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  1. Wasnt knocking you or doubting it - Just showing how the prices were yoyoed.
  2. Today I had to buy 3rd new tyre since march for my Astra due to potholes. I thought we drove on the left of the road not whats left of the road...........
  3. In a lot of cases sadly true. Remember dad going to look at a Humber sceptre. "Excellent car needed a little tlc to paint" Came back fuming. It was rotten with holes in the front wings near the headlights. No decent bodywork to put the paint on he said on his return.
  4. Looks a lot better / smoother without the rubbing strips.
  5. Just looking up these on here and found this post. Found a Lancia Lybra Estate abandoned to a driveway with soggy tyres and moss near here. Looks cool in my eyes.
  6. Old thread I know - But this is now in copart. Capri's seem to be like this recently. This and the Minder capri suffering the same fate. 1984 TICKF CAPRI TURB for sale at Copart UK - Salvage Car Auctions
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