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  1. allows space for another cupholder, ipod or keep a front armrest down all the time? I'd rather just retain the manual lever
  2. have one of those, 58 plate 1.8vvt club auto .... thought about slightly older one astra h but went for a newer generation vvt ecotec which is less likely to leak coolant into auto gearbox .... club spec also avoids the continental/teves/ate mk60 esp (electronic stability program) which is known to go wrong, fail MOT & cost a lot to fix .... safest bet with more limited funds would be an astra g 1.6 8v auto as it's the older pre-ecotec engine!
  3. Barky99

    Petrol V Diesel

    Wouldn't want a (modern) diesel car ... DPF etc not for me! ... vvt petrol auto here!
  4. Used to have an 8v astra auto ... Toyota (Aisin Warner) gearbox I believe ... never gave me trouble
  5. Quite like the look of these (& the Mazda Bongo) ... see a few locals have them here ... does remind me of a Toyota Model-F
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