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  1. I knew a lad who had P106PWR on a Peugeot 106, always did like that plate.
  2. Do these share a gearbox with anything else? (Not familiar with Fiat stuff), I remember I had a 106 in 2015 that had diff whine/some other noise but it took 21k for it to blow up so you might be fine for a long while yet.
  3. Think I did this not long ago trading in the 1 series for the 9-3. Been flawless right up to the day I sold it where on the way to be sold it started slipping the clutch after it warmed up. Bollocks. Kept dealer talking hoping if it cooled down a little bit they’d test drive it and it’d be fine. Comes back ‘clutch is slipping mate we need to talk about the PX price again’ Fuck. Suppose I can say it bit me in the arse?
  4. Had a 1.8 petrol one of these as a courtesy car once, thing had 200k on it and ran beautifully even with no oil in it. Should do you a turn easily, boots on them are enormous too.
  5. I’d assume these are all the same person, as I never see all 3 of them in the car park at once… Plus bonus Daewoo Lanos saloon
  6. Please tell me you stuck the stickers on that Impreza that say ‘A burglar alarm on a car’ because that is to this day my favourite sticker on it/most cars. Thanks for tip re photos, I will keep it in mind!
  7. Finally sorted out welding for this thing. Hopefully it’s being collected within the next month or so and will come back strong* *As strong as something with the structural integrity of a cheese string can be, anyway. Once returned it’ll be full steam ahead to see if I can get it put back together and MOTed. The car will need a respray but for now let’s just see if it’s in an MOT-safe condition. Ideally I want this done before I turn 30, which is the end of May next year. I’d imagine it’s more than possible. I can’t spray paint either though so like with the welding I’m just going to leave it with someone to do and do overtime/moonlight as a Just Eat driver like I’ve done in the past to cover as much of the costs as I can.
  8. Never thought I’d ever miss my old 9-3 Aero, but here we are. Fine work sir, that thing looks great 😎
  9. Was that the car that was at Matthewsons by some chance? Looks very familiar!
  10. Even nicer is that when we open the bonnet we find the original 8v. A lot of these got 16v swapped… Nothing wrong with that at all but I find something really charming about the original 1.4
  11. In an ideal world I’d have bought one that was mechanically a pig but structurally sound, but with these especially recently it’s more a case of finding one, then once I’ve found one, finding one within budget is even harder. You’d think it would enthuse me to weld, believe me it hasn’t! The mechanical stuff I’ll happily do and you’ll be seeing updates about that but the bodywork I am just going to throw money at people because I’m crap at it. The longest term part of this project seems to be getting the funds together…
  12. At present all that's really been done on this thing so far are things that won't need to be stripped off again or things that need to be done. So I've so far removed the OMP roll cage (bolt in thankfully), and got to work on reinstating the door electrics and electric windows/central locking as the doors are in good condition and as such can be built up. Fuel filler neck breather(?) is actually tape, so that's scary and needs replacing. Looks like a nice standard rubber pipe. I've not done it yet as the thing doesn't get used or even started at present as the cooling system is off. Further photo of rust in places I have never seen these rust before. Thankfully comes with a spare rear quarter/B pillar. Despite it looking missing I do actually have the full GT kit, it's just off the car to stop it trapping EVEN MORE water and mud than it already had.
  13. Decided to stop being a lurker and start being a poster. So in 2020 I bought this, a Citroen AX GT. Why? Why not. I've wanted one forever. Unfortunately I'm terminally poor so I've had to buy a rusty project car. It used to be a Targa rally car. Mechanically it's spot on (except the hilariously unbalanced carb) - Sporting Bilstein B6's all round, polybushed... Bushes, group N gear linkages and engine mounts, and a high lift cam to top it off. With 13(!) previous owners and no service history I'm sure I'll find something scary mind. But that didn't interest me so I decided to do something insane and turn it back into a road car. I'm a bit limited with file sizes here so I'll upload a few from purchase and a few now. Currently it's awaiting welding which I'm trying to raise funds for as I can't weld or do much practical really... So far I've managed to source everything required to actually get it onto the road, sans front seats. As I mentioned though it is really, really in dire need of welding. It's rotten in places I've never seen these rot before. The easy solution would be a reshell but no, I'm a sadist and I hate myself so I'm going to see this through to the end. And then I'm going to enjoy it until it breaks.
  14. That is gorgeous, love the decals too, looks factory fresh!
  15. My old 106's front bumper and headlight was held on with parcel tape for a good 3 weeks until I decided to actually mend it properly...
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