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  1. Just looking up these on here and found this post. Found a Lancia Lybra Estate abandoned to a driveway with soggy tyres and moss near here. Looks cool in my eyes.
  2. Old thread I know - But this is now in copart. Capri's seem to be like this recently. This and the Minder capri suffering the same fate. 1984 TICKF CAPRI TURB for sale at Copart UK - Salvage Car Auctions
  3. Mismatched panel as was a large percentage of bodyfiller!!
  4. Car manuals - PinSentry - Keyrings - Tax disc holders - Desktop pc....... Items for sale by car-photographer-1969 | eBay
  5. "The Sports Hatch limited edition did not share the uprated 2279cc slant four engine with the HP Firenza Droop Snoot model, but instead was fitted with the standard tune single carb 2279cc slant four engine and running gear of the Magnum. Also included in the standard specification was the famous "seven dial dash", Avon Safety Wheels and a distinctive paint finish in a then brand new Vauxhall "Extra Dark Wine" (only available otherwise on the brand new for 1976 VX 2300 GLS model) which was complemented with bright red striping and highlights. This model was always rare with 197 vehicles being
  6. The garage used to be the local Subaru dealer in the late 70s early 80s. Did still have quite a bit of new old stock parts from that period. GTE's are a licence to print money these days.
  7. It was - Dont know if still there though.
  8. White Clio was on a local garages "Death row".
  9. I all ways thought of the PT Cruiser as the car belonging to people who call themselves "Conrad" at the weekends and enjoy line dancing and oreo's.
  10. Pictured 2011 - still on the road. Bit of a marmite version of a misunderstood car.
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