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  1. I went from a year on a 50, to a 125 Couldn't believe the speed, and couldn't keep the front wheel on the ground. Then I went to a 600, and thought I'd bought a rocket, and couldn't believe how much braking power it had. Then I bought an RD350LC and couldn't believe how close I could get my knee to the floor. Then I bought a mini 1000. And couldn't believe how much camping gear I could carry.
  2. I know this is a TF, but was the F's problem with the head gasket, compounded by no low fluid level warning, and also that the fan on early ones ran the wrong way and sucked hot air out of the engine bay, over the radiator, adding heat to the fire? or are they urban myths?
  3. Do you want to swap it for am mx5?
  4. I'm growing what little hair I've got on my head and having random bad hair days, where I wake up and go "CBA" . Eventually it will be put of control and the Tories will be demanding I stand for election of thier behalf, despite my psuedo socialist ideals.
  5. And then.i thought loose the beard. You'll get it stuck in rotating machinery.
  6. More likely, they don't want people coming, they only went close family and friends, but don't want to not invite people. Which is more of a snub to any friends who are not successful.hedhe fund managers. I calculate it cost me £2500 to attend my sons wedding near Redditch. 5 hotel rooms , for 2 nights, a suit, and shoes for myself, 2 dresses, new bras and knickers, 2 pairs of shoes and a hand bag, and taking some (18) of the wedding guests out to dinner the night before.
  7. On a mk2 cavalier, the same problem was an ignition module.
  8. One that thinks it's covering a repair made of chicken wire and expanding foam, but isn't allowed to drill into it and send the material off for analysis. Daily mail from 1997 is probably what he thinks.
  9. It was a brand I'd never heard of. I'll drive past tonight on my way home.
  10. I saw some one drive onto the curb, in a 67 plate audi A4, open the boot. Full of parcels. Walked up the road to deliver to one of my neighbours. Surprisingly the wheels had no scuffs.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/917863038880652/
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1266639933744992/ BLUE 2cv barn find. Lichfield
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1173290993430809/ Green moggy barn find. Cannock
  14. Will Smith, who gives a shit? Really, a pathetic little actor's slap. Does anyone really really care?
  15. There needs to be a bit of give and take in life, that's true. I remember smashing up my car on the way to work, and my boss went and booked out the pool car for 2 weeks in my name, because he knew I had no way of getting to work otherwise. One of the managers did the same a few months later and he gave him no help, telling him to rent a car or get a taxi. I always wanted to know why not, but didn't dare ask.
  16. Wait. She fled Britain when shed was 13, when she allegedly made some one a sex slave. Okay. Some mistake ?
  17. It's *clever because by pretending to be 3 people, they can avoid tax and national insurance, as they can keep below the level they'd start paying. But also the employee avoids NIC costs. *clever as in crafty
  18. And is probably a sackable activity. What could go wrong ? Accident? Delivering to a work colleague? Work colleague dobbing them in because they've pissed them off. HMRC finding out?
  19. Indeed. Do they deserve cult status? Maybe they do. But every time a young person tells me they really want a mini, I tell them.to buy a Talbot Samba, or an mx5 😁
  20. He'll understand the jokes. He's no "snowflake".
  21. Well Canley in probably a retail park. Longbridge, a housing estate, But Cowley is home to mini Oxford.
  22. Summary (from.a man that's owned 4 previously) Minis are overrated 1950s tat. Summary from my Dad, who bought a brand new 1959 mini, and had 3 gearboxes under warranty. Issigonid was a maverick and the mini was crap.. When they work, and pass the mot, they can be fun, but quite frankly they were mechanically. And bodily, a bit shit.
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