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  1. Yessss a Tipo! I past my driving test in a G reg 1.6 DGT I failed my first driving test in a 205 derv, took the re-test in my mums car. At the time, tests were conducted by the examiners all walking into the room where the candidates were waiting and calling out their victims name. As we all walked out to the car park there was the 'read the number plate' and then the question, which is your car? In a car park full of 205's stood the Tipo. My examiner smiled, got in and proceeded to get comfy. I remember the instructor saying, never try to engage the examiner in conversation, this chap was chatting all the way round, 'nice car', 'very comfy'. Reversing around a corner was a great, near side electric mirror! He smiled at that and reminded me when I forgot to bring it back up. Got so many other stories I could tell, great car, great memories.
  2. You're not alone, I was enjoying the sound of those purring away.
  3. Many different car failures merge into one over time. I am sure my 2.0 had a hydrulic clutch and needed a new slave cylinder. It's mounted outside the box so not a major drama. Not really relevant to the issues with DW's clutch... Carry on!
  4. I had the honour of owning one of these comfy chariots. A 1990 2.0 GSXi Hatch. It suffered from bizarre corrosion, the guides for the windows which live inside the doors rot out from the bottom, all the ones I could find in the breakers at the tile suffered the same fate. You'll know when the guide goes, the window drops at 45 degrees and wont go backup! More alarming was the fuel filler pipe from the flap to the tank. I had brimmed the car one day and walking back I saw a puddle under the rear wheel, quick check and it was petrol dripping out the filler pipe. A later inspection found it was like a sieve. It had a sunroof that leaked, I left some paper in the roof near the leak that absorbed enough in the rain and then dried out quickly ready for the next shower. Apart from that, it was comfy, went well, better infact than a mk1 1.8 16v Vectra that were brand new at the time and filling up the M25 I swapped it for a Classic Range Rover after eight or nine months... but thats another story
  5. Forty-two


    I cant be dealing with internet sites, I too have a good local indy. I may pay a bit more, but I prefer supporting a local business.
  6. I have a feeling that all my stories now start with, about twenty years ago... Anyway, taking my mum to work using her car, pulled away from a junction, bang, she thought I'd stalled it. Turns out the cam belt snapped which it was later discovered took a few valves with it. G Reg 1.6 Fiat Tipo. Engine got rebuilt, all was well again.
  7. Cracking, will give them a try.
  8. This is to get one through an MOT. Trouble with imports, there is probably a shop in Japan full of parts and we can't get them!
  9. Help! I am on the lookout for a nearside indicator for a 97 Toyota Regius. Google and ebay have all drawn a blank. Anyone have any ideas how or where I can find one?
  10. Had a punto with the 1.9 jtd it just has a smaller turbo bolted and slightly different manafold. Only problems I had were , An egr valve that clogged up/failed not sure how it was driven like a small italian car everyday An injector that occasionally leaked derv, this pooled and smoked badly. Dont know if the stilo has the same plumbing, but watch for metal coolant pipes at the front of the engine that rot from the outside. Other than that, it was a good motor.
  11. I've got one of these, https://www.robertsradio.com/uk/products/radio/dab/solardab-2 worked a treat in the old freelander after the AM packed up on the car radio. headphone jack plugged into the aux in, worked well. It's a tough little radio, moves from workshop to garden, has been dropped, kicked, rained on, just keeps going.
  12. Was given a landrover experience one time, that was an hour pottering around the woods in a new Range Rover. Was fun for 10 minutes, then it got boring very quickly. Amazing car, but the guide was a bore. He kept on about how it was a big car, I got sarky and said it's not as big as an 8 wheel skip lorry. Last one I drove had a low range, splitter and three diff locks. We didn't get on after that. With the driving experience in mind, I did purchase the wife three flying laps with Tiff Needell, that was hilarious watching from the side, got the in car vid as well.
  13. Just had a clear out of shite, it's more than my life's worth to refil the gap with more shite!
  14. Those seats would complement the avacado green bathroom at my dads place. They do look super comfy
  15. Ok, I know this one is expensive, ( I am sure I paid less for it last year ) but, it cranked a dead 306 derv for 10 minutes until I learnt about the fuel priming bulb. I think it's rated to start up to 3.5 litres? It has other benefits beyond starting a car. I used it for camping, has a useful led light, has usb to charge stuff and a normal domestic plug for other electrical stuff. Two nights camping and the charge indicator said it was still full. It sits on a cradle to charge so a so long as you put it back, it's charging. Edit to add the web link! http://www.screwfix.com/p/ring-33ah-rpp265-power-pack-12v/19326?kpid=19326&cm_mmc=Google-_-Product%20Listing%20Ads-_-Sales%20Tracking-_-sales%20tracking%20url&gclid=CLOT1aGQkNECFW4A0wodHbkHpg
  16. Company I worked at once upon a time had a derv Ghia-x one of these, back when it was brand new, modern cars are crap... Lift off oversteer is the first thing that always comes to my mind, probably provoked more by my crap driving style than a fault with the car, but it was the only car where I could get it to swap ends without much effort.
  17. That's come a long way since I last looked. Looking good
  18. There was a recall on this generation Impreza a few years back. Front lower wish bones rot from the inside out.
  19. Well done Dave. To echo other comments, I too appreciate your efforts! This is a great site and the downtime (FTP) is in keeping with the trials most posters have with their cars. The only difference is a lack of skinned knuckles and oil stained hands!
  20. That cleaned up well. The boot flap thing looks like an air brake!
  21. I had spent the whole race with imagination for pictures and Radio Le Mans for the commentary. I do enjoy the WEC but struggle to follow it, do you guys have any recommended sites?
  22. That stream was great, please don't tell me it was available for the whole race, I only caught the last hour or so. Such a shame for Toyota, anyone know what the fault was?
  23. Driverless cars... An extra hours kip in the morning...
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