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  1. Out of interest, how easily is the ziebert coming off and what are you using?

    it comes off quite easy with cheap thinners on a rag

    Ziebert is a bit shit actually, some of the most rotten cars I've seen have had it from new

  2. This is insanely nice, makes such a nice change from the stiletto white MK3 2.8i's that fill every car show in Essex. Genuine giffer spec, even down to the Veteran Motorists badge on the grille, the extra spotlights and the door protectors! (and the fantastic colour!). Love it!

    I wondered what the v shaped badge was cheers
  3. I think that was a good buy Mr P, a car is only original once.


    Pleased to see that you stayed away from that white 3.0 Ghia - very dubious history on that one.. yes it also looked like stevie wonder had fitted the front wings

  4. I have an excellent 1985 2.8 special in mineral blue over silver that I have owned for 12 years, 64,000 miles from new (had 56,000 when I bought it in 2002). No MOT but i'll put a full ticket on at sale. It wont be cheap though as it's an unrestored original motor. Always garaged...

    Be sad to see it go but too many other projects that I need to concentrate on. I suspect as your looking on Autoshite that mine might be a tad not shite enough..

    pm sent thanks

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