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  1. Here's the previous owner: https://www.bdbpitmans.com/our-people/toby-richards-carpenter/ Obviously a poverty stricken working class chap 🤣 I'll drop him a line and see if I can get more of the story. I've also found his old Interrailing ticket which he might fancy for posterity!
  2. Underneath is OK, really. I'll put it up on the ramps tomorrow and have a proper rummage, but most of the welding looks quite professional compared to all the pigeon shit I've seen over the past couple of weeks. There's an isolated rust hole on one of the sills, and some of the repairs aren't as neat as I'd like but overall I'm happy enough with it. Pics tomorrow!
  3. Interesting - thanks. This is the place that did the resto: http://www.performance-cars-directory.co.uk/classic-sports-car-services No longer in business I suspect, but maybe the one you're thinking of?
  4. Does, doesn't it? I think I'd drag that out, fix it and drive it. I likes the yeller ones!
  5. Yep, Bailey Paints round the corner from me will be able to sort it out. Car was originally white - pics later!
  6. There's a photographic record with the car of the restoration it had in 1998. I'll post some of the pics up if anyone's interested. I was hoping there'd be a mention of the paint colour so I could get a code and sort out a rattle can but all there is is this: Glad I didn't pay for that one!
  7. First fix completed. The PO but one had fitted a Kenlowe fan. Nice idea, but they'd wired it up to run all the time ignition was on. Duh - waste loads of power and make your engine run cold all the time... Quick bit of re-wiring and removal of about 57899 miles of insulation tape and we now have a fan which kcks in more or less where it should. Can always do some fine adjustments later. Now need to order some halogen headlamps. It's on sealed beams, and they were friggin scary in the Series LR so fuck knows what they'll be like in something capable of more than 40mph
  8. It's home! Had a fiddle with the fuses and as predicted, fuse #1 was the problem. Although it looked undamaged when tested with the meter it wasn't passing any power. I'd taken a bag of glass fuses with me, so popped a new one in after cleaning all the contacts and everything came back to life - indicators, lights, the lot. A quick twiddle of a screwdriver on the twin SU's and we had a decent idle too, so off we went. First decent straight I came to I tried the overdrive switch and bugger me but that works too now as well! Stopped on the A46 for some Super Premium (no pics, sorry) and did all the way back to Stroud with the hood down. Got hailed on a bit in the last mile but otherwise brilliant. So, what's it like? remarkably solid to drive - my last Spit was much more wobbly, crashy and shaky. This one feels much tighter by comparison plenty fast enough for modern traffic - pulls really well, and although I didn't go over 60mph it does that at a canter in OD top. My last one didn't have OD, and now I realise I was really missing out light, direct and fast steering - bear in mind I'm coming from a Land Rover, but it bears good comparison with Mrs D's Metro and feels pretty planted in the corners. I didn't push things as it's new to me and the roads are wet and filthy snug interior but much more room than the Midget - feels more like the kind of space in the MGB Will now do some fettling this afternoon and report back with more pics 😁
  9. Collection -2.5hrs Poo count 0 and not expected to rise. Too excited
  10. Once I've made it actually work properly again, fix #1 is probably the seats. Currently black vinyl buckets with no headrest. They should look like these: Obvs the nasty and wrong B&W stick on front plate will be going, and the correct Spitfire 1500 decals stuck on bonnet and boot. Sorted the insurance - £74 🤣 And taxing historics is always such a pleasure too
  11. Collection scheduled for 1030 tomorrow. Luckily the weather seems to be OK - rain overnight but dry by 10am, which is important when the car has no wipers. Ideally we'll get them working in some way before we set off, but if not then I'm well prepared: Driving up there with a mate, then planning on doing A46 all the way home. Got breakdown cover with recovery if I get an irretrievable FTP. No idea why. It's a crappy old car. But I am.
  12. Exactly. Which is why collection is planned for daylight hours on Wednesday 🤣
  13. Tale of the purchase is here: Collection is scheduled for Wednesday. Engine runs like a great, and drives fine. However, most of the other stuff like wipers and lights are AWOL. Was looking at trailering it home, but the nearest trailer hire place is 20 miles away on the other side of Gloucester. Fuck that. So, Plan B coming into effect is to just go and make the electrics work then drive it back. From the stuff that's not working, I'd say there's a fuse which is suspect #1: http://www.triumphspitfire.com/Fuses.html Not the frigging Space Shuttle, is it?
  14. Here I am in the blue Series the other weekend on a lane in the Forest of Dean: Trailwise is definitely the way to go. You can work things out with patience and an OS map, but TW2 is much easier
  15. Well, this question decided itself. P38 shat its head gasket in Weston super Mare a couple of weeks ago, following its first good motorway run. As any fule knos, you might get away with a £300 + loadsoftimeandswearing cost to replace the HG, or you might find a liner has slipped, the block is scrap, and there's now a P38 shaped folly blocking your garage. I paid £800 for the car, breaker offered me £700 = no brainer. £100 for 4 months of V8 fun: what's not to like?
  16. https://www.idmobile.co.uk/sim-only-deals I have their £6 per month deal. Works a treat.
  17. Happy ending and a new lease of life for something which still had plenty left. OK, not the most glamorous of cars but worth saving all the same - good for you.
  18. Even better if you can blag yourself a Trade Card
  19. I couldn't find any arguments for Defenders either. The Series has way more character and the Defender is still too uncomfortable and shit to use as any kind of car. There's a reason why some folks call the Disco 1 the 'thinking man's Defender' So, this 'nice looking P38' you're after... 😉
  20. Hey, it could be worse... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/487355106498439/
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