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  1. Living the dream Love the satisfied customer quote on their website: "my wife quite likes the car now"
  2. I'd go with this. There must be a local starter / alternator fettler near you which you could swing by on one of your 'daily exercises'? Shouldn't cost much, and a damn sight easier than pulling the lump or the box. I've found you a workshop manual (attached), but it's in German. Google translate is your friend, or post up what you want to know and I'll translate it. The brochure's rather pretty, too w115-200d-220d-reparatur-anleitung.pdf w115-catalogue.pdf
  3. This doesn't actually look that fucked, but isn't it MASSIVE! Have some crusty Bristol beauty: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-CX25-TRi-Safari-2-5-Auto-Estate/153885472607
  4. That's ace. Well done. If you haven't found it already, the brake warning light is switched on by a slide switch on the brake pedal which turns the light on when the pedal goes down too far. You can just push it back to re-set.
  5. Great stuff. Look forward to seeing / hearing it - the V4 makes such a great noise! I used to get 35-36mpg from the FoMoCo on a run, so not too bad. More like 30 round town, I think. The tank is small by modern standards, so fuel economy isn't so noticeable. Good use of the freewheel helps.
  6. I have my eye on a classic Mini gearbox in Retford, and if you're lucky* enough to live in or near, I might need some help in collecting / storing / shitely. Anyone?
  7. Your dad is well recompensed. Want to come and stay with us for a bit? 😉
  8. Good stuff. Can't visualise what you mean yet, but I'm sure you're the bodger for the job! 😉 The Nikki gives quite decent poke, if I remember. The original FoMoCo is really restrictive and generally shite.
  9. https://www.mg-rover.org/threads/how-to-cvt-gearbox-oil-change.268588/ + https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-x-1L-UNIPART-CVT-FLUID-OIL-FORD-ROVER-M2C166-H-GUL1201-5-litres-5L/250811122195?hash=item3a65820213:g:9BsAAMXQsmFRfVj- would be my opening gambit for cheaps.
  10. I never considered K sealing mine for this reason. Some folk try DW tablets, but I wondered whether that would be a bit harsh on an alloy engine. I've gone for initial treatment of washing powder and degreaser. I'll drain it in the next day or two, flush it with water and re-fill with Holts Radflush. We'll have to see if it needs another bottle of Radflush before I finish with antifreeze mix.
  11. Trip to Bucklands with a tape measure, once that's possible? The pancake filters gave carb icing problems with the Nikki on mine, and something remote would be better IMO
  12. There's a guy just north of Gloucester a mate used for his a couple of months ago. I can find name / nr if you need it. If you get stopped you can always say it's medical, and you're going to see someone because there's something wrong with your head.
  13. I just did you a lovely 'how to' picture guide! I think the only special bits you need are a size 12 reverse Torx socket and a little cam locking tool off Ebay. You might want to think about a head skim, depending what it looks like once you're in there. btw I thought the 1.6 engines were Honda. Did they swap to a K at some stage?
  14. Afternoon's work and she's a runner? 😉
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