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  1. I think there's a fair bit of crossover between these and the P38, whose window switches are easily gubbed by a bit of dirt/corrosion on the contacts. Could well be by cleaning things out and using them you've fixed the problem.
  2. You hook the croc clips up to another battery, plug the lighter plug into the car whose battery you're changing, then change the battery whilst the 12v feed is maintained to the car so nothing is ever disconnected.
  3. M25 is closed in Surrey this weekend https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cljdx9w2zlzo but hopefully you knew that.
  4. Changing the battery should be the same as any other car. If you're worried about the immobiliser etc then you could always use one of these car battery saver things?
  5. He sounds great. What a greedy theiving git, and a stupidly light punishment. Got to be the most risk free way of nicking £20k there is. I wouldn't be welding new pods in the RR. Strip down, clean up with wire brush on grinder, maybe a few easy welds if there's a way, then some good thick coats of paint and underseal. No more MoT grief. It's not structurally load bearing anyway, so doesn't need to be like the Forth Bridge.
  6. Agreed - a decent modern radiator seems a good investment to me too. That old rad will be silted to buggery with corroded fins etc, and was probably only marginally big enough in the first place knowing Ford's attitude to avoidable costs.
  7. Funny thing to wish for but hey, it came true!
  8. What a bunch of chods. I've found Paypal rather good at dealing with this kind of bollocks in the past, and suspect you'll get all your money back + p&p off them. Which will be satisfying.
  9. One negative I've always found about travelling in Europe is the lack of savoury pies and pastries of the kind sold by Ginsters and others here. They just don't seem to exist there. Gap in the market perhaps?
  10. They're fitted to RRC's too: G Go down totally randomly - will start one moment then nothing the next. Can be responsible for a very weak spark, fooling you into thinking it should start. But it won't. Sound familiar?
  11. Bloody hell, you still got this? 😉
  12. Had an E46 in that colour which was awful for birdshit stains. I'm guessing BMW's paint of the period was nothing very special.
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