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  1. The seller of that bent Vespa has relisted it. Lol.
  2. That seems very much an outlier. Can you not split the journey by parking at a transport hub?
  3. Do you not think that many will choose to simply not drive instead? I'd be surprised if the amount of cars on those days isn't massively reduced.
  4. It already exists. At least in Nottingham. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carltonreid/2019/10/17/nottinghams-workplace-parking-levy-creates-jobs-cuts-car-use-and-slashes-pollution/ They've talked about it for at least 15 years so I'm surprised it took this long. Hopefully its been well planned for. Don't use it so can't comment. Overall I think its necessary. Shouldn't be too difficult either. Provided they increase space and services in the numerous existing park and ride services. Of course it won't be popular but it seems crazy that almost anyone with a car can drive through a tiny portion of a city that just happens to be the most densely populated by pedestrians, just so they can park near to work. Of course our cities road networks don't help. Also completely agree about the stupidity of all these office jobs existing in prime real estate when there is no reason to be there other than its in the city centre. When often all most will do is answer the phone and reply to emails. Mass working from home can't come soon enough. EDIT: just noticed this has been mentioned further down the thread. Didn't get that far yet.
  5. Tre3

    Vectra help

    Bit late to his thread but for once I may be able to contribute. I have an 03 2.0 DTI. Had problems with EGR so I bought an EGR cheater and blanking plate and had my mechanic fit them. All works dandy now. Seriously. Cost about £80 off ebay (from Poland). EDIT: oops didn't see it was 4 pages, only read the first. I've also found holes in my boost pipes (that didn't help). Fixed now though.
  6. Tre3

    eBay tat volume 3.

    £30k for an old Toyota Supra Engine and a crap Fibreglass body, engine won't even start. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-Toyota-Supra-3-0litre-turbo-Hotrod-conversion-/201297653053?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2ede466d3d#viTabs_0
  7. Sweet, I'm going there in a couple of weeks. I'll have a look. Highest chance of seeing a Pony in the 'wild' in London would surely be New Malden. Massive Korean population there.
  8. I've got the G1W too. Its pretty solid. Dropped it no end of times. Always remove if and put it under the seat. Had it about a year now.
  9. One of the nicest rentals I had was an i30 TD. Not estate. It was only about 60 miles old when I got it though.
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