one now after I've pissed everyone off. 😂
    (One of the later hardware revisions, so hopefully so. My plan is to leave the maps dvd out as apparently that stops the units getting so warm as they don't have to keep working so hard when driving along to keep locations updated.)
    The cluster on this barely shows anything. Also can't set the time without a working idrive. Pretty much the main reason why I'm putting so much effort in to fix this - so I can have a working clock!
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    N Dentressangle got a reaction from mercedade in Rover 827 update.... Putting things back together, more faff...   
    Supposing it IS like the P38, are you able to take it apart? Folks seem to try and find new switch packs for them, but they're actually really easy to dismantle and clean.
    Having looked at this:
    the contacts arrangement is v similar to P38s. You probably just need to clean it, with no soldering needed.
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