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  1. BTW seeing an oncologist this week to see which cancer I've got.
  2. OK so nobody likes a snitch, but a Tesla model Y (lovely car) today overtook me on double white lines and he's on my car cam video. The oncoming lane was clear, so to be honest I thought no harm no foul. However..... two minutes later I am behind him in slow traffic , when he overtakes a car, van, and tractor with trailer (which was turning right) on a solid white, over a brow of a hill and round a bend. Now the driver of BP23 HSD is probably the nicest person, but the little old lady in her small peugot that was the next oncoming vehicle missed meeting her maker too early by only seconds. Does the team think I should snitch?
  3. Quiet rant. Racism, agism, sexism etc were always there, but fb insta twit etc have given nasty people a voice, the ability to hurt people at a distance , and they have got used to not being immediately punched in the face. This has lead the nasty people to think they can get away with it all the time. Same can be said of demanding people who think its ok to want the world to be how they want it, or even demand that the world be the way they want it. This world is a far worse place now we have social media. We would all do the world a favour if we challenge each other when we see something stupid. Nobody is saying "dont be so daft " any more to rediculous behaviour. We all need our friends and nice relatives to tell us when we are being stupid. But of course criticism isnt allowed any more. The world has many people with narcisistic personality disorder, about 1% of the population. Go on social media and you will find them easily.
  4. You do know that you cannot now just decide to live in Spain, Portugal, or any other Euroland country, cos of Brexit ending that right for Brits? Unless you have that countries passport it will have to be a visa application and crossed fingers. Having lived in Europe and been resident, pre Brexit, I agree with those that say buy a local car, its so very complex to register a uk car . First you will be asked to prove that you are a legal resident. The car will be the least of your problems. Are you fluent in the language? Sorry for the negativity. I worry about people moving to europe on a whim. Its so much harder now.
  5. In the "does anyone really care" department, the Louvre is the most visited french attraction, by some margin, mostly dead peoples work. The best thing to visit imho is Puy de foue. By live people. Utter madness.
  6. Today I became a little concerned that a life long limp was getting worse. Then I noticed I was wearing 2 different shoes.
  7. Never ever put a vaccuum cleaner anywhere near an eye,, even in jest. A samsung I had had a pretty explicit diagram of what could happen in the instructions ... ugh
  8. 2022 Renault zoe. Zero ncap stars.
  9. Honda NC 750 x ...... 80mpg. My Ovlov has gone from 34 mpg on a good day to 44 mpg by dint of extremely light right foot and avoiding braking by keeping a good distance. If I had to change car it would probably be an old toyota hybrid for 60mpg. But electric, gas , general price inflation and Ukraine are my concerns.
  10. Don't get me wrong on this, being courteous to your fellow man is just great. But... why do "courteous people" flash their lights to "let waiting driver out", who will then be smiling and mouthing thankyou to the left to said courteous driver when they kill the filtering cyclist, or motorcyclist who is coming from the right? BTW filtering is legal as long as it is done with foresight and care. Flying between stationary traffic at 50 mph is not. Once you see this happen, its never forgotten. Its great that no lorry driver will ever tailgate a car again, and that cars will never tailgate motorcyclist again. Well, a man can dream eh?
  11. Remember the days when pretty much all lorry drivers were knights of the road?? I get that its a shit job, stressful and all that, but so is being a nurse and they don't drive many tons of metal 6 inches from your bumper on a two lane road , bullying you along until you are scared for your life. Phill Preece haulage of Hereford needs to have a word with the driver of PE70 PRE , on the A44 4th Sep at 09.30 heading towards Leominster near Docklow. This driver needs help before he kills someone. The film is winging its way to H.M. Constabulary because I have now witnessed this loony 4 times and been his target twice, all on film and all while I was doing the posted limit. His yesterdays vital emergency destination? Getting some fuel..... Does anyone know where Phill Preece haulage operate from?? They keep a very low profile . Meanwhile, a big personal thankyou to all those HGV drivers who prioritise other road users safety . Sincerely Thankyou.
  12. For me, countdown is ruined.
  13. Just sold my longest ever owned car. I feel a bit like the family pet has died.
  14. The 103% is because they vaxxed everyone who comes across the border daily to work in Gib as well as the Gib population. No mystery here, nothing to see. Gotta feel for holidaymakers returning to the horrors of uk airports this summer. I am giving this years foreign trip a miss.
  15. Some years ago I considered buying an ex raf house, one of many that a developer had updated, until someone pointed out that the roof had been water blasted, as they all had, and that it compltely cocked up the glazed surface of the tiles. As an aside, if the operator falls from the roof the house owner could possibly be liable. Roof tile jetting is the new version of selling lucky heather.
  16. I am so happy! After years of carrying an injustice having been judged guilty until proved innocent by my then employer the P.O. , The then boss has today resigned from her current board positions and her church role ( and isnt that church role predictable). Perhaps she would like to serve a month for every year that P.O. employers wrongly served. Too much?
  17. Do yourself and your sister a massive favour and take the chest of drawers back to where it was, and leave it there in bits. She will learn not to take you for a fool. Or do nothing and let your relationship end really badly at some point in the future.
  18. Injections have changed. It is common nowadays to not feel them at all, especially vaccines, and sometimes people are convinced it was not done. There are ways to help yourself. It goes in the shoulder, not the arm, so wear a tee shirt that you can hold up and reveal the complete shoulder. Then let your arm hang, relax the muscles. That means the person doing the injecting is not struggling to find the deltoid (?) Muscle. That struggle to hold up clothing and give vaccine at the same time drives nurses mad. Ant vacc , anti mask and hoax believers are frightened people. They really depress me. Trust the medics, go with it.
  19. On my travels I sometimes see white van parts delivery drivers at various garages local to me. To a man, or woman, they seem to wear the clear plastic visors rather than a mask of any type. As they are completely useless at protecting the wearer or those they come across, what are they thinking? Especially as they are often near retirement age. Are they wearing what they are given? I would have thought fpp2 would be a minimum for entering business premises?
  20. Had my day ruined today. My in car video system got great video of a guy I see too often on a bike doing perhaps 80 to 90 mph flying past me along the A44 near Worcester. I thought thats it, Ive got him. Thats going off to the police. But he is hiding his number plate, folded up under his mudguard. Then his mate on BT17 YPM followed him through, a gap of perhaps 4 feet between me and an oncoming car. Combined speed about 140 mph. It would not have been a crash, it would have been carnage. Or perhaps just a splash. I just cannot dob anyone in though. Even though I am a veteran biker who detests this kind of selfish, uncaring, foolish riding, I just cannot do it. So, if anyone out there cares for either of these people, perhaps you should persuade them that they need to get a honda cub until they realise they can and possibly will finish their own lives, or worse, ruin them. Please, please, calm down I am still shuddering at the thought of the impact which will inevitably happen one day.
  21. Sounds like an oozing abcess, with a way out for the puss ,so pain will be much less than if it was not " leaky ". Call doc rather than dentist, get antibiotics. No need for a visit. Remember to only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep, as most dentists would say. Brush, floss brush floss repeat repeat repeat. Legal note .... not a dentist. Speaking from experience.
  22. Comb your hair Boris. Tosser.
  23. Barking dogs, or neighbours stereos, or any other selfish behaviour that gets to the driving you mad stage :- Perhaps explain the deep effect the behaviour is having on your mental state very very calmly, weirdly calmly, so calmly that the offender starts to wonder where your head is at, look them briefly straight in the eyes. When it carries on, call police non urgent line and very very calmly explain what you are going to do in 10 minutes. The rozzers are used to people screaming, they are more concerned when people are very matter of fact and calm. Blues and twos arrive and advice is given. Remain very very calm. Bad behaviour goes away. Or buy silicone ear plugs , the only ones that really work to silence your world. On a completely un related subject, many years ago, someone I know (ahem) had a neighbour that finished his shift and then started diy removing walls and chimneys at midnight. neighbour ignored requests to quieten down, council not interested, rozzers not interested. So a call was made about the calm murderous intent that had been wrought on said innocent victim, and minutes later blues and twos, advice given, and noise never happened again, at least at night. I feel for your suffering.
  24. Youtube round the world trips are helping my sanity, On her Bike is good , following the antics of a slightly uptight lass circling the world with a bmw and a tiny tent. Itchy Boots is better, a few hundred vids of very good content, she has a knack of making you feel that you are on the ride with her and loving every minute. Collapsing at a 5000 metre high border from cold and lack of oxygen and she is still smiling. An infectious personality and a royal enfield bought in India. Then there is the completely wacky C90 adventures. Also worth a look. MZ Ts250, bantam, yam 50, 250 yds7, nc700, Vn900, Versys, FLHS, VFRx 800. But not all at the same time
  25. Begging charity tv adverts. No I do not want to give money to your donkey sanctuary, which has more money than I will ever have. Nor do I have any intention of giving money to a cause that reminds me that abusive people are not currently walking among us (virus), but are instead in their lockdown homes being abusive. Send us your money - yeah but what are you going to do with it right now eh?? Surely you would not take advantage of the current situation to make more money for your charities bottom line ?? I realise this wonderful world can also be a bag of shit, I do not need reminding of the fact. Money grabbing evil feckers. Give us the details of a nurse/medic who is working hard and through no fault of his/her own needs money for food/fuel/elec/gas/rent and I for one will send them some dosh.
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