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    Vectra help

    Bit late to his thread but for once I may be able to contribute. I have an 03 2.0 DTI. Had problems with EGR so I bought an EGR cheater and blanking plate and had my mechanic fit them. All works dandy now. Seriously. Cost about £80 off ebay (from Poland). EDIT: oops didn't see it was 4 pages, only read the first. I've also found holes in my boost pipes (that didn't help). Fixed now though.
  2. Tre3

    eBay tat volume 3.

    £30k for an old Toyota Supra Engine and a crap Fibreglass body, engine won't even start. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-Toyota-Supra-3-0litre-turbo-Hotrod-conversion-/201297653053?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2ede466d3d#viTabs_0
  3. Sweet, I'm going there in a couple of weeks. I'll have a look. Highest chance of seeing a Pony in the 'wild' in London would surely be New Malden. Massive Korean population there.
  4. I've got the G1W too. Its pretty solid. Dropped it no end of times. Always remove if and put it under the seat. Had it about a year now.
  5. One of the nicest rentals I had was an i30 TD. Not estate. It was only about 60 miles old when I got it though.
  6. Mk4 Golf 1.4 Engine, not the car just the engine. Citroen AX GT Turbo. Paper thin metal and lots of plastic. Kinda fun though. But then what do I know? I drive one of these:
  7. Isn't this how you change the oil in a smart car?
  8. One of my favourite cars as a kid. Sadly I've no time, money or space. glws
  9. 70 miles round trip. Daily for 2 years. Sucks.
  10. excuse my ignorance but how do you know? What do you look for?
  11. Tre3


    To be fair his location is in his profile. I'm not defending Impmadman though. Spy shots are kinda dodgy but again you can see it all on Streetview so its not like its a massive secret. I'd remove the location from profile personally.
  12. Tre3


    None of my business of course but if you do have all those cars on the road then it must cost an absolute packet in road tax alone to keep them there (some will be tax exempt of course but they still have to be MOTd and insured to be on the road don't they?). I struggle to keep 1 car on the road, I've no idea how some of you guys do it. Anyway good luck with the Honda, looks like it could be a cracker.
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