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  1. Eric

    Renault 14 Madness

    Looking forward, driving my 14 GTL very soon again...over here cars from 25+ till 40 are banned from our roads from December 1st till end of Febuari
  2. Wanted. For my new project,(a real barnfind, parked in 1996) front and backbumper Fiat 131 (1981) the chrome parts, rest can be used
  3. Please don't use Comma ATF...it's changes into petrol when hot...and petrol doesn't lubricate. Thes boxes do change from second to third a bit hard...mine does the same, I bought a Renault 9 automatic in red (705) recently
  4. What a great colour, never seen a Renault 11 in this colour in France or The Netherlands....special order?? Renault 4, was sold over here in this (927 "jade green")
  5. Eric

    Renault 14 Madness

    Brussels last month...120 years of Renault exhibition.
  6. Citroen GSA... And on all cars, driveshaft boots, grease everywhere..
  7. Eric

    Renault 14 Madness

    Talking about 14s with my father this weekend (he hates them) and him beeing a son of a Renault dealership from 1947 till 1986 he said that the 14s lasted about 7-8 years mainly because of the salt(I knew that...) being used in winters in The Netherlands He rememberd a orange 77 wich had corrosion problems after 6 month from new, and had to be resprayed.. His generation( in his 80s) is not a huge fan of the cars I have, he is very suprised with what I buy, sometimes and think they were all gone.. There has only been one occasion he wanted to take a car for a spin...a R16TX.(in 1992..)..he sticks to his C5
  8. Eric

    Renault 14 Madness

    What about this.....only seven years old at the time, car is from 1980, video from 1987, this was a nearly monthly item in a kind of "watchdog" series in the eighties.
  9. Eric

    Renault 14 Madness

    I'm a bit anxious to tell you all, but one of my mates bought a 14 TS 10 days ago....they are also very rare in The Netherlands, I know of 8 R14s, and have a 14 GTL from 1983, wich is the last one sold over here. Most of the examples are imports from France, original NL are all gone, they did not last long, we all know why. So...little of R14 madness also over here. R14 TS from 1981 alque green (977) (imported from France 2010-2011) Non original paint, respray from France...not to top standard, but will do. In The Netherlands a back wiper was standard (option in France) 4- speed manuel Electric windows and central locking 77.000km Wish list: Chrome door handels outside (one fitted) New tires.... Wheels need little work and..have to be two-tone again New striping front wings (on order) 5- speed.. Rev counter not working (maybe an easy fix) Back wiper New chrome moulding windshield and back window(on order)
  10. Eric

    Renault 14 Madness

    This is mine, a R14 GTL from 1983 (last one ever sold in The Netherlands)
  11. Eric

    A Leboncoin dream

    But..this is not a TL, I think it's an L, looking at the wheels, and tailgate
  12. Eric

    A Leboncoin dream

    Spending an early holiday last may in France, with enough cash burning in the pockets to buy something Renault 4,5 or 6, visa, 104 etc... But...it didn't happen, maybe I scarred the Frenche of in the South, with my apperence, I wasen't able to make a deal on a car whatever we tried. This never happened before, appointments were cancelled just before arrivel and there are some changes with the "Carte Gris" wich is now a more online issue instead of the paperwork. Happy to be home after a few weeks in the Midi Pyrenees, a phone call this week, suprised me where I got offered a beige R6 TL from 1978, just 30 minutes from our residence...I do have two R6s, another one is always nice...I'll check it out this week, and if the purchase is done, a thread will be opened.. (Well, ok...I did manage to buy a good set of steel wheels for my R5 GTL from 1984 for 30 euros...a real bargain, but the price did go up by 90euro on route to pick them up I got a speeding ticket, in the letterbox today, post from France!)
  13. It's moved to "Beverwijk" on the westside of Amsterdam, but still on tuesday and crowded with East Europeans buying our carefully maintained cars...video is also Beverwijk, not Veemarkt, Utrecht.
  14. Changing from 845 to a 1108 engine is not that simple...you need the gearbox also, because otherwise , a four speed..backwards will be the case I do have a complete set, but i'm on the other side of the channel, but very close to the ferry Ijmuiden-Newcastle
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