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  1. hello guys does anyone have a reliant rialto for sale cheap i only want it for the engine and box so not fussed what the rest looks like as long as it runs thanks
  2. had this on my old van a few years ago it was originally on my 1977 suzuki ap50 back in 1981 lol
  3. this is my 76 roman bronze mk2 1600 sport never painted or welded and my sapphy 2.3 derv oh and my mk4 festa and my 17 year lads mk2 fezzy
  4. someone say roman bronze mk2 this is mine original unrestored 1600S
  5. this is a 1977 agrati garelli tiger cross that I bought last week sat unloved since 1981 I shall restore it over the next 6 months
  6. under bonnet pics notice how horrible the inner wings looked with the black tar now removed also moved the air horns and the home maid loom that looked a mess
  7. hi guys I had a look at the rear sticking brakes and found this when I removed the drivers side rear wheel a cut down spare key wrapped in cling film and secured with a piece of foam I guess the old boy wasn't going to get caught if he lost his key lol
  8. hi guys quick update removed all the ziebart front the front and rear panel no scabs or rot anywhere and under the bonnet is nearly finished spare wheel has never been on the car
  9. had a good day today cleaning the n/s and started removing the black tar ziebart from under the bonnet
  10. I wondered what the v shaped badge was cheers
  11. yes £4725 inc premium
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