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  1. That's a massive Violin !
  2. Had a chance to get the MGF up on a ramp today, so while it was up itook the opportunity to steam clean the bottom of the engine and gearbox as it was covered in years of old grime and oil, not a bad result
  3. I remember seeing Cortinas like that when I was a lad, my father would take me to the local custom car show in Staines Middlesex I think it was once a month, all jacked up at the rear with a red light as you say, epic stuff
  4. It was raining when I woke this morning and continued to do so for the rest of the day, so when I got home I thought I would check on the Allegro and the water ingress situation, this is what I found so it looks like I was successful with the door membrane, the missing door membrane could well be the reason why the car has rust on the right hand side, if it's been missing since the drivers door was replaced that would have let the water creep in for years causing the rust to set in, I'm just happy it's dry inside now
  5. Due to the welding wire running out last time I was working on the car I had left it how it was, I returned to RPE today to find I had a small amount of water inside the car after last week's rain, a quick feel of the bottom of the door card confirmed my suspicion that the door membrane had either split or was missing letting water in, once I had removed the door card it was plain to see that it was in fact missing, this door the drivers door is not original to RPE and the membrane had been removed while it was fitted, so while I was in there I changed the door handle and the chrome trims as these are not correct for a Series 3the door membrane here I got from the spares car, I used stretched butyl tape to seal the plastic membrane to the door then taped up the bottom section as Austin had done in the factory, I will wait and see if this works before I look at the door seals.
  6. rusty998

    Austin Maestros

    Yeah what @sierramansaid 👆
  7. this is for sale but it's not complete somewhere in Wales, on the same trip I spotted these as well on a walk There's a Peugeot 309 hiding behind the blue barrel
  8. The E31 is a regular at my mate body shop, the owner keeps it in very tidy condition, has 3 piece BBS deep dish split rim's as from the factory, it's a very nice car
  9. Saw this yesterday, ex BT employee who has restored his old work van back to its former glory
  10. Honda Civic with impressively High mileage for £40 and a packet of B&H https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/193368422687398/
  11. Loaded up the wife's car with panels for a trip up to see @BeEP tomorrow afternoon, finally get the parts for my Allegro
  12. So I woke up rather early this morning around 4:30, I just sat with my coffee watching historic saloon car racing at Donington race track until I could start making noise, I cut back a little more and cleaned up the edges, then made some repair patches using an old cardboard box for the template, then I fired up the welder, first bit was the wheel arch/tub area then the 2mm plate on top of the chassis rail of which I forgot to take a picture of, next plate on the lower section of the firewall and then the floor itself, this is the point that I ran out of welding wire so a trip to Halfords is my next move
  13. Well well what do you know there's only some progress on the Allegro! I've a day and a half free, the sun is out with dry weather for the foreseeable so it's time to get the angle grinder to hand and start cutting, the Allegro had as do most of my long term projects become a temporary storage/shed area, boxes of car parts were removed and the hoover was deployed to help get it cleaned up a bit before I made more mess The inside had not been cleaned up since I was in it last year which was bad form on my part, i had to use a small screwdriver to get the grinding dust that had started to fuse together out of Gap's for the hoover, a cleaner work area for me to contort myself into was achieved The bigger bits got swept up, I pushed back the carpet and employed the use of a Amazon cardboard box as a spark arrestor, this is the area of interest that I have to attend to, it has a bit of everything here to get my teeth into To help with access I unbolted the throttle pedal and tucked it to one side, underneath the floor runs both a brake line and the hydro front to back suspension pipe so I took it very easy as I don't want to be catching either of those if I can help it, then i cut out the rust Now that I see what needs to be done it's not as bad as I first thought, the chassis rail itself is in good condition with only the top part needing a small plate in 2mm so that should be easy to tackle, the floor will then be welded back up after some more cardboard templates have been made, back on it tomorrow
  14. Please remember to take pictures of the extraction for us all or maybe only me to enjoy
  15. Looking forward to seeing this being pulled out of the under growth
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