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  1. Windscreen claim should not affect your insurance as long as you use a recommended/authorized screen company, check what your Windscreen XS will be, should be £75 or more depending on the insurance company you use, call your insurance or read through your policy details for windscreen cover
  2. These three French automobiles have been used by JC, Hammond and May apparently
  3. On my way back from up north I spotted this Avantime in the slow/stationery outside lane because M25, in front was a White C reg Citroen CX estate and behind was a silver Talbot Matra which sounded glorious
  4. The Vauxhall Vectra next to it has not moved in a long time either
  5. I'll be driving a long way up north today to collect a bunch of car panels of which I want only one sill for the Allegro
  6. Somewhere in Somerset at the side of the road I found this frilly Yota
  7. First time I have ever visited Brean beach, we arrived at the beach gates paid for the parking (£5 all day) and decided to go right on the beach to be near the fort and facilities ( toilets and café) was a really nice day all round
  8. Having a much needed break in Somerset and found this beach which is two miles long which you can drive on it, sorry for the non Autoshite type content with the Audi but it's all I have on the road and currently working, Brean beach by the way
  9. A Shite Show/meet darn sarf count me in please ! Amberley museum sounds good
  10. Working on/stripping down a G Vargon and today after working on it for 3 days i got the body off, much things are going to happen to this beast as apparently the owner has extremely deep pockets but told us that he understands these things cost money
  11. It takes but a second or two and is hardly noticeable, I had mine mid January and as yet no extra limbs have grown so I'm sure you will be fine
  12. I've got this EGR valve that came off my old Skoda Fabia 1.9 100bhp, I know that it was fully working before the car was written off, your welcome to it for nothing if you can cover the postage costlet me know if you would like it?
  13. I had no choice but to repair it as finding a good one was going no where, its not something that I would want to do again without the use of a strong metal bender, I had to go all cave man on the 2mm sheet steel to get it shaped, but it's done now and I don't have to do the left hand side which is a bonus
  14. I have followed Nitrosilver on YouTube and he does really nice work on Rover SD1's where he uses Joton and Rustin's to good affect so I had to spend some money to preserve the work I have done, I have also been enjoying your weldathon on that lovely Volvo of yours
  15. Don't all gasp at once but I've actually got some progress to share, the rather rusty tie bar mount is no more, from crusty rust To this I'm happy with the result, coated with Rustin's Zinc rich paint which I was able to put in my mates paint booth/oven to get it nice and dry, tomorrow if I get a chance I will paint it in Joton 87 two part epoxy marine paint which I have never used before so going to get my mate to look at the instructions before I mix any as it's very not cheap but will put a middle finger up to Mr Rust 🖕 I hope
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