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  1. Ah excellent thank you, I shall 😉
  2. Is @garycox still on these fine pages? Would be good to know a little bit more about the car's life prior to my purchase
  3. Just a thought, can you get some of those adjustable top mounts that the Drift/race guys use for the City Rover with perhaps some modification ( I know not very Hub nut/Dollywobbler ) ? I'm sure it would take quite some internet investigations but could keep it on the road ? As I said just a thought
  4. I will need to dig the welder out for this purchase, deposit left and hopefully should be at Rusty towers in a couple of weeks 1275cc low mileage, not to bad body wise but will need some welding, paint, oil seals and an M,O,T
  5. Mr Boll loving the update, who knew that lockdown could be so good ? Keep up the good work very impressed
  6. Good to see it going to someone who needed it, To all who entered into the Roffle thank you for making this sale happen, Also a big fanks to @TheDoctor for carrying out the organisation and money's The Wife's happy so everything is okay now at Rusty towers lol
  7. This was on a Megane
  8. I have always liked the mk1, when they were new I was working on them, I still think they are good looking, my love for these probably stems from being able to drive them, when they revised the suspension and fitted the rear spoiler was when I thought it looked fugly in the rear, I agree that you don't really see them now, a proper Marmite car
  9. Found this in the field where Ambulances go to rest at work
  10. The BMW hasn't been taxed since 2001 and has had an unrecorded colour change
  11. Thank you, I'm hoping to get it looking a lot better in the paintwork department but leave it standard and enjoy it
  12. Well the sun's shining so more Merc fun in the sun today, while the Vactan is doing it's thing in the boot I thought it would be a good idea to remove the sunroof panel, I know that even just speaking about sunroofs on here can strike fear into the hearts of even the most robust of Shiters so I will explain in this post why I'm doing what I'm doing and the theory behind it to perhaps shed some light on the black art that is sunroofs ! To give you some background, I used to fit aftermarket sunroofs and also service and repairs of factory fit and aftermarket sunroofs through the 90's, I have also fitted windscreens and windows to every kind of transportation plus window tinting, for this post it's going to be a easy service, by service I mean a strip down of the parts, clean, lubricate and refit where needed, the seal around the edge of the apeture was covered in dirt, moss and grim detritus, some gentle washing with some hot water, fairy liquid and a cloth got it back to the flock, what I do is leave it to dry fully and then soak with silicon spray and leave it, On strip down I found dirty old grease as suspected, this was all removed and new grease was applied, the edge of the sunroof panel was filthy so some fast cut polish was used to clean it up, this has two purposes, one to get rid of the dirt and two it smoothes the paintwork which should help reduce any sliding resistance, with the factory fit sunroof on this Merc the seal is mostly there to help reduce wind noise and to stop a torrent of water, water does go past the seal and then runs to which corner or end of the car that's the lowest, on a ff sunroof you will find one drain on each corner, a rubber pipe then tracks downwards to either a corner or inside a sill panel, the Merc has pipes that go all the way to the bottom of the the car and out to a gland on the end, the gland is to stop mud and bugs getting up yer pipe ! If you have these on your car it's good to make sure they are cleaned out as part of your service, blockages can cause water ingress and expensive repairs, A good test of the drainage system on ff is to open the sunroof and pour some water into the side drain and see what comes out the bottom, warning pour the water slowly or you will flood the drainage system with water and end up with it cascading into your car, If all is good your car will have a little wee turns out that I've been lucky with the front drains on the Merc, the car was facing downwards on the driveway so I will test the rear ones tomorrow but I'm sure they are okay, The drainage system can get filled up with all sorts of deadfall if the sunroof has been left open a lot, pine needles I think are the worst for causing havoc in sunroofs, the problem with most sunroofs is poor maintenance and neglect, in my old job we had never not been able to get a sunroof working and draining properly but by eck did it cost a lot, spares were readily available then but now they cost a fortune if you can even get them? That's why I had to sort this one out on the Merc, it was functioning but rather slow and I could hear the motor straining a bit, I cleaned everything, greased parts that needed it and sprayed all of the side mechanisms with silicone then put it all back together, the panel itself simply bolts onto the mechanisms, access to the mechanisms is gained by sliding the inner trim panel back out of the way, three 8mm nuts and one screw each side then the panel can be taken away, it's really quite simple, it also helps that this era Merc has decent quality fixings, The sunroof now slides freely and is quieter so I'm happy with the results of today's work, plus I properly topped up my Vitamin D levels, It even looks better although the paintwork is in dire need of some care, more to follow
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