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  1. Two reasons why I won't use it (and can assume others won't either) is the "enabled by default let's spam every post you make" line (see quote in bold) and the Google Play page for it says "Contains Ads". So...two cuntish acts. Autoshite is ad-free. Why use a third party app to inject ads into an ad-free site? That's my fucking grump. This "treat you all like shit" or "let us spy on you" enabled by default in every app knowing most people are too stupid/lazy to ever venture into the settings to turn that crap off. On-topic. I'm still fucking skint to buy a car so can only drool at the worthless chod on here. Sent from my Desktop using Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Plenty of old chod here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-46544755
  3. I have liked these ever since I first saw them waaay back in the early 90s.
  4. The torrent is not* here. Does not* contain some of the earlier stuff either ie Woollard and Goffey etc. It's not* close to 370GB in size either.
  5. Bald inner tread - over inflation. Tyre bulges at the tread centre so makes more contact with tarmac and will not bend when cornering. Bald outers - under inflation. Soft floppy tyres will roll around on their sidewalls more often. I bet this is more common due to nobody giving a fuck any more. Bald to the chords on one side - you've had your tracking done at Farmers!
  6. Probably was. Despite not having read it I can guess the direction it went in and why it got hosed.
  7. Finally got a joab. Beat 12 others to it too. Fuck yeah!
  8. The ex-admin guy added that thanks button, (for no reason other than to piss around with the board and possibly break it so he'd have something to do for a few days) Allegedly. I've seen such a feature on filesharing forums and such. Not much point here.
  9. Apple are supposed to be run by brilliant people. Geniuses even. At one time they even had their own deity. Yet none of these geniuses can write a line of code in iOS that can tag the images correctly depending upon the orientation of the device. Not one of the geniuses realised no-one wants upside-down photos as standard. Not one. The screen can display whatever orientation the phone/tablet is at, but they can't fix the camera problem after 7 minor revisions of the same device? It's moronic reasons like that (among many) that I give Apple a huge swerve.
  10. Warning points are slaps on the wrist for behaving like a cock on here. You can only see your own warning points, just like the rest of us.
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