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    These are quite nippy little cars, I have driven many when new and they are good fun Hooning Used to see loads of them around but they all disappeared quickly, my sister went out with a young manager at a Mazda dealership, he had a top of the range 121 with full electric Webasto style sunroof lol
  2. With 12 months MOT on it I would get shot of it and try and find a suitable replacement
  3. so a quick search on line found me a spring at GSF, I reserved it and went to collect the spring, I took the right hand side spring with me to check the height, it was a good call taking the right hand side spring as the one that GSF had was quite a bit shorter, the gsf chap was very helpful, he told me to go on the site and to put in the part number of the other spring and reserve it, the new spring was a perfect match and as it turned out to be the same part number as the right hand side spring being Lesjöfors manufactured, the correct spring was even cheaper and came in a £15.88 total with the massive discount they have on line, really happy with the price on this as I spent a larger amount on the shocks than I initially had wanted to and thought the left hand spring was okay, The Saab is now ready in the suspension department awaiting me to get over to my tyre man to change the tyres over then chuck it in for the MOT, on the subject of the MOT I am now wondering the validity of the last one due to the condition of the front right shock and broken left hand front spring? It could be just a case that the left hand spring broke after the last MOT, but the right hand front shock? Not even a advisory for misting leaves me feeling a bit meh, doesn't matter now though as it's all brand new ish, more good fortune was that the brother in law doesn't want anything for his old Saab as it had more wrong with it than he knew about, other than the parts I've bought it's a free car ! I haven't had a free car in a least 20 year's, I think the last free car was a D reg Astra SRI 5 door in red, that car was scrap when given to me so I robbed the stereo out of it and my Vauxhall mate had the rest for a Nova engine swap, Hopefully next week I can get an MOT on it.
  4. the front right shock is in a right old staight, the spring has recently been changed though so a small win, the top bearings and mounts will be going back on, the drivers side drop link nut just came off with no problem, Have a close up of the offending strut, The tyres are King Meiler AS-1, they are all season remoulds from Germany, I watched a documentary about the manufacturing process and thought well I'll give them a try, it was a toss up between two part worn or these, so that's what's going on and I will report back any issues if I have any ? I will strip down the left side tomorrow and then just got to wait for the shocks to turn up
  5. I've found a new pair on Autodoc for a reasonably affordable price, this will mean that I have to strip down both side's and replace them, I will see if the top mounts and drop links are any good when stripping down, if nothing else I will be certain that the shocks will be okay for a while
  6. Today I have some time to get some more of the pre MOT work done, I found that the right front shock absorber was wet, I thought at first that I might just give the shock a clean and hope for the best Now I would not normally do this but cash is low at the moment so I thought give it a go with the intention of changing it when I've got the dosh, but on closer inspection I don't think I want to drive it as it is, This is the left front shock looking okay, So to get this through as far as I can see it's going to get two new front tyres and a right hand side front shock, everything else is working and looks like it's in good order
  7. Yes, when you remove the rubber seal it's where it pushes on to the bodywork Flange!
  8. I had leaking door seals on my 106, took them off the car and soaked them I'm a hot soapy bath, then cleaned them with a brush to get àny remaining dirt out of the gap where it pushes on to the bodywork, once they were dry I pumped some windscreen sealer in with a fine nozzle then fitted them, it worked a treat and the car sat outside for another winter but this time without the condensation running down the glass and filling the car with moisture, I used this stuff as I know how good it is
  9. This would possibly ruin my holiday 😖
  10. I have just taken this oot for a drive to get it up to speed, left it in 2nd gear for about a mile maintaining the revs above 3000 rpm, then a blast up the bypass and home, I am glad to report that a check with the obd reader has come back as no codes stored in the module!!! This is a good thing as I have a prospective buyer for my Skoda Fabia, the Saab will need some new boots on the front as they are done, the rear tyres are Pirelli and have plenty of tread but cracking on the side walls which might be a fail? I will get the tracking done once the MOT has been achieved,
  11. My brother in law is an estate agent so lots of short journeys in town traffic, I don't think I need the light cluster but thanks for the offer
  12. Have a look vulgalour, I know this car, it's been on the driveway for over 20 years at least, it has other old cars for company too but I can't remember what they are, 1950's possibly? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2437865753116490/
  13. I know this car, it's in Windlesham Surrey and has been on this driveway for over 20 years at least, I used to pass this every day for work, it's not on its own either, I can't remember the model of the other cars but they have to be 1950's , anyway £450 buys it link below https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2437865753116490/
  14. Today after I had unblocked the toilet and then the drain my attention turned to the Saab, I started with repairing the rear lights bulb holder's, both had been burned and something had to be done as the SIC Saab warning display had flagged up all of the rear lower bulbs as dodgy , the terminal with the black wire's had dissolved on both side's internally, so out with the gas soldering iron and a plan of action was made, there was no point trying to rewire it as OE due to the damage caused, so bypassing the plug was the only way, plus if this worked I would save best part of £50 for both, that money can now be pushed towards buying a complete cambelt kit for the engine, some pictures of the damage caused, So as not to disturb the crumbley plastic I worked out which part of the bulb holder's circuit the black wire's were connected to then sanded through the galvanised layer to make sure I got a good solder joint, then soldered the wire to it, I then drilled a hole and popped the wire through it Then to the Saab to see if they worked ? happy with the results I went to deal with the EGR and associated fault codes, throttle body and EGR removed I could see they both needed a clean so set to them both with carburetor cleaner and G101, they came up ok but I failed to take a picture once done, the intake manifold was a little worse than the other parts but also got a good clean with the aid of a small screwdriver, Hoover, tissue, carb cleaner and a work light, again I didn't get a picture but it was clean enough, I've put it all back together and I will take it out on a run tomorrow to see if it's repaired? Stay tuned for possibly more diesel filth and general fixing/bodgery
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