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  1. Scrapped - was in Nottingham. Mot failure - Rear springs / Washer jet one side / Headlights needed a polish.
  2. Had to turn down a free* 2005 Rover 75 CDTI Classic saloon as it wont fit in my garage. *Free to me - but if I scrap it in the future half the scrap money to them.
  3. 1100 GL Last mot ran out April 2008 61.643 Miles at last test.
  4. Roadside dumped LDV spotted at weekend. Tax out September 2018 / Mot out November 2019.Expired: 2 November 2019
  5. £2.852 - Unsold due to unrealistic reserve.
  6. Kerridges of Needham Market - A Collection of Tools, Parts & Memorabilia - Timed Online Sale (reemandansie.com)
  7. LOL - It's OK but it's rare for the other half to say as such as she only likes Fiestas or Fiat 500's. Will definitely have another Civic in the future but possibly a Type R or S model or Executive with leather.
  8. This is the 1st car I have sold and the other half has said "Will he sell it you back when he's finished with it". Blimey!
  9. Would it not be a fuse or relay popped after the spanner / sparks incident?
  10. @Dobloseven Good to meet you and to see this on here and progress.
  11. Step Daughters just had this tried with the Chrevrolet they are selling. Caught them doing it and told them to F.R.O. Did not know it was a thing.
  12. Nope - I like my Testicles where they are. The other half would remove them with a rusty Austin 1100 front wing if I came home with that.
  13. Marketplace – 1988 Nissan Sunny | Facebook
  14. Looks ok but been dumped here since November. Taxed moted - 238.000 Miles at last test . Bits of it in the boot too.
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