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    spike60 reacted to GingerNuttz in Domes shonky autos - Manta progress!   
    Couple of Manta pics.
    Just doing tons of bodywork.

    Test spray of the colour on the boot.

    Quarters are body worked ready for the kit to be bonded on but I need to wait till  @dome is here so I canny be blamed for any squinty arches.
    Doors are all prepped and in primer with the rears ready to spray on Wed or Thurs.
    Engine bay and all the inner arches should be white before middle of next week.
    There's piles of other pictures but I canny be arsed going through my phone for em, slept 3 hours since yesterday so I'll update it all at some point or just post pictures when it's painted since it shouldn't be long.
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    spike60 reacted to 62 Austin in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    47 Years ago I was in my last year of university and drove a 1962 Metropolitan, a kind of mixed-race product of a Nash and an Austin...badged at various times as a Nash, Hudson and AMC. This isn't me....but that's pretty close to what my car and I looked like. Stand aside,  Roger Moore, I will soon be squiring Jane Seymour and/or Barbara Bach around in my Babe Magnet! 

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    spike60 reacted to Tenmil Socket in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    Talacre Beach 'shanty town' North Wales 1959

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    spike60 reacted to egg in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    spike60 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)   
    This beauty has come for sale near me
    1968 Mercedes Benz 280S straight 6 twin carb 9000 pounds

    This has to be one of my favorite dashboards and gauges and even better colum gear shift manual!

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    spike60 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)   
    No, this is one of the few cases where a 10 year older cougar is more attractive.
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    spike60 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)   
    1985 Honda Civic Shuttle 4wd 1,5 engine  108,000km 1125 pounds

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    spike60 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)   
    Now something very special and rare has come up for sale here and from what I've read the finest truck you could buy at the time.
    1933 Diamond T 211 delux 11,700 pounds was bought new by a chocolate factory in Norway, was most likely requisitioned by the Germans during the war and somehow managed to survive a long and hard working life and was restored in the 80s and hit the road again in 1991 if it could talk, it would have some stories to tell.

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    spike60 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)   
    1964 Volvo Duett needs welding 2643 pounds
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    spike60 reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Norwegian tat (cars for sale in Norway)   
    1987 Mitsubishi Galant 2,0 turbo 380,000km 3400 pounds

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    spike60 reacted to dome in Domes shonky autos - Manta progress!   
    OK, time for an update.
    First off, I started assembling the 2.5 Duratec for the Manta. The block and crank have been checked and polished by an engine builder so I started by installing that along with new bearings. 

    Pakora sauce applied

    And I'm happy to say it rotates beautifully, as you'd expect.
    I'll get round to the pistons, the new rings are filed and ready so it's a case of fit them to the existing conrods and get them mounted.
    LPG leak. Bugger. It was definitely leaking from near the tank/solenoid valve.
    It has copper pipe from the tank to the engine bay.
    This didn't look too clever

    And nor did this.

    Don't worry about the rust, it's surface rust on the spare wheel well, the tank is inside that. 
    I decided to replace the copper pipe with the correct hose for LPG. If that didn't fix it I'd take to A Professional as fuck messing with the scary bits of LPG. I knew that the shutoff solenoid worked and that the leak was downstream of that. I also knew that the tank was pretty much empty as I'd ran it out on the way back up the road. 
    Anyway, it took me a month because
    1. I ordered 3m of hose and needed at least 4

    2. When I finally got enough hose I discovered that I had the wrong size of fitting for the tank end. Thankfully I managed to get the correct fitting from my local guy who also gave me some confidence in what I was doing and identified where he thought my leak was from the old pipe/fitting
    3. The weather here is pish just now.
    Anyway, I finally got a chance this week and cracked on.

    More snake!

    Got enough hose this time

    And the compression fitting fitted and ready to go. 

    The hose is routed along the inner chassis rail and runs alongside the brake/fuel lines. I'm pretty happy it's secure but will double check it after a few miles. 
    With this fitted and ready to go it was time to test it. I hoped there would be enough LPG in it to get it switch over and idle so I could check for leaks. 
    Handily we had 30mph winds on the day I was doing this so I drove it on petrol to somewhere remote within walking distance of home and switched it over to LPG.

    And-it worked! Either that or I've lost my sense of smell...
    I celebrated by driving it to the local LPG station and filling it up. It's running fine on LPG with no leaks. Win! I even treated it to a wash but it's getting dark so you're out of luck for a pic.
    It felt strange getting back into it after a month of driving more modern stuff but you soon get back into the way of an old school 4x4, it burbles along very happily and is a nice way to cover distance. Which could come in handy as...
    After a week or so I got a phone call from Hartech with the results of the strip down. It had spun a main bearing wrecking the crank. They also reported bore wear on the engine and gave me a price for a rebuild. It turns out that the £10k rebuild from the "specialist" pictured a few pages back was essentially a work of fiction. 
    I've thought long and hard about it and have [Pistonheads]pulled the trigger[/Pistonheads] on a full rebuild with an upgrade to their 3.7 conversion. 
    I'm also shipping the car down to them for them to get it running and mapped with the new engine, possibly trailering it down with the Jeep.
    Because fuck installing it myself with the money I'm spending on it😶
    So, the Porsche has gone from scratching an itch and hopefully getting out with my wallet relatively intact to being a long term keeper. At least until 996 values approach what I'll have in it. I'm thinking of it as a long term investment plan. Which will go like fuck and get used as much as possible. Euro trips coming up!
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    spike60 reacted to Justwatching in Such Brown wafty land yachtage   
    Amateur error. If you park in the bay nose first, you can access the boot to get your shopping in.

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    spike60 reacted to Uncleben in Such Brown wafty land yachtage   
    New tyres fitted and original plates 
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